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  1. Re: Two-Weapon Fighting There are several ways around some of the disadvantages. I have a character who has two weapons fighting payed for the actual skill at 10 pt as well as rapid attack and autofire rapid.
  2. Re: Resizing Weapons & Armor I have a character that is 4 meters tall. The race is called golemian. The character i can post onto this site. Have fun all
  3. Re: Most Embarassing Champions Moment Which he had to deal with for a few hundred years..The character has evolved several times since its creation..and still gets himself in a mess..lol..Yes the character he is talking about was mine that was shot and later turned...He has gone from being a half vampire to a lycanthrope..The character is still trying to get use to the more ferile form..Also now has to deal with a bunch more..
  4. Re: Galactic Champions based in Bab 5 universe I enjoy it..though when it comes to the mistical i get more confused..too use to the standard spb's..lol..
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