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  1. Hi there, I just now saw this posting. I'd be interested in joining if the game is still open. What archetypes are already filled? I'm happy to make someone to fit in and fill in cracks if possible. Drop me a line to let me know if I can join and we can chat about your game and character creation. I have Hero Designer and have played quite a bit of 6th edition (so if this is a problem, LMK, as I know you want newer players). I am on Discord at HighlandGreen#5213 and am well versed in Roll20. I also have a ton of resources I'd be happy to share.
  2. Have you explored Variable Power Pools? That seems like it could be a great fit and it sounds like you already have the limitations/modification thought out.
  3. Yeah, exactly. I want to be on the up-and-up. It seems too powerful for an MP. I cannot find a single example of any villain or hero in the 6E materials that has Naked Advantage in an MP. It's vaguely alluded to in the 6E Core Book 1, but not really addressed in a way that is satisfactory. Also, HeroDesigner doesn't allow for a Naked Advantage to be put into an MP.
  4. Also, I don't think it's "legal" to put Naked Advantages into a Multipower. It's how I built it out, but I think it's problematic.
  5. Can a Variable Power pool be used to apply advantages to a Characteristic? Specifically, can the pool be used to apply advantages to STR? If it is possible, then what limitation would you put on it if you have additional powers, but then can only be relayed via hand-to-hand combat? So if you took a Drain and linked it to the punch or a Blast, so they would have to be taken with No Range? How would one go about building this out? Let me know if I am not being clear enough. Thanks in advance for your input.
  6. We’re looking for one or two other gamers to join us on our weekly adventure sessions on Roll20+Discord. We take turns running games, sharing GMing duties. We’ve got three games going now: We just started a home-brew Champions 6th edition game and Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. We are wrapping up a Dungeons and Dragons 5e Tomb of Annihilation campaign, but we’re at a great spot to add a couple of higher level peeps to help us wrap it up. Our group is pretty casual-- We rarely argue and don’t want someone who wants to come in and get mired in rules over having fun. We joke around quite a bit and all of us think we are individually funny-- and are right about 10% of the time. So if you think you are funny, you would fit in (even if you are really aren’t). We all lean to the left politically and while politics rarely come up (and it’s preferred to stay that way) we wanted to be upfront about who we are. Not a requirement, but we’re looking to play a variety of different games and encourage new players to run a game if they want to. Other game ideas that have been thrown around for the future include Pendragon, Call of Cthulhu, and Paranoia to name a few. We are all older and have known each other IRL for various lengths of time reaching back 35+ years. We get along very well and have a very limited rule-set that dictates our style: Have fun Does it make sense? (doesn’t have to be realistic) Does it move the story forward? It’s the GM’s game, so they have the final say, let’s get on with it already! Who are you? Dedicated to joining a group of people on a regular basis. Enjoy playing a variety of games. Enjoy a solid blend of combat heavy sessions mixed with narrative/roleplay sessions. Communicative about attendance. Willing to understand if it doesn’t work out and we promise to do the same if you feel differently. If you’ve read this far, tell us about yourself, what you are looking for in a game, and why you might be a good fit. This is important and it will show that you took the time to read this far. Honestly, I wouldn’t have, but you did and now you get to write to tell all about you! Lucky!
  7. I'm not arguing anything I am pointing out gravity and how it works and trying to stupidly wrap my head around a game mechanic to reflect real world things that really don't matter. I happened to be watching a Batman cartoon and thought I would ask since everyone here knows so much.
  8. Where I am coming form is that while it is possible when you factor wind resistance into the equation. But even then, you'd need to fall a very long distance (as in thousands of feet while skydiving, not the hundreds of feet out an apartment window) for that effect to be workable in your favor. Also with falling rules in 6e, your velocity increases per segment, so even if the hero jumps a segment behind, his velocity will not catch up and in fact will be progressively more behind.
  9. A common trope in the superhero world is to have an NPC or the like to get thrown off a building or fall out of a plane, etc., only for the hero to leap after and somehow catch up in time to grab them and swing (or whatever) to safety. How would you build out a power that allows a hero (without flight, etc.) to accelerate their gravity defying decent? Would you buy flight that is at 31" or more, then put the adders Only to catch someone falling? Only downwards? Is there some easy thing I am overlooking? I'd love to hear some ideas if you have any. Thanks!
