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    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
    Attention, Central Control. There appears to be a political discussion on the tracks. Thread derailment imminent. I repeat, thread derailment imminent.
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    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
    I was running my Zombie Apocalypse game, with several long-time friends.
    The three PC's and one NPC are on the top of a sporting goods store that they and their survivor group has been holed up in for a couple of days, as they prep to leave L.A.
    The three PC's are Jordan, a gorgeous LAPD "kiddie cop" (think of Eliza Dushku in the LAPD uniform. Now youre on track), Eric, a recently-graduated high-school athletic star who was about to turn pro before the world ended (looks like Tom Welling), and Gabriel, a six foot ten EMT ambulance driver (who looks like Abraham Benrubi). The NPC with them is most often referred to as "Conspiracy Man", and goes only by the name of Ed. Despite a few comments about the "alien overlords" and the "flouride mind-control policy", they nevertheless gave Ed a rifle, as they had just raided a pawn shop, and his oddly useful skill-set was instrumental in their success. (They suspect he is ex military, and has seen too much).
    The group has recently discovered that there are a few more survivors trapped on the fourht floor of a building about a block away from their own hideout. The people trapped in the office building have smashed out a window and hung a sign out of it written on a drape that says "Help Us".
    As the characters are deciding what to do next, the sounds of gunfire erupt from a rooftop a few buildings away. The characters look around, and realize that it is coming from four gang-banger types who are taking shots at the "Help Us" sign, and the people behind it. (These are people with the same mentality as those who were shooting at police, ambulances, and fire fighters during the L.A.riots).
    Jordan, the cop, is the first to spot the perps. She aims her rifle at them. The others follow suit. I tell them that one is shooting, another has a rifle also, and there are two others with pistols besides. They look like they are in their early twenties, of mixed ethnicity, and are wearing loose clothes with alot of sports team endorsements. Jordan makes a Perception roll and recognizes them as wearing local gang colors.
    Ed: Firing order?
    Jordan: Im taking down the shooter.
    Ed: Ill take the other one who has a rifle.
    Eric and Gabriel's Players both indicate they are also going to fire. I ask them to pick targets. And then...
    Gabriel's Player: Ill shoot whichever one has the most underwear showing.
    After we all finally stopped laughing, Garbiel then proceeded to randomly hit the unlucky s.o.b. in Location 13. For near-max damag,e and maximum Stun.
    I guess Gabriel -really- didnt want to see that guys underwear!
    (Edit: If this post accidentally offends anyone out there who habitually "busts a sag"... TOUGH! Pull your gorram pants up!)
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    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
    Scene: Avalon (a Faerie Knight, presently with 10 levels of Growth active), has just been thrown, by me, onto Ankylosaur, while another teammate is trying to set up a shot to EMP Ankylosaur.
    GM (to Avalon): "And you are ... on top of him."
    Me: "Well, since it's through two layers of armor, that should qualify as safe sex."
    "He's not brain dead, he's electroencephalographically challenged."
    Avalon: "Ankylosaur has Vulnerability: Giant Fists."
    Me: "Then again, who doesn't?"
    More than a quote, but ...
    At the fight's finale, I had knocked a fully-shrunken Hornet far away from the fight while blinding and deafening him. With the other villains down, I suddenly had a brilliant idea.
    "Hey, Flux ... turn invisible and prop Black Harlequin up. Everybody else, lie down and pretend to be unconscious. If Hornet comes back, we'll jump on him."
    GM rolls a 17 on Hornet's perception check to notice that we're all faking.

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    Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
    In Saturday's game, a couple members of the team are meeting with a high-ranking VIPER member, incognito, during a function being held at the Scarab Club in Milennium City. Sentinel, the team's power armor wearer, stations himself on a nearby rooftop "just in case" something goes wrong or VIPER gets any "funny ideas." It turns out that the VIPER member had the same idea, and there's a VIPER aircav agent also stationed on the rooftop. After a bit of "strange cats sizing each other up" behaviors, Sentinel and the VIPER aircav agent come to the conclusion that (a) they're both there to do the same type of job and ( there's nothing to be gained from starting a fight with the other guy just this moment.
    Sentinel is also moderately infamous inside VIPER circles because, before he was piloting it, the suit of alien power armor he wears was in the hands of VIPER. He's the main reason it's not in their hands any more, and they really do not like him much.
    So, after some uncomfortable silence, the VIPER aircav agent tries to strike up a conversation with Sentinel, and is rather unsubtle about making a bid to get him to "come back" to VIPER.
    VIPER: "I really don't understand why you left VIPER in the first place. You put your life on the line every day, and for what? Public adoration? That and two bucks will get you a cup of coffee. The rewards for being a member of VIPER are much higher than veneration by the masses."
    Sentinel: "I make $300,000 a year. How much are you pulling down?"
    VIPER: (more silence) "There are a lot of perks for being part of VIPER, the sorts of things that, as a superhero, you just don't get to do. That's a much bigger incentive than mere money."
    Sentinel: "One of my teammates is the avatar of the goddess of Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. How do you think that compares to your perks?"
    VIPER: (long pause) "I think we should keep our minds on the job were supposed to be doing up here." (lapses into silence)
    (One of Sentinel's teammates, Scarab, is a multiformer and most of her alternate forms are based on one of the gods of the Egyptian pantheon. One of those forms is that of Hathor. )
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