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  1. Re: Superhero Images A member of the Yahoo group I belonged to made them for me. here's the URL at yahoo. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lilguyz Plus here's a Micro of my version of Liberty the American girl from POWERHEROES I'll send in two more from my group look for them there and make some full sized portraits from these micros
  2. Re: Superhero Images Got some refs for you to create some heroes all of them from my CHS campaign. If you like you can use POSER to create the portraits from them.
  3. Re: Superhero Images Check out My post below with the attachments. There's a Challenge for you to create a new hero out of these Poser Figures. Good Luck, You'll need it!
  4. Re: Superhero Images coool artwork Doc, Like to ask you a request if you don't mind. Can you create a team pic for my campaign? I'll see if I can send you some refs tommorrow.
  5. Re: Superhero Images Got some refs for you guys see if you can create some heroines from these refs. Got them from the DAZ catalog I've got in my Email at Yahoo. If you can create some new heroes for me from these refs I'll be very grateful. Good luck from the phantom
  6. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow OH Brother! Well here's a plot idea starrin the Foxy one I call it-- WHEN STRIKES THE DEATHFOX! While Freddy Fosgood is in jail [no doubt put there by another of his master plans failing.],the pcs encounter another FOXBAT taking out a gang of hoods robbing the First national Bank of New Arkham,then snatching the money for himself when they show up. Three days later they encounter him again and try to stop him only to be beaten up by some swift kicks,boneblasting punches and some very lethal weponry that's unheard of from the original FoxBat. Worse when the PCS visit Fosgood in jail,they find him in the prison infirmary suffering from broken bones, internal bleeding and bruises given to him by an inmate who broke out of jail and disappeared at the same time this NEW FoxBat debuted. Who is this New and deadly foxbat and how will the PCS defeat him considering he has[1] enhanced strength,[2]Ninja stealth skills and [3] a very deadly arsenal of weapons that may take out a whole platoon of superheroes much less an army of police?
  7. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! CHS PLOTS Starring------- Starblaze STARBLAZE GOES WILD!! Due to some bouts with mental stress and pressures in school and at home, the strain of being a perfect big sister causes Starblaze to lose her cool and her marbles as a genetic defect in her graymatter causes her to slowly go insane over the years. This madness caused her to transform her overprotectiveness into an obsession with keeping in the past and keeping her sister in her childhood. But when Dreamstar decides to learn how to be a teenager,she decides to use a villian's hypnotic weapon to regress her back to the way she was before the accident[ for which she incorrectly feels responsible]. Unfourtunately the PCs and Dreamy noticed that the weapon,suposedly long drained of power was found with a full battery pack and a techno upgrade. Confronting her one night, they caught her in a trap,only to be attacked by a very berserk Starblaze. Now it's up to the PCs to stop her before she hurts herself and anyone else with her berserker rage. But can they do it? Can they,even with the help of Dreamstar and her father, stop someone who can channel the powers of the cosmos from going on a beserk rampage in MED CITY? TOUGH LOVE,HARD THERAPY After thwarting Starblaze's rampage by subduing her , the PCs decide to examine her to determine what caused her to go insane. On exmination however the PCS were shocked to find drugs in her body,PCP,LSD Crack,Ecstacy and other junk drugs in her blood stream in amounts that would have killed a herd of elephants 20 times over. And yet her Q'rrymm powered metabolism had kept her from feeling the full effects of the overdose. Now the question remains, who did it to her and why? But another question in their minds is what wiil happen if she goes berserk and does something irresponsible like reveal her identity and worst still reveal theirs as well? The only way to deal with her insanity is to start some hard theraphy with some Tough Love thrown in. But will it work or will it fail and the PCs wind up with a throroughly insane teamamte on thier hands? DATASWIPE CYBERSNITCH!! Somebody's leaking details of every available student in both the regular and Special classes and is signing his name as Blackmail on the internet. Every dirty and not so dirty secret of certain people is being leaked to the press and certain villian groups in other schools. Now this hacker is probing the CHS Mainframe for every dirty secret of the PCs including their secret identities! Desperste,they call on thier resident hacker buster DataSwipe,to outhack and zap the hacker before he gets in too deep and finds the secret of CHS. But can even Dataswipe,whose gift is the power of cyberpsi be able to track down someone who can dodge detection and is also good at covering his tracks? AI LOVE YOU! An AI [Artificial Intelligence] Program in PRIMUS' defense system suddenly goes wacko thanks to some extra electricity from a thunderstorm and begins taking over all the weapons systems starting with the vehicles and mobile battle tanks. DataSwipe is called in and using a Viral spike program extracts the glitch,forcing it to go back to normal. The glitch however follows john home where its insinuates itself into his computer,communicator and everything else that's electronic. It's also gained a part of the AI's sentinence and begins to [horror of horrors!!] fall in love with him and begins to eliminate its rivals, starting with his girlfriend Dreamstar. Now DataSwipe has to find a way to pull the plug on this overamourous computer before someone[namely Dreamy] gets hurt as a result of its misguided jealousy. SEEDS OF REBELLION The PCS notice the changed behavior of some of the more'troublesome' Students in the school. Some had begun behaving like good kids while others have gotten rowdier than usual. DataSwipe notices that they were logging into a website called the Greater Good which is the cause of the baffling behavior. Can the PCs find out the cause of this alteration before therowdies get even rowdier and incite a riot at the school? and can they find out who's behind this site? is it TELIOS? BLACK HARLEQUIN? VIPER or is it someone else entirely?
