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  1. Has anyone seen or have writtten character writeups for the Black Clover Anime? Hope everyone is having a great day and Thanks.
  2. The 80s one never seen the more recent one.
  3. marediv

    Star Trek RPG

    I am planning a Star Trekish game but every link I click on for Star Trek Hero Stuff the links are dead. Anyone have any suggestions or sites that work that can help?
  4. Hello all. I am making a character in a game where we used a background book for character ideas and such. I am a Feline (Lion) humanoid from a different world. Still need to roll some more of the background (had an issue come up where had to leave), but I was thinking Thundercat Lion-O, and was hopeing to get some ideas for how to build him. Also The Sword of Omens as well. Thank you in advance for the ideas and help.
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