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  1. Re: Populations and Genetics Thank you all for some very thought-provoking feedback. The point of it all is so that in the campaign world various factions (governments, superhuman advocates/supremacists, human rights/interest groups, etc.) can base part of their stance concerning superhumans on this potential threat to long term human existence. I think the route I will take in-game will be to treat it like global warming. Some believe it's a very real crisis, others dismiss it as junk science and most don't care enough to worry either way. Whether it actually comes to pass wi
  2. Re: Populations and Genetics I forgot a rather important detail. Full posthumans are effectively immortal (lifespans extending to tens of thousands of years) and the human-posthuman hybrids typically live two to four times as long as normal humans.
  3. I'm hoping for a little guidance from any HEROphiles out there with any knowledge of genetics and population growth statistics. I'm setting up a new campaign with the following premise: During WWII an event triggered the emergence of a couple of thousand super-powered posthumans. It was later discovered that these posthumans couldn't reproduce with each other, but could create viable offspring with humans (with a success rate about 1/20 that of normal). These (lower-powered) hybrid* offspring were further able to reproduce with each other, normal humans or full posthumans with varyin
  4. Re: US Military .45 Pistols The amount of energy generated by a (12g) shotgun going off vs a (.45 ACP) pistol is night and day. The former launches a ~0.03kg object at ~450m/s while the latter fires a ~0.015kg object ~270m/s. If you held a shotgun tightly against your collarbone and fired it, I'm sure you'd have a similar experience as your friend. Long arms are intended to be held against the soft pocket of the shoulder. I doubt very much the few inches of distance was much of a factor.
  5. Re: US Military .45 Pistols For that to be true the person firing the pistol would experience a similar impact to their hand from the recoil. Clearly that doesn't happen. There's a huge body of superstitious hooplah floating around about firearms and the effects of bullets on the human body. For anyone who would like to learn about wound ballistics, here is an excellent starting place: http://www.firearmstactical.com/wound.htm
  6. Re: 1d6 1/2 vs. 2d6-1; your thoughts It depends on whether it's for a PC, NPC or something like a normal weapon. For PC's I try to work with them to get rid of nasty 1/2 dice in their attacks to streamline combat. Sometimes this means advancing them a few XP to cover costs. For NPC's I just build to avoid them. For weapons (I tend to tweak the published stats anyway) I use +2 instead of either 1/2 or d6-1. Just my 1 pip.
  7. Re: W W Y G M D ?? I'm "always a GM, never a player" so I'll answer in that role. I tend to watch out for these kinds of powers, lest the character find themselves pulling full-time duty as a world-fixer and become unplayable. I don't actually forbid the powers, but I strongly discourage them. If you can cure disease and heal injury, what could be more important than spending your time doing so? So much for adventuring... The authorities leave the safeties off around the PC's as it is, if they actually went rogue it would quickly become an international fight to the death (the P
  8. Re: HERO 5th LARP? One thing the HERO System has that would be golden in a LARP is the Speed Chart. Nothing like being able to call out a segment and start counting down DEX to keep combat organised. Really, I would just use the system as-is with a tacked on resolution mechanic to replace dice rolling. Karmakaze's suggestion about playing cards would work really well. A set StunX for KA's would speed things up, and END/BODY/STUN could be tracked using a small pencil and a card with little boxes printed on it (maybe the reverse side of a compact character sheet). I think t
  9. Re: Making a Post-Apoc "logical" I think a backlash among the survivors against the civilisation that destroyed itself would be the biggest impediment to the restoration of that civilisation. After such a horrific event, it would be very easy for people to equate high technology and large scale societies with apocolypse. After a generation or so no one would remember the old life, and it would be easy for it to become a cautionary tale. "Don't get too fancy with that contraption boy, it's fiddlin' like that what brought the end times. Best to leave well enough alone and trust to
  10. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot Rather than resources or living space, the motivation to set up a colony around another star might simply be to get all the eggs out of one basket. Maybe their home system is uncomfortably close to an unstable cosmic phenomenon (or one they fear will become unstable). This means that the invaders could believe themselves to be acting for the good of their entire species and not just for their own survival. As for why bother with a planet once they have the capacity to travel between stars, there could be any number of reasons.
  11. Re: How to Overthrow the Alien Overlords: Reboot What if the aliens weren't at the super-tech stage at all? What if they had identified a suitable planet for their first interstellar colony, built and launched a slower-than-light generation ship, only to suddenly start receiving radio broadcasts from their destination years into the flight (remember, they might have launched in the mid 1800's or even earlier)? They can't turn around, they can't keep going on past, and they can't live in their ship forever. The colonists have to set themselves up on Earth or perish. They ha
  12. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game The END costs are a concern, but I have Stamina and I slot an END Red in each of my toggles. So far with Manoeuvers, Invincibility, Unyielding and Temporary Invulnerability all running I can go through two to three mob fights before I need to Rest for END. Hopefully that will improve significantly when I am able to put SO's in Stamina and my END Red slots. Last night I played on a group of 4 where 3 of us had Manoeuvers stacking. The missions were +4 to me and ranged from +3 to +5 for the rest of the team, and I really noticed the diff
  13. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Thanks
  14. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Looking for advice: I have no experience with the Leadership pool, and I was wondering if it was worth taking for a Tanker. I don't use Taunt and so in addition to other aggro management techniques I'd like to have something that helps the group through my mere presence. Is the radius of effect large enough to be worth it for a front-line fighter? Are the buffs worth the slots? Would it stack if someone else also had Leadership?
  15. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game FWOOSH! ZOOOM! (sound of my natural Scrapper vigilante skulking around the skies of Paragon City with his jetpack )
  16. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Thanks! Shame about no hover-dancing though...
  17. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Okay, another dumb question: I see characters occasionally putting down a boom box and dancing. How does one do this, and can it be done in conjunction with Hover?
  18. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game
  19. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Yeah, I've already seen how much more efficiently a scrapper can mow through a group that I seem to spend all day hitting*. On the other hand, I wanted to build the classic caped marvel character, and the scrapper just doesn't have the right feel. Maybe a brute would, but I want my main character to be a hero. Meh. I'm having fun. *It probably doesn't help that I've been spending my enhancement slots on Hover instead of attacks or defenses since hitting 7th
  20. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Still active?
  21. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game The Hero System?
  22. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game I think the thing that draws me to playing a tanker is that it just feels like the generalist of the archetypes. Scrappers could be argued into that role as well, but my style of play makes defense more valuable than offense. Plus, that second power in the Invulnerability set makes my character look like Miracleman
  23. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game So what's your new favourite archetype?
  24. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game So, about tankers. I've just started playing the game, and so I have no experience of what they were like prior to the latest revisions. I find that my tanker is significantly less than nigh-invulnerable, though I tend to have no problems soloing and have only been to the hospital twice up to level 6 (and both times because of the Hollows). To be fair, I haven't planned my build along the lines of being as tough as I could have, so I don't know if the feeling of 'tough but far from invulnerable' is something everyone experiences to the same
  25. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Cool, thanks! I'm only playing CoH for now, the villain thing doesn't really appeal to me but I will probably pick it up in a few months for diversity. I'm more interested in playing in the genre than efficient combat or such, so I'm leveling slowly and not following any optimised builds. Founding a super group is definately something my character would do though, if only to find kindred souls who understand the life and are willing to share the burden
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