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  1. Has anyone seen or have writtten character writeups for the Black Clover Anime? Hope everyone is having a great day and Thanks.
  2. The 80s one never seen the more recent one.
  3. I am planning a Star Trekish game but every link I click on for Star Trek Hero Stuff the links are dead. Anyone have any suggestions or sites that work that can help?
  4. Hello all. I am making a character in a game where we used a background book for character ideas and such. I am a Feline (Lion) humanoid from a different world. Still need to roll some more of the background (had an issue come up where had to leave), but I was thinking Thundercat Lion-O, and was hopeing to get some ideas for how to build him. Also The Sword of Omens as well. Thank you in advance for the ideas and help.
  5. I am making a character for a My Hero Academia and need some ideas for hell type powers. Used a background generator and he has Teleportation and Hell type powers. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  6. Having that issue now with teleportation Powers. Re downloaded from store and the powers download as a hdc file
  7. Some powers. Sorry did not reread before I posted.
  8. Well mental and illusions are zone powers. Possible teleportation and dimension travel. A blast and his knives. I am thinking possibly a alternate Loki. Same basic powers he has but not really resentful of Thor and Odin.
  9. Any one seen any builds online I could use as a reference?
  10. I agree with all you said. This is my first time actually making a character so I am not sure exactly how to build him or his multiplayer and such.
  11. I am trying to build Loki and would like suggestions unless someone has built him already. I will be playing him in a upcoming game. 400 point build so a younger Loki. Also not really bad somewhat more of a hero. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I type that in a get marvel rps and kabam marvel champions phone game
  13. Has anyone seen any writeups or similar characters to the main villians for marvel like apokalypse or dc like darkseid?
  14. Kinda both stats would be nice and knowing the approximate points cost so I would know how much to save up.
  15. I am trying to figure out how to build a fotress of solitude. Has anyone built one or have any idea how to build one. Never build a base before.
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