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    a speedster.
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    A different take on a Telekinetic
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    My first 400pt character for champions, he is missing a 15pt complication and has 7pts to spend. I took a follower over duplication because inherant duplication takes the active points over the power limit for the intended campaign. Would love your opinion.
  4. Re: Jane's Superhumans Treb In case you did not read through this thread, IT'S ABOUT POLITICS. Read the comments on how the third world would fall into dictatorship under supers. etc. I notice you did not flame any of those comments for politics or spelling. Comics, especially the good ones, make political statements all the time. ( I just loved Senkewitz's (yea yea spelling; bite me) friendly dictator cards. Or the comments Miller often works into his narratives about american military power. A good game based on those more mature comic books would involve these themes. Condescension is not argument.
  5. Re: Jane's Superhumans What makes anyone belive that only non democratic countries would be run by supers? The first thing america will do with supers is make them celibrities. Celibrities with real powers, hell any country that would elect Regan and Arnold would make a real super thier king! Repeal the 2 term limit, go buying up all the supers from third world countries they can get there hands on tie them down to the republican party. and become an even bigger more beligerant super power than they already are.... A super like Invictus would be running the show in a generation.
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