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  1. Re: Favorite Superhero Lines Heh...one of my faves, from Deadpool#25: Deadpool: "Rochambeau...it's a little game guys like me play to settle things...I'll Rochambeau you for...for everything." Captain America: "Well...if it helps you let go...how do you play?" Deadpool: "It's easy...I'll go first. Rocambeau.((Rochambeau's Cap!)) See? Told you it was easy. I win." -And thusly, Deadpool kicks Cap in th nuts and saves the universe from Shuma-Gorath making everybody blissed out and docile.
  2. Re: Fighting Game Hero Those are kind of neat, if only Hero system martial arts weren't so foreign to me
  3. Re: Fighting Game Hero Impressive. Canon or not, a little insight into characters is something I've always liked.
  4. Re: Fighting Game Hero Interesting...I didn't even know she had a background other than being Sakura's rich rival... Shingo, alas, is a SNK character, and I only know limited info on some of the fighters, mostly the primaries from Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. Found Rugal a bit over-the-top in power level...he just wasn't fun to fight. I hear Mr Karate(aka Go Hibiki LOL) is obscene as well, esp. in "serious" mode.
  5. Re: Fighting Game Hero I know I statted out boss characters somewhere. In the original SF4 continuity, I had 4 "big bosses" akin to the original SF2, and each was a returning World Warrior from the SF2-3 era. As the "secret" super-boss I had amped up Ryu to be a sort-of anti-Akuma...a true master of Shotokan Karate. The thing was that the "uppercut twin" main characters were Mel (Ken and Eliza's son) and I think Naoko, who was the daughter of Ryu and Chun-Li(The game took place in the 2000-teens). Not sure if it'd fit in the new story I want to do though. Actually, I drew a pic of the adult Sakura yesterday and she came out pretty good. Steriaca-I like that idea for Karin, though i think she'd be funding and may be like a penultimate boss or something. Up her skills and age her accordingly, and she's be a cool foil to a grown Sakura.
  6. Re: Fighting Game Hero Of all the boards for me to forget to check out(too much time in the NGD LOL)...so I'll be giving my take on a few of the recent topics here... I like the student of Akuma, Enforcer...cool stuff. For the birthdates of the characters, I like to use them. When I created Street Fighter 4 I used them as a bit of a benchmark for aging the characters and establishing the setting. I actually also re-worked my own game ideas with these in mind. The years the games came out, at least with SF, did establish ages and a game continuity. These have been thrown out the window by Udon, but I like to think of their continuity as their own thing(Lee only existing as an afterthought, Geki seen only as a corpse). Street Fighter came out in '87, SF2 in '91. I put the Alpha series in between, like one game per year, starting of course with '88 for the first Alpha. That makes Sakura 15 in '89, so she's about 30-31 now. This would also mean Rival Schools took place around the same time, and the fashions actually work. Considering this, I was thinking about running a SF game that takes place now where Sakura is following Ryu's path even more so...maybe Karin could be made a new boss character. Okay...fave game character...OMG that's hard. I could only do that on a game-by-game basis, as it always changes that way. It would also require a separate post! As for Bloody Roar...hmm...when the Zoanthropes transform, they often gain strength, speed, agility, et cetera in addition to new maneuvers...so I'd probably use a Multiform, otherwise you get a lot oh OIHIDs and linked "Aid"s.
  7. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat "Hey Stumpy, nice beard. Think you're a member off ZZ Top or something? Your axe is all wrong if you do."
  8. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Grand Theft Auto: "Really, sir, my friends and I were just LARPing a video game!"
  9. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat Of course youre naturally blond and Japanese! What girl today isn't?(Giant sweat-bead forms) NT: Today's Signs of the Apocalypse, from Hollywood...
  10. Re: Karate Kid vs Karate Kid
  11. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat "Okay, Steven...this is the scene. You and Anthony Michael Hall are wearing bras on your heads, and trying to make a Kelly LebRock of your very own..."
  12. Re: Clone Wars Jedi. I only have so much experience with Hero and have only seen the first season of Clone Wars so far, but when I see Mace Windu fighting at a power level between Matrix Neo and Superman like that, I definately agree at a very Champions-esque SW game. The ARC Troopers alone fight like something you'd expect from Dark Champions.
  13. Re: 10th Muse RPG Well, seeing as one of the series creators wants to make it a Hero RPG, I think it could be kinda cool. Everything I've seen of it so far is pretty cool...plus when the lead character looks like Sable or Cindy Margolis...
  14. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat ahem...fighter one: "I am Maximus, husband of a murdered wife and father of a murdered son. fighter two: "I will crush you, see you driven befoah me and heaw the lamentations of yo' woman.
  15. Re: NGD Scenes from a Hat 1. Marv scares the ladies 2. Old Town is a great place unless you're a cop 3. Parole officers don't look like this is real life!
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