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  1. Re: Storn's Art & Characters thread.


    Not as bad as my monster-hunting military man' date=' the Seventh SEAL, or his archenemy military zombie, the Marine Corpse.[/quote']


    *Very weird thought*


    In an alternate, Axis wins WWII, world: Instead of horror stories about Nazi Lake Zombies, we have Necromancers raising armies at Iwo Jima et al.

  2. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares



    Oh, and to fit the thread:

    Governator: The Sarah Palin Chronicles




    See, every rational person thinks Sarah is crazy. She has weird beliefs that nobody else can accept...


    Trying to save her teenage daughter and infant grandchild from the merciless forces that threaten them...



    (BTW, must spread the Rep around)

  3. Re: What Have You Watched Recently?


    Recently completed all seven seasons of Highlander


    Interesting. We have been doing marathons, but haven't hit HL yet (we want a copy of Source just for completeness sake). Do you intend to watch Raven as well? For that matter, did you like any of the proposed spin offs that they ran in season 7?


    We just did a double feature of Lake House and Premonition. Interesting watching two movies with the same lead having the same experience (time out of joint). Having the husband be played by the actor that did Cole (source of all evil) on Charmed and Dr Doom in FF was a little jarring. To be fair, he did fairly well as a not villain.


    Re-watched Hellboy and two animated features to get up to speed for when we find the dough to see Hellboy 2.


    Sword of Storms was interesting, but seemed a bit derivative of Samurai Jack (not that that is a bad thing :thumbup: ). Hellboy gets zapped to a Place of Wyrd and wanders around fighting off random attackers.


    Blood & Iron was fun too, but I kept thinking "this reminds me of Gargoyles." The lead villainess, skulking around in shadows and ranting about how great "our people" are, compared to mundanes, smacked strongly of Demona. I was just thinking that when they introduced the billionaire MacGuffin owner, who looked enough like David Xanatos to be related - even though he sounded like Tom Arnold. I fell over laughing so hard.



  4. Re: {campeign construction}: Flash gordon Like


    "The Emperor"


    Plenty of rumors about who/what he/she/it is:


    A powerful warlord like Ming?


    A living corpse like the 40K Emperor?


    A sentient computer/network?

    (an oligarchy of Ubergeeks who control all communication? :D )


    An intelligent virus (either kind)


    A Q like entity that is either bored and playing the Q equivalent of Civilization, or is trying to set some particular course of history?


    The last living Forerunner?


    Going with another thread, a sentient light saber that confers power and immortality on the holder: IE, it isn't "Ming" who is the Emperor, but Ming's sword. Also has the tendency to have the Swordholder mutter "gollum" after a few centuries...:rolleyes:


    Just stray thoughts at 1 in the morning,


  5. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares



    Try this on for size:


    "It was a slow day in the cornfield -- one of those hot summer days when even the crows don't come out in groups of more than three or four. That was just as well, because for a guy like me scaring them away can be a complete mystery.


    "Then she walked up, with that cute little blue-and-white plaid dress, her hair up in braids, and a Cairn terrier nipping at her heels. I should have realized from the moment she opened her mouth that, from that day forward, my life would never be the same."


    Ah. That would be "The Private Detective of Oz"' date=' yes?[/quote']


    I believe that quote was from Tin men and Yellow Bricks, the novelization of the earlier short story.


    Anybody know of others in the series?

  6. Re: What Fantasy/Sci-Fi book have you just finished? Please rate it...


    I've recently finished the third Sookie Stackhouse book and am halfway through the fourth.

    It's like Anita Blake, but with more plot and less sex ;-p

    Fair bit of racism though - it was somewhat amazing to me that is was still a current issue in the background of the setting.


    That the one in Lousy Anna? Yep, still a lot of racial avoidence in the Old South. Not so much institutionalized, but a lot of "would you let *your* kids play with one of them?" Stuff.


    I just finished Echoes of the Well of Souls. Finally getting around to reading the second Well series. Was...unimpressed. Continuety suffered, characters forgot things they had known earlier in the book (not as in plot point forgetting, but as in "Last chapter I knew this person's background, now I am wondering what their secret is" kind of forgetting.


    Lots of exposition for the reader, where some character reads a travel guide to the protagonists/readers. Chalker is a good enough writer not to have to do that.


    Also, the usual Chalker themes pop up: Slavery, transgenderism, you know.


    Chalker is a good writer, and the story was gripping, but I still felt he's told better stories.



  7. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares



    Too bad. I’m going to sing anyway. This is my cross-genre nightmare for you all.


    The Mouse Trainer’s Child

    (To the tune of Horse Tamer’s Daughter)






    I don't know Horse Tamer's Daughter, but it scans pretty well to Lemon Tree. Similar tune?



  8. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares


    Nickolas Van Ring.


    The Polysotechnic League would never have collapsed if not for the meddling of a couple of hairy footed midgets...


    Near Darkover: a band of vampires tries to survive on Cottman IV.


    Night of the Living Iguana: A band of teenagers must take refuge in a deserted house when their kegger is interrupted by reanimated giant iguanas.



  9. Re: What Have You Watched Recently?


    I've always loved the theme song for Thunder Road, with Robert Michum. Finally watched it the other night. Interesting relic from the late '50's. I recommend seeing it, and checking out the comments on IMDb.


    According to the IMDb, it is a fairly accurate look at 'shine running in the -then contemporary- '50's.


    What struck me most was how *unstylelized* it was. You can either say it had no plot (it did) or that it took many story telling cliches and upended them. For example there are a couple of "this will be important later" plot points: Except they aren't, they are just color.


    The characters were not "from central casting" either, like the "almost as good" character. He is almost as good a driver as the protagonist, in love with the girl who can't see him exist, lost as she is for the lead character, etc. In a standard script, he would be the one who either became the antagonist, or became a mole for them. Nope: He has an important function, but that isn't it.


    I'll avoid more spoilers, on the off chance this movie is on anyone's to watch list. I'll give an alert for people who like to watch for glitches, though. ;)


    In the first action scene, right at the beginning of the movie, The Whipporwill tries to do a bootlegger reverse. The camera was still rolling when the car lost control and flipped, but the next camera view has an unscathed car come out of the dustcloud and shoot past the Feds. :rolleyes:


    It didn't harm my suspension of disbelief, but YMMV.



  10. Re: Cthulhu-esque suggestions?


    First thing to decide (though I think you already have): Is this a horror or an action campaign?


    While I love Lovecraft, I really don't care for Chaosium's interpretation, so I'll prolly slip into rant mode here.


    Here is a sig from a Delta Green campaign: "Come here and die fool, while you can still do it quickly!" IOW, should the characters carry a mercy bullet for themselves, on the assumption that they are dead men walking, just waiting for the right time?


    NEway, that said, in the original Call of Cthulhu, there was a Cthuloid yuckoid in the LA swamps, that a cult had to summon before Great Cthulhu could be roused. AFAIK, no one has done anything with that critter.



    For those of you wishing you had thought of it first, how about a campaign based on the Indian Ocean quake of two years ago?

  11. Re: (Character) "Dakota Joe" Anders


    Interesting character. It might be interesting to have him fall in love with a spitfire (think Mareen O'hara's character from McClintock, or Molly from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers), and let the PC's handle the "they are hopelessly in love, but to stubborn to admit it" situation.



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