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  1. Re: When I Am the Benevolent Ruler....
  2. Re: When I Am the Benevolent Ruler.... (Must spread rep) Are you angling for the post of Evil Vizier, by chance? >
  3. Re: When I Am the Benevolent Ruler....
  4. Re: "Bag of Holding" Thank you for that um...flavorful...mental picture. Midas
  5. Re: Herbalism Here's what is in my file library, any of these look familiar? If not, I can post the ones you lack. (also matching ones for poisons and drugs) also have this: Rolemaster HERBLIST.TXT Which seems to be a text copy of a RM database herbs RM.doc A Doc file that seems to have all the RM herbs listed, in tabular form. That said, I've been skulling on a very low magic kind of herbalism school, based somewhat on the Rolemaster system. Basically, the would be wizard/alchemist/herbalist buys a straight PS herbalism, and a comp
  6. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Lovecraft hero (as opposed to Cthulhu Hero) Where the characters must finely parse the difference between racism and racialism.
  7. Re: Horror Hero: What would you have liked to have seen? Aha! Koontz writes non fiction then? Midas (I know, I know. Bashing the professoriat belongs in NGD)
  8. Re: Lost World critter Ah yes, interesting critter. It would make an intersting divergence from the trope giant pteranodon riders. Midas
  9. Re: Horror Hero: What would you have liked to have seen? I'd add three more closely related archetypes. - The Lovecraftian Hero: An armchair intellectual, with no interest in adventuring, being dragooned into saving the world. - The Koontzian Hero: A general failure at life, but has the strange collection of skills that make him perfect for defeating a Weird Menace. - And the over arching Clueless Nobody: For no reason anyone can understand, this unremarkable character has been noticed by a Weird Menace, and is now in mortal danger. Midas
  10. Re: Top 10 List of the Lamest Superheroes of All Times Umm....First base? I haven't heard of MEL since about 1970, when he was all angsty because he was a "poor" superhero living in a slum with an abusive father. It is a given that something has changed since then. But really, this would put a *serious* crimp in his social life. Midas
  11. Re: Fantasy Hero Problems and advantages Re your first point, yahbut it reaches a point of deminishing returns, where you have to scrap/refit such a portion of the scenario that it is better to just take the floor plan and forget trying to fit the plot into your world. I have an old module, The Clockwork Mage, at hand. I like the module (told ya I had a quirky sense of humor) but converting it to Hero would be a nightmare. First, regardless of how well it fit into your campaign, it is of the old "deathmarch" style, where every fifty feet, a bit of attrition takes place.
  12. Re: Fantasy Hero Problems and advantages My error, oh Lepus Profundus. There should have been a segue line between the paragraph and the one you are quoting. The point I was making in the last paragraph is that sometimes an otherwise very good scenario can't be used in a specific campaign because it doesn't fit within the design. For a different example, say you were running Chaos Blades, and got ahold of The Hobbit, written up as a quest adventure. Orcrist, Glamdring, Sting, and the Mithril shirt could be statted as none magical examples of mythic level smithcraft
  13. Re: Fantasy Hero Problems and advantages To me there are two ways of looking at this point, which is the one that has caused most of the discussion of this thread. either you are saying 1) The magic system isn't DnD. or 2) As compared to DnD, Hero magicians are much harder to write up. DnD player: "I want to run a magician." GM: "Fine, four sided hit dice, no armor, one spell per day." FH: player: "I want to run a magician." GM: "OK, um...what kind? What spells do you think you should have? Do you want them with a no armor limitation?" etc.
  14. Re: Gargoyles HERO Interesting character. 0 DCV concentration is a good way to simulate the stone sleep. To drift the thread in another direction: Way back in 1st edition Champs, along with Marksman, Flare, et al, was a character called "Gargoyle." The writer kept the character when the comics line spun off, so we know next to nothing about the character. Anybody know anything about that original champions character? Midas
  15. Re: Cthulhu-esque suggestions? First thing to decide (though I think you already have): Is this a horror or an action campaign? While I love Lovecraft, I really don't care for Chaosium's interpretation, so I'll prolly slip into rant mode here. Here is a sig from a Delta Green campaign: "Come here and die fool, while you can still do it quickly!" IOW, should the characters carry a mercy bullet for themselves, on the assumption that they are dead men walking, just waiting for the right time? NEway, that said, in the original Call of Cthulhu, there was a Cthuloid yuckoid in
  16. Re: Gargoyles HERO I liked his obvious joy in life. DZ always seemed to be having fun, even in the grimmest situations. As far as the hero/villian question goes: He flips a coin each week: "Who am I taking for a role model this week? Bruce or Lex?" Demona was my preferred villian. There was a list of, mostly humorous, character's worst nightmares (Like Elisa's mother -voice by Nichele Nichols- being only able to say "Hailing Frequencies Open"). But Demona's was "None -her life is a nightmare." Of all the stuff that happened to her, think about just this one subplot:
  17. Re: Gargoyles HERO Tisn't. Personally, I try to use Handwavium and Unobtanium as little as possible, but that is a personal preference. There are three levels of handwavium use. If the setup is: "It just works that way." What you call modern fantasy. Or you can use handwavium/unobtainium alloys for a pulp feel: "They stay aloft using the eighth ray, which has anti-gravitational properties." Or you can go with a handwavium/obscurantium alloy: "Donno. The laws of physics say what you see is impossible. Who are you gonna believe, your science text book
  18. Re: Here Comes Santa Claus? Do tell? could you summarize the plot? Midas
  19. Re: Here Comes Santa Claus? I hadn't thought of the observation effect, good point! I was considering the concept that, under quantum mechanics, events don't have to be done sequentially: like the theorhetical quantum computer that answer all yes/no switches at the same time. This makes it even better! Midas PS: Thanks for the rep Robyn.
  20. Midas

    Fantasy Rant

    Re: Fantasy Rant Interesting problem. Are you talking "high fantasy" as in magic and/or high power magic are common (Like Jack Vance or Steven Brust), or "epic" like Tolkien or Jordan, where the Fate-of-the-World-Hangs-in-the-Balance? I think the problem is that High Fantasy is a metagenre, really. You've been running mysteries and court intrigues, with fantasy trappings. Say you want to run a HF campaign, with common utilitarian magic. So "OK all you PCs have the magic perk, and so do most NPCs." Now what? You don't want to run mysteries or court intrigues, how about
  21. Re: Genres HERO GAMES may want to avoid (intended to be humorous) Been-Done Hero Never-Was Hero
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