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  1. Anyone remember this meme? Well--Guess What?
  2. So--trying to re-moisturize it after it dried out sitting in the fridge?
  3. Let me guess--the rabbit's name is "Shallow Hal."
  4. I don't know what happened to the picture--my apologies. Anyway, I like this version of the character the best, so Quackhell gets to post a pic in response to my disappeared pic.
  5. Saw this posted on Facebook and thought I'd pass it along. Not only are the images useful for medieval/fantasy maidens, but the fact that this young woman taught herself to make them is proof that your superhero characters can learn to make their own costumes through patience and effort, just as she did.
  6. Were those actual bird feathers? Because feathers would be a really easy thing to fake, I think.
  7. Rush Limbaugh Diagnosed With Lung Cancer
  8. All Right---I'm going to throw this one out for everyone, because honestly, I really like it---
  9. KC scored twice in the fourth quarter to pull ahead 24-20. Less than three minutes to go.
  10. Some fodder for a Pulp Hero campaign, if anyone's interested.
  11. For myself, I'd like to know why the AIs decided to attack Mars--whether it was an extreme reaction to human bigotry, or something else. I tend to get annoyed by unsolved or unaddressed mysteries.
  12. I maintain that if anyone from the Next Generation were to appear on Picard, it should be his greatest adversary--Q. Perhaps they're saving him for Season 2. Another cameo idea--by all rights, Jake Sisko should have been the one to interview Picard. I'd like to think it would have ended better. So androids are now called "Synthetics." Wouldn't they prefer the term "Artificial Person?" I wish I could figure out what the Romulans are up to. I always figured they never needed to emulate other races--and here they are, it seems, trying to emulate the Borg. What's the big idea? All the above is just nitpickery with a smattering of facetiousness. To my mind this is a really great show, and I'm glad I subscribed to CBS All Access to get it. I will continue to watch.
  13. Perhaps "Novice" could be substituted for "Noobie/Rookie." Hope that helps.
  14. Dutch Artists Celebrate George Orwell's Birthday With Party Hats On Cameras
  15. "Dopes And Babies."  That's what he said about our military.
  16. Bruce Springsteen's Son Sworn In As New Jersey Firefighter
  17. And I reiterate my sentiments in my first post in this thread. Because I like November Rain.
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