  10. Thank you everyone for the well thought out responses. This truly is one of my favorite forums. So this is how it is shaking out, Clinging Darkness is going to be part of a 40 active point Mulitpower that includes the characters Desolidification, Invisibility, Teleportation, all of which are fixed. I don't have an issue with the 0 END as it will still need to be line of sight. The player and I talked about his vision of how the "only in shadows/darkness" works. He explained that all of the powers listed above only work when he or his target is fully immersed in shadow (i.e. you are fighting downtown, unless it's high noon, a side of the building will be projecting a shadow. So given that he's set a size/parameter, I think it's much more workable.
  11. "it is defeated by a simple UV vision visor" Actually it does defeat UV, IR, Nightvision as it targets Sight Group. As noted by BoloOfEarth, you CAN beat it via relatively expensive Sonar, Radar, Danger Sense. Mentallists should be able to defeat it as well. 'If the darkness is one of those "only works in darkness/shadows powers, a decent torch/spotlight beats it." Both a torch and a spotlight both cast shadows. Nearly everything will cast a shadow unless very specific circumstances are met.
  12. Hi everyone, Thanks in advance for your expert insights and opinions. After a long hiatus, I have started planning out a campaign for my buddies. One of them is creating a character based around darkness/shadow powers. One of the power modifiers he plans on using is Only Works in Darkness/Shadows (-1/4). Is this worth -1/4 and is it even a disadvantage? What kind of scenarios can you think of where there would be no darkness, nor shadows? I have tried thinking about it, and have come up with very few, but then again, I never said I was smart. For one of the characters powers, he plans on taking the "Clinging Darkness" power from the "Champions Powers" book. Darkness vs Sight 3m Radius; Usable as Attack (+1 1/2), Ranged (+1/2), Personal Immunity (+1/4), 0 END (+1/2) (56). With this power as it stands now makes a target completely blind and they cannot leave the area as with normal darkness. This will allow him to essentially pick off someone very easily in most cases. How would you deal with this power as a GM? most villains aren't suited to deal with this kind of thing what are some good ideas to beat it? I'm not looking to defeat it all of the time, but what fun is it when they beat the villains the same way every time? I know of powers like Dismiss and a few others, but again, these aren't commonly taken/used powers.
  13. According to the Champions Complete book, pg 11, "Selling Back Game Elements," it states, "Characters can sell back Characteristics to a minimum of 1. Running/Leaping/Swimming can be sold back to 0m if the character lacks that movement ability entirely. If an Everyman Skill is sold back, the 1 CP gained must be “paid back” before that Skill can be purchased later. This implies that you can in fact buy down OMCV to 1, saving six CPs. How the GM can make someone "pay" for this is to put them in an Astral Environment or the like, where the rule of the realm is that all powers are based on OMCV for your "to hit" rolls. I too "feel like it is cheating." However, if you look at the suggestion from Hugh above regarding the Astral Plane (or any other that the GM chooses) where all offensive powers suddenly become dependent on OMCV. Given you can only accrue six CPs from this, it doesn't seem game breaking in any way to me as it can be effectively countered if so desired. Especially considering the total benefit gives a character 1.5% more points to work with, if you are in a 400pt campaign. I do feel that it is up to individual GMs to make the call, but I love the thoughts and input from the Hero community on these things.
  14. First: Apologies if this topic has already been discussed. I did several searches on the forum and in Google to no avail... My question: If you are a non-mental character, is there a reason you wouldn't buy down your OMCV to 0 saving 9 points? If you can buy down other characteristics, why not OMCV? Thanks in advance for your well thought-out responses!
  15. A character with Desolification takes, Desolidification - Usable on Others, and both have the same "effect," could the character then "pull" others into the Desolid "world" and then fight them one on one? Also, I don't think it does, but would it require two separate "desolidification" powers? Or could it be done with the same power? Look forward to your insights!
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