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    wcw43921 reacted to Simon in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Easy comparison here as a way to show that there is no equivalence between the two sides (and why attempting to draw one is offensive in the extreme):

    ISIS shares a large amount of similarity with Neo-Nazis.  Both claim to religious justification for hate and terrorist actions. Both seek the elimination or subjugation of entire races and/or religions. The main difference between the two is the color of the skin of their members.  Neo-Nazis are credited with more terrorist attacks on American soil than ISIS and are more of a concern for DHS and the FBI.
    Now...picture an ISIS march in NC.  ISIS members and supporters marching armed and calling for jihad on all non-Muslims.  Feel free to add some ISIS sympathizers (but not active ISIS members) in with the group.  They're not armed and they're not really into the whole jihad thing, but they think that ISIS makes some good points and want to show their support by marching with them.  Continue the formation of this picture by having an active terror attack take place during this rally -- an ISIS member drives a car into a group of counter protesters.
    If you think there is any "equivalence" to be drawn here (the counter protesters were armed/the counter protesters were angry/ the counter protesters were yelling at the ISIS marchers), you're no better than the ISIS sympathizers.  And we lock them up.
    Why is it different for neo-Nazis? 
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    wcw43921 reacted to Tech priest support in And now, for your daily dose of cute...   
    Prepare to die from cute overdose.

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    wcw43921 reacted to Nolgroth in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to peaceably assemble. The fact that these scum-sucking, pieces of worm- ridden excrement showed up armed shows intent and malice aforethought to make mischief. I don't hold the counter-protestors completely innocent, but the white supremacist bastards were looking to do harm, not stage a peaceful protest.
    Speaking as one of those evil Right-wingers, those monsters wearing human form do not represent anything I believe in.
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    wcw43921 reacted to megaplayboy in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    My updated understanding of Antifa is that the group has something of an internal rift philosopically.  Some want to focus on protecting counterprotesters against violence, and only using force defensively--several black pastors credited the group with protecting them from violence in Charlottesville.  Some want to aggressively engage fascists and white supremacists in hand to hand combat.  
    The group apparently originated in Germany in the late 1980s, as a movement to fight the resurgent neo-Nazism that followed reunification.  
    The underlying philosophy, AIUI, is that fascism is such a uniquely dangerous threat to democracy that it should be aggressively challenged everywhere and denied even a foothold, including unfettered access to public forums.  Obviously a controversial position, but not an unprincipled one.  
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    wcw43921 reacted to Christopher in Supers Image game   
    "I was a artificer once. A mage specialising in magical artifacts, bound magic. As artificer items are more powerfull in the hands of a artificer, it does happen that we get called into battle. I had a nemesis once, the necromancer only know as "Kael". We fought many times. Finally I beat him, deep in his cave lair. And then, I died. Not even from the cave collapsing, just simple exhaustion and over-exertion from our battle. Turns out that theory that magic and your lifeforce might be connected might be a solid one.
    But that was not the end of me, as it should have been. Among the many items I carried, were a few partially finished ones. This little gem in my head was one of them: My Soulstone. As the name implies it saved my soul from going into the afterlife. If there is one. Before you ask: I do not know.
    Now because it was a bit experimental, it took me some time to regain consciousnes after death. By that time, my original body had already decomposed.
    Now pulling oneself together is never easy. But you would not believe how hard it is if the only material for a body you have is solid rock. It took me I do not know how long to modify enough rock to allow mobility, much less speech. So between being out and having to make myself a new body it was burried some time. Apparently enough that nobod even remembers my nation of origin, much less my nemesis Kael.
    Of course, being a Necromancer he is back as well and wreaking havoc once more. Apparently some "be able to move while your mortal enemy does" kind of spell. I am not quite sure, Ritual Necromancy is not exactly my area of expertise. So we are fighting again.
    And no, I am not going to die in hopes of that "defeating Kael once and for all". I do not trust a thing he says. And I would not bet a piece of lead against this being just a ruse in hopes I kill myself trying to defeat him. Again."
    Sirianne Thunderstrike was a Artificer mage in a previous age of magic.Then she died. And came back with a body of granite, animated by magic flowing from the soulstone in her "head". Now animating a magically modified stone body is not easy. However her extensive knowlege in the creation of magical items allowed her to streamline the process. The downside is, that she can pretty much not create any new items or use any other form of magic anymore. Also moving the body can exert her magic ability, so she does still tire. So she is stuck with what little survived the cavein.
    The Goldstaff of Janimakai is one of those items. It allows some basic magical effects, in particular blasts. And it acts as a very effective bludgeon.
    Being bereft of her choosen profession - tinkering while creating magical items - but being in a age of technology, she picked up another craft altogether: Mechanic.
    While the team vehicle she made seems to have a sliver of her magic and it and seems to perform slighly better with her at the helm, it is largely operating within the laws of non-magical, superhuman physics.
    She simply goes by the name of Craft nowadays.
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    wcw43921 reacted to Tech priest support in In other news...   
    It's fitting that this story be mentioned on a website with "Hero" in the title. In fact I couldn't resist.
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    wcw43921 got a reaction from Nolgroth in Futuristic Sports & Entertainment   
    I had an idea for the Star Wars universe called Blaster Masters--basically paintball/laser tag, but with stun blasters.  I saw it as a sort of introductory adventure where the players could learn the basics of the combat system by running through some non-lethal combats.  The idea could, of course, be adapted for any sci-fi game universe, and could even be played professionally, with tour circuits and sponsorships and all else.
    Hope that helps.
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    wcw43921 reacted to Tech priest support in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    If I had to deal with NK and my people were telling me the best Intel said there was a danger of that maniac actually launching a nuke, I think I would go for a massive conventional strike at all major government and military installations plus communication facilities.
    Also I would, as soon as I believed most of their anti air power was neutralized, use massive high altitude cargo planes to drop huge amounts of packaged basic food on the population centers of NK. those poor plops have been starving for decades, it's become a way of life to them. They may not understand that there are alternatives. They may not believe anything else is possible. Also they've been told the west is evil incarnate.
    Most of them have had no contact with the world outside NK. If we make the first contact they have with the world food literally dropping down from heaven onto them in packages labeled in Korean and claiming it to be aid from South Korea, it might create an unstoppable paradigm shift in the people's view. "Hey people! There are alternatives to lifelong hunger! The rest of the world does not hate you! You have been lied to, started and abused for decades! Have some bread already!"
    They say to win a war against tyranny you need to win the hearts and minds of the people. Maybe in NK we should start with the people's stomachs and let the rest come around.
    We won ww2 by sending bombs to the people of Germany and Japan. We won the cold war by sending food and aid to them. Let's see if that model still works.
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    wcw43921 reacted to Doc Shadow in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    I've got a better idea.
    Buy him off. The only thing Trumpy Dumpty loves more than himself is money.
    So here's the deal:
    Trump agrees to fire Pence, appoints an intelligent, moderate Republican as Vice President (Colin Powell would be a good choice), as soon as he's confirmed by the Senate Trump resigns. Two months after leaving office $50 billion is deposited in Trump bank account, and the investigation is put on permanent hold as long as he stays out of politics.
    Might have to give him $100 billion, but we'll start with 50. He can say he had no idea being president was so difficult (probably true) as a way of saving face.
    It's a lot of money but to get rid of Trump, I think it's worth it.
    Got this idea from an episode of The West Wing.

