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    Champions player since the early 80's. Gamed with and GMed for Steve Long even.
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  1. The "why" for me is a couple things: - I am long time friends with Ron (thanks to the Champions APA the Clobberin' Times) and Steve (we gamed together many times in the 90's). I support my buds. - I played mostly with 4th edition but have very fond memories of the earlier ones (much of my world was built on the early rules from 1 to 3). I did not go to Fuzion or 5th edition as at that time I moved away from RPGs. - I am startzing to get back in to RPGs again as I want to promote them via programming as I finish my librarian master's degree. I think teens (and adults) could really benefit from these kinds of games.
  2. At the $15 pledge (or more) you do get those classic PDFs plus the new Now PDF too. That seems like a very reasonable price just for the original stuff. If your physical books are as worn from use as mine are, having the PDFs is a great thing. Consider pledging $15 just to get those.
  3. Re: Superhero Images Here's a shot of Lodestone, the main heroine from my Omniverse fiction section of my website (see link in signature for the way). She's a magnetic powered, second generation hero - her parents were Magnet and Steel. http://members.aol.com/champsgm/lodestone-by-ewebb.jpg Here's my HeroMaker version of her, for color comparisons: http://members.aol.com/champsgm/lodestone.jpg
  4. MCMaenza

    The New Circle

    Re: The New Circle CES, long story short - after 17 1/2 years with IBM, I got laid off (along with a couple hundred others). At the same time, I had heart surgery (to repair a leeky valve). I found a company needing retail programming skills before I went in for surgery, did a phone screening the week before, had a first interview two weeks after my surgery, had my second interview one month after surgery, and started the new job across the state two months after my surgery. Been a wild year to say the least.
  5. Re: Power Company or JLA: Which is your campaign? My world has a JLA level team (the Justice Gang - the world's premiere hero team - NPCs) so most of the campaigns I've run in my world have teams more on calibre with Power Company. Still, not every threat can be handled by the biggest guns of the world, so every heroic effort counts in the good fight. Right?
  6. MCMaenza

    The New Circle

    Re: The New Circle Csyphrett! Hey - good to see your writing again. I forgot you were into Champions too. Some Rep for you.
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