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  1. Does a post from someone who hasn't been no the site for years count? And in the spirit of the thread:
  2. Midas


    Re: Sliders I call that one "Disney World." Think about it: From Lady and the Tramp, through That Darn Cat, 101 Dalmatians right to Beethoven. How weird is the OP willing to go? One I rolled up from the random generator in Champions 3D, that I thought had some potential: Pizarro not only conquers the Incas, but also captures abandoned Van Daniken alien tech. The Pulp tech Spanish Empire rules the world!
  3. Re: Modern-day Pulp? I know they still have them, but nothing speaks "retro" like a jukebox. Having those little flippy things at every table (Formica of course), along with the neon speaks volumes. Adding some kind of virtual "touchscreen" pinball machine would do it too. There is a very strange episode of Fringe ("Brown Betty", Season 2, ep 20), where a tripping Walter Bishop tells a stream of consciousness story to a visiting child. It's a forty's noir with modern contrivances (a PC with wood paneling etc). You might mine it for ideas.
  4. Re: Alternative Necromancy Some sources for consideration: 1) This is Anita Blake's bread and butter. When she isn't given a bounty to stake a rogue vampire, she's calling forth ghosts for frustrated relatives. "Fred! You never told anyone where the bonds were stashed before you kicked off!" 2) One of the Gods of Tekumel is the Lord of both the Dead, and Death itself. He allows his servants to stay in the world as undead priests, or just to worship him. Worshipers regularly visit the dear departed. "Why do you only come to my tomb on High Holy Days? It's not like I'm an
  5. Re: Fort Knox Has Been Robbed Ha! I'm not the only one who thought of that, eh? So, once they overcame that pesky STR limit, then what? How did they manage to get the gold out, and where did they hide it? For the former, Brain has cosmic level mad scientist skills. Shrink ray? Teleportation? A giant, tunneling mecha? For the later, I suspect that ACME Lab's building, which once was probably made of cinder block, is now of a somewhat *different* composition. MOTIVE: To become leader of the world, the twin tools of greed and extortion are invaluable. Offe
  6. Re: DC and Marvel: What Makes Them Different? Goo ness?
  7. Re: CU Hero-vs.-Hero Scenarios
  8. Re: He's not Bigfoot! He's just a really tall, hairy guy! Or skeptics. That's why bigfoot looks so well fed. @McCoy: The "Messing with Sasquatch" commercials by Jack Link beef jerky You have to admit, it was a nice weird coincedence that the phrase "beef jerky" triggered a shopping link. For the OP, don't have the energy to find it right now, but there is another bigfoot commercial (different product) where the big guy puts on a yellow rain coat with hood, grabs a bunch of flowers, goes into a bar, and presents them to a pretty girl. ("awwwww") Might be good for
  9. Re: He's not Bigfoot! He's just a really tall, hairy guy! He uses the salmon to get bears to stomp around, confusing any tracking efforts. "Beef Jerky" is linked in your post - I was hoping it was going to be a youtube "messing with Sasquatch" video.
  10. Re: Interesting article about Sexism in Geek Communities I don't expect this to happen, if the TV industry is any guide. For reasons that escape me, but must make sense to TV executives, discarding even a majority of viewers is common. I'll give three examples, but here is the common scene. Say there are five competing networks (at the time of my first example). One show is bringing in 40% of the viewers, and the other four networks are splitting 60% (15% each) between them. What to do? Ditch your show, and put a clone of the 40% show in its place. Now you're getting 1/
  11. Re: Recommendations and Reviews of Superhero products both old and new I have a fondness in my heart for the old V&V scenario "Crisis at Crusader Citadel". I like Mocker and the V&V "Shrinker (real name unrecalled)" characters, better than Mechanon or (our) Shrinker. I also think "Bad Medicine for Dr. Drugs" was a good starter scenario for a Teens campaign, though many of the heroes presented were downright weird. That one also wins the "Clark Kent Glasses" award. Think about it, one of the superheroes is wheelchair bound - amazingly enough, his secret identity is the Ki
  12. Midas

    DC meetings

    Re: DC meetings Thanks. I've just been reading Gotham City Sirens, and I wasn't aware that Ivy was such a high level super, I thought of her as a Batvillain, street level. In GCS, she can manipulate plants as weapons city wide. I am curious how her powers would work around Swampthing.
  13. Midas

    DC meetings

    Tapping into the great database. I've been wondering about a couple of obscure questions in DCverse. Have Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor ever crossed swords? Have they ever been to the same cocktail party and shared witty repartee? Have Luthercorp and Wayne Enterprises ever competed for the same contract? Also have Swampthing and Poison Ivy ever teamed up or fought?
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