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    wcw43921 reacted to Michael Hopcroft in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    One of Oregon's US Senators, Jeff Merkely, made a Facebook post (probably written by a staff member -- most politicians are smart enough to vet their tweets and Facebook posts) deriding how enforcement of the Voting Rights Act is being gutted. This of course led to complaints about "illegals voting" and demands that the voting rolls be purged.
    My personal take on this is like my personal take on justice. I do not object to a few voters getting in who shouldn't be there if that means ten voters who should be voting are not "purged". Maybe it;'s the Oregonian in me, but I very much oppose a system where it is presumed you are an ineligible voter unless you can somehow prove otherwise. It's like the judicial system, in which I am willing to liver with seemingly appalling verdicts (the first OJ trial, the Bundys in Malheur County) because I would much rather release a guilty person than condemn an innocent one.
    What kind of civics are they teaching these days if voter suppression is viewed as virtuous, or an accused person is guilty until so proven?
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    wcw43921 reacted to phoenix240 in Superhero Images   
    Masque: A raccoon/human hybrid pc from our Bay City Blues Champions game, escaped Viper experiment  Masque has grown into a heroine in her own right, recently returned from a rollicking adventure across several dimension in time to help her team to (hopefully) save Bay City (and possibly the world). 

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    wcw43921 reacted to Cygnia in And now, for your daily dose of cute...   
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    wcw43921 reacted to dmjalund in Jokes   
    A human took his alien friend to a pub.
    When they got there they saw an open coffin and people drinking and dancing.
    The alien asked "What is this?"
    the human replied "It's a wake."
    The alien responded "No, I believe it's dead"
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    wcw43921 reacted to Cygnia in And now, for your daily dose of cute...   
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    wcw43921 reacted to Pariah in Foods for those that just don't care anymore   
    I've had that mustard before.
    Whoa, I'm experiencing Dijon Vu.
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    wcw43921 got a reaction from Cygnia in In other news...   
    Save Snopes
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    wcw43921 reacted to pinecone in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    And that is the problem with "fixing" it...everybody has a dog in the hunt.
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    wcw43921 reacted to DShomshak in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    One proposal is based on the fact that while the Constitution ordains an Electoral College, it says nothing about how the states apportion their votes. For instance, some states apportion their electoral college votes proportionally to the votes received by candidates. So, one group proposes that each state pass a law that it will award all its electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote -- this law to take effect when the number of states with this law is sufficient to guarantee victory in the electoral college.
    Unfortunately, a majority of states currently have all-Republican governments. The Electoral College currently favors Republicans because it favors less urbanized states with lower populations. As the precinct-by-precinct map of the 2016 election results shows, the big cities are liberal and vote Democrat while the rest of the country is conservative and votes Republican. Republicans will not abandon this electoral advantage.
    Dean Shomshak
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    wcw43921 reacted to Tech priest support in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    Does anyone else think the U.S. needs to get rid of the electoral college and go to a straight majority vote?
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    wcw43921 reacted to tkdguy in A Thread for Random Videos   
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    wcw43921 got a reaction from Michael Hopcroft in In other news...   
    "Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue.  Lovely plumage."
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    wcw43921 reacted to Pattern Ghost in Destroy Your Geek Cred!!   
    I'll try to increase my geek cred when we go to a cred-based economy (if the exchange rate is good).
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    wcw43921 got a reaction from Cygnia in In other news...   
    "Remarkable bird, the Norwegian Blue.  Lovely plumage."
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    wcw43921 reacted to BoloOfEarth in Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)   
    The GOP will now put forth their Care Reconciliation Action Plan, followed by Strong Health Improvement Tactics.
    If those don't fly, they'll try Family Universal Care for Kids, Youths, and Oldsters United.
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    wcw43921 reacted to Pariah in Jokes   
    I heard about a band called 999MB.
    They're still waiting for their first gig.
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