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  1. That doesn't look like Aflac. It doesn't even look like Matt Damon.
  2. According to the GOP's Twitter feed, these are some of Trump's plans for a second term-- Many, many Twitter users found this hard to believe.
  3. I'm not from Seattle, but I remember Almost Live. Who could forget Bill Nye back in his superhero days? Or Tracy Conway, who I always thought bore a resemblance to adult star Christy Canyon? Or Mind You Manners, With Billy Quan? "Remember Kids, Be Like Billy--BEHAVE YOURSELF!!!"
  4. Well, I'm sure McConnell's seen a doctor for whatever condition it is, and while the news may affect his prospects for re-election, the condition shouldn't affect his abilities to perform in the Senate. Not that I'm any fan of the man, but Tammy Duckworth is missing both her legs, and she represents Illinois just fine. Unless this turns out to be something really serious, I'm sure McConnell can do the same for Kentucky as he's always done.
  5. Sounds like the title of a children's book.
  6. The Case Against Trump And once again I remind everyone--
  7. Well, at least you'd get to walk outside every now and again. Surely that's got to count for something.
  8. "Hey, Little Johnny--what did you get that little silver medal for?" "For singing." "And what did you get that big gold medal for?" "For stopping."
  9. Yeah, but if Freeze had his way the entire world would be thrown into a new Ice Age, and we'd all have to get on Snowpiercer to survive. Do YOU want to spend the rest of your life on a bad metaphor for the world's socioeconomic structure?
  10. From The Same People That Brought You Deathsticks--
  11. Internet Leaps To Mr. Rogers' Defense After Trump Staffer Mocks Biden Town Hall
  12. I've read about that. It focuses on Rey, and promises to be better and more fun than the original Holiday Special. Honestly, that won't be very hard.
  13. NPR: We Asked Americans How They Feel About The Flag
  14. Reminds me of the right-wingers who told same-sex marriage advocates that they can marry whomever they want, so long as that person was not of the same sex. Condescend much, Senator?
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