  8. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! YE GODS!!! What in the Name of Heaven are you Both busting his chops for? A few spelling mistakes!? At least he gave you guys a lot of good ideas,so what if he made a few mispelled words. Is it possible that the computers he was working with had no spell checkers or programs like MS word? Then stop busting chops and let's get back to the plots.
  9. Re: from little plot seeds, mighty games do grow: Share you ideas! Dreamstar POWERQUEEN &Power Princess are three of my characters created for my CHS campaign in yahoo groups here's the background on each of them: DREAMSTAR She's a Magic girl/Teen Mystic with magic powers and devices derived from the DReamzone. She sometimes uses magic sand to put her opponents to sleep,but uses a crystal scepter for spells and firing magic blasts. PowerQueen & PowerPrincess: The WonderWoman and WonderGirl of the Champions Universe. Super strentgh,speed,and flight powers. the current PowerPrincess is a member of the current Team Alpha. The Current PowerQueen received her powers from the First PowerQueen in the 1950's&60's.
  10. Want some new stuff?? How 'bout a couple of ideas that's been running in my head and are listed in the Coming soon list. I'll post ASAP.
  11. actually in my campaign she actually have a aprentice,a magic girl type by the name of Dreamstar. How they both got together? by the reccomendation of an older member of the Trimegistus Council, Anegla Warrick,who took the girl in after she was awakened from her coma. As for her origin story I'll post it here in the thread if you'll ask nicely.
  12. Try Cardinal,it might have a good tone to it imagine:NIGHT HAWK AND CARDINAL,the Boy[Girl]Sensation!
  13. Ye Gods! it's a cross between The Thing,The Porcupine and the Toxic Avenger! Cool work dude!
  14. Re: Yippy The three PCs that I had Starlord create pics for are part of My CHS student team which I call the HOT SHOTS. They'r a team of Teenage superheroes that I play in the vein of Young Justice,who operate out of Med City NC in my campaign world. the other heroes listed are: Dataswipe[half alien TK with Cyberpsi powers] Liona,the SheCat[human turned into felinoid,akin to ThunderCats] Dreamstar[Magical Girl/Mystic,deciple of Witchcraft] Rokk[Juggernaut/Hulk/Goliath almalgalmation] Roll[speedster,the ultimate irrisistable force] Liberty,The American girl[Adapted from the POWERHEROES PC] If you want to crate pics of them be my guest[just PM me first]
  15. Well you could tweak it a little with expanding the gloves up to the elbow but other wise she looks cool. If you want to redo the drawing however, first find some GLORY comic books [from Image] or Redo it in the Wonder Girl style from the TITANS[DC} or Swipe From Wonder Woman[Golden Age]. I'm not Picky just as long as you got it right the first time.
  16. Thank You Thank you thank You! You've made me the happiest gm in the world I'll send you the second in the pms watch for them!
  17. Thank You Thank you thank You! You've made me the happiest gm in the world I'll send you the second in the pms watch for them!
  18. C.O.P.S and C.A.T.S Here's two that I'm about to intro into my CHS {Champions High School] Campiagn: C.O.P.S.[Central Organization of Police Specials ] Fighting crime in the present time, a team of paranormals assembled from the NCPD's best oof the best. C.A.T.s[Covert Action Teams] Goverment sanctiopned paranormals taking on the aliens and crime organizations of the USA under direct command of the Oval Office, the Highest authority of the nation. Teams: BLACK C.A.T.s Paramormal covert unit under the direct command of the US Secret Service and the Central Intellence agency.[CIA ]specialtiesMissions too dirty and dangerous for the CIA to Handle. WILD C.A.T.s Paranormal unit made up from several superteams and PRIMUS agents who are autorized by the president to take down the most dangerous and brutal superhumans even on the planet. : Battle C.A.T.s: Paranromal SWAT team of powered amors and gadgeteers with super weaponnry to take out the most dangerous of bad guys.
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