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  1. Re: Growth in an independent object, but only up to a limited size. -1/4 sounds right if Growth Powers are moderately uncommon in your campaign. -1/2 would be ok if Growth powers are fairly common, imo. Like a campaign where everyone is a mage. I'd consider -0 too, if say there was a campaign wide cap on AP points total or even just growth. If "Can't have more than 8 levels of growth" is a campaign limit, then -0 is OK.
  2. Re: "Must cross intervening space" This is how I most commonly interpret that Limitation. This could be appropriate, depending on SFX. For example, I think one of the Dark Champions powers is to vanish mysteriously when no one is looking, as Batman is want to do. It's Teleport with "Must cross intervening space." The rules for that power state that you can't use it to get to places that are actually impossible, but the players are also allowed to fudge it even if they can't reasonably get to a location. Even if it's impossible for Batman to climb a drain pipe four stories and flip to the roof when no one is looking because his climb rate is too low, he can still do it because it's mysterious and cool and in the spirit of the power. (Note that this is specifically explained in the power description as something that is being fudged, with the implication that normally a player really would have to cross the intervening space using their regular movement powers.) So I'd say it depends on SFX, and the way the GM agreed to interpret the power when it was created. It's not cool to hose a player over and take away his powers after you said he could have them. But if the use of the power was totally unexpected it's also OK to have a mature chat with the player and let them know why you're changing your original interpretation of how their power works. But it's also best to say 'yes' to players as often as possible and to not take their stuff away.
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? The Chieftains.
  4. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities I need that Pokemon hat. Srsly.
  5. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities RP in City of Heroes also struck me as distinctly ... weird. I never participated myself, but lots of things were discussed on the forums. I personally wouldn't try to draw too many conclusions about society because of it, other than the online RP community is into some really outré stuff. Overall though I agree it does seem to have a high squick factor, at least to outsiders.
  6. Re: Shape Changing Character I don't fundamentally have a problem with the way the player seems to want to play this character. It's pretty well within the prevue of a lot of shape changing characters. You might consider a larger MPP. For example, a shape-changer published by Hero Games has an MPP with Flight (the character grows wings), extra running (the character's legs grow longer), jumping (the character bounces up in the air, literally becoming spring-like), damage reduction (the character blows up like a balloon, bouncing off most attacks). Etc. I might find some disadvantages to go with these powers. In using an MPP, the character can't do all these things at once, and sometimes it might take time to shift form. If changing powers takes a full phase, that's a pretty severe limitation in combat. Coupled with the "only a few of these" at a time nature of MPPs, that's pretty limiting. One issue might the the player herself. Does she want to keep track of all these abilities in the MPP? Or does she just want to make things up that make sense to her, and have you adjudicate it? It more the play aspect I'd be concerned about, that it might not be want the player wanted if it's too fussy, too involved, or too rigid in the way the MPP is structured.
  7. Re: Converting M&M 3e Advantages to HERO Talents/Perks Isn't +1 OCV 5 points, not 10 points? Or I could just be horribly confused. I think I'd increase the "base" to the nearest integer, and let players interpolate from there. Agile Feint: +3 OCV for any maneuver, RSR Acrobatics, 10 points. So players can figure that +1 is 3.33 points and +2 is 6.66 points (round up to 7). (Note I assume RSR is -1/2, I didn't double check that.) Also, depending how you want it used, you might consider actually restricting a "feint" to just the Strike maneuver. That will make it much cheaper.
  8. Re: [New Product] Champions Complete If the address doesn't exist, it'll probably come back to Hero Games as undeliverable. Explain the situation to Tina or Jason, and when it comes back they might be able to ship it out to you.
  9. Re: And now, for your daily dose of cute... Clydesdale foal!
  10. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities Ah, thanks for that. The Wikipedia article was kinda dry; it explained Essentialism as a kind of taxonomy only. I tend to view biology as a continuum. (Lots of great essays by Stephen J. Gould on that subject, btw.) And as a result I was having a lot of trouble figuring out what it is Essentialism was trying to say.
  11. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities I got a question: what does "essentialism" mean as used by that article? Feels like a philosophy thing, but I read Wikipedia and it didn't help me much. What the heck does it mean?
  12. Re: May I Draw Your Champion? No military accoutrements, that was just my description how I want him posed. As for weapons: he's a Brick! That's like a "tank" from MMOs, and he only uses his fists. His super power is being very strong -- super strength -- so no special weapons or energy or auras or anything. Since he's intended to be a starting character for someone else to play, I need him fairly simple so someone else can make their own stories about him. He doesn't really have any back story, that's for someone else to invent. Also those other characters I mentioned -- Flying Brick, Palooka, etc. -- are all separate characters, so don't worry about them for now. This one is just the Basic Brick. Edit: physically he should be buf, but I don't want him Arnold Schwarzenegger on steroids buf. I want something more naturalistic, like an Olympic athlete.
  13. Re: May I Draw Your Champion? Well, let's see. I had an idea for doing some basic characters as a kind of starting pick-your-own-hero pamphlet for Hero gamers. Want to do some of those? I was going to start with some basic themes, like Basic Brick, Flying Brick, Skilled Brick, and Palooka. Want to start with the Basic Brick? Description: Male, dark haired, Caucasian, wearing a sleeveless body suit. Standing "at ease (military stance)." Has wrap shades. Yes, you'll need to draw most of his face. What I'd suggest is to make a rough pencil sketch, and let me comment on it. Fill in the detail a bit after each iteration, plan on at least 3 or 4 iterations. We'll decide to go with color or b/w ink later.
  14. Re: Minimalist HERO? I'd like to see such a thing, and I think it could be done. However, I think perhaps everyone has their own definitions of "minimalist" for Hero and that differing opinions might sink the idea. Some thoughts from me: 1. DCs are rather confusing. Change them to +1 for Killing attacks per DC, and +1d6 for normal attacks. Simplify the damage adding rules for weapons and HtH attacks. Lose DCs as a concept. 2. Combine PD and ED into a single Defense stat, and start it from 0. 2 points default is not enough to worry about, or make a difference mechanically. 3. Lose limited skills. It's not worth it. 3/2, 2/1, or 1/1: pick one of those for your new skill, and roll with it. Probably Endurance would need to be re-thought, or ignored. But it's a good balancing mechanism, and might have to be replaced with something simpler.
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