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  1. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Anyone know of any PvP areas for lower level characters.... the lowest I have found will let you in at 15th level but characters and such inside are 25 and up at least generic npc villians are.
  2. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Hey all CoH and CoV players on what part of the city map do the two games converge where you can take on villians and/or heros in PvsP mode.... just wondering for a little added fun for my group and a little different twist than beating up on the games normal baddies
  3. I recently bought CoH and I gota say I love it .... I am hooked. Tring to find a team that wants to stick together long term has been difficult. I mean I have team up several times for patrol and to help lower level characters complete their missions but no long term ones yet. I am looking to throw together a team of heros at current level 10 -13 for some team play and or task force games. I normally use Protector server. Appreciate any feedback or takers ..... out . Ohh BTW I am currently running a 11 level blaster.
  4. Re: City Of Heros...HELP!!!!! Yes I get to the screen and start creating a character and my computer reboots, even tried turning off my firewalls still does it
  5. I recently purchased City of Heros but I cannot get it to work. Everytime I get to starting to create a character my computer reboots. I downloaded alll of the updates and such but I cannot play ... anyone else have this prob and/or have a solution. Thanks ahead of time for any assist.
  6. Re: Give me your house rules! With my campaign it works great. I run a rather unique campaign.. srt in Bab 5 style timeline using galactic champions power levels...750 base plus 150 disadvantages.... but magic is very prevalent as well as psionic , in fact a lot of the mystic races have worlds of their own ... like elves and gnomes and such ... also have a planet with good aligned drow that seperated from their people before they decsended into the underdark... plus a few first one style races ( Cabal, Atlanteans, Mystecs, etc ) ... sounds confusing at first but it works and my PCs love t
  7. Kal'daka

    The Old Races

    Re: The Old Races Keep the ancient civilization as left over ruins .... possibility of advanced tech and/or survivors...whether they be full blood or half breeds.
  8. Re: New JLU Tonight I gotta agree that sucks they can't just give us 4 new episodes and then make us wait..... hell who am I kidding yes they can ....rant out
  9. Kal'daka

    The Old Races

    Re: The Old Races I run my game in an altered version of B-5 using galactic champions rules as well as Star Hero and terrean empire. I use some of the first ones from B5 but only as back plot I use other races that have been around longer. One is the Cabal... they predate the Malvans, but therir society and people were arrogant and war mongers. They were also superior bio geneticists they created many of the races I use in my campaigns. They were also trying to tamper with their own DNA to make themselves better but it only assissted in their downfall as their own enhancements cause catas
  10. Re: Give me your house rules! In my games I consider magic and mystical attacks completly seperate from other energy or physical attacks. Damage reduction magic is vs spells spell like abilities wands scrolls and inate spell abilities. Then I have Mystic defense built same as mental def which protects against the same as magical damage resist plus adds mystical, arcane attacks and weapons breath weapons and dimensional attacks.
  11. Re: Highest level Champions game you could play? I am currently running a group that is 750 base plus 150 disadvantages and I do not feel there is too much in the way of 'god' characters . My own PC is built on this with about 1400 XP. Using energy against him is impossible , mental defenses are alos high but only has 15 res physical coupled with 50 % damage reduction. So against bricks he does not fair that well. I am running a futuristic style game set in Bab 5 timeline with the adddition of the Andromeda galaxy and using Galactic Champs as basis. So far no probs, similar adventures as
  12. Re: 750 point character are wildly powerful! yes I have no problem with the balance. I have one PC modeled after a Dragon Ball Z type character.... pretty much all strength. I have another using house rules that is 100 % invulnerable to energy .... as a GM as long as there are options for damage... I have magic and Mystic energies set up as their own category seperate from regular energy or physical... plus a lot of villians with unique and/or multiple styles of attacks or minions that have them ....
  13. Re: Alien Power Armour I would suggest Force field, full life support, maybe FTL travel. Disadvantages.... Hunted Armor owner, Psych feeling of invulnerability..... just for a few examples.
  14. Re: 750 point character are wildly powerful! I am running a game with points running average around 800- 900. I love it compared to lower level games. Then again we are campaigning in a B5 altered game. Timeline is about ten years past Excalibur series. Galactic level campaigning using supers, mentalists, fantasy based and typical galactic meglomaniacs. I run it in two galaxies, Milky Way and Andromeda ( wormhole joining them). I have the Drow as a major villian in the Milky way as well as an assassain guild ever present. I have a extra dimensional group whom are sowing evil and chaos i
  15. Kal'daka

    Arooo MIA

    Re: Arooo MIA Kewl Arooo . You have been missed . We talked before and I was hoping to compare notes on some B5 ships after your conversions to see how close I was. Progressing smoothly in my GM land just added Andromeda Galaxy with all new sets of villians and adventures.... my PC's are eating it up so far. Will be looking for the updates. Keep up the awesome work.
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