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    A lot of job loss is attributed to automation.  In fact, today I fired my writers because for the next four years, jokes will write themselves - Conan O'Brien
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    Alex Ross, doing what he does best--

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    Here's a good piece on Trump's use of "humiliation porn" as both a candidate and a president, and how the blowback could erode part of his base:

    The brutal truth is that humiliated people want to humiliate others in order to temporarily relieve their own feelings of shame.  As one of Altemeyer's "social dominators", Trump instinctively gets that and uses it perfectly.
    Social dominators tend to have pronounced sociopathic traits. In his book, "Violence: Reflections on a National Epidemic," Psychiatrist James Gilligan argues that contrary to popular opinion, sociopaths are not shameless; in fact, they experience almost nothing but shame. Gilligan believes that, when taken to its extreme, shame shuts down all emotional experiences except, perhaps, for rage. Gilligan worked in a maximum-security penitentiary for many years, counseling people imprisoned for monstrous acts of violence. The prisoners he worked with consistently described themselves as the "living dead", referring to their inability to feel anything besides anger. They backed up these assertions with horrific acts of cruelty and self-mutilation. How could they do such things, Gilligan asks, unless they were in some way emotionally numbed? Each of these prisoners had suffered profound emotional or physical abuse in childhood, and each responded by going on the offensive.

    Gilligan uses the prison system to illustrate the strategic use of shame in capitalist societies, drawing attention to the role that institutionalized rape plays in modern penitentiaries. He argues that the purpose of the digital anal rape euphemistically referred to as a "cavity search" isn't really to find concealed drugs, but rather to humiliate prisoners into submission. He also writes that guards turn a blind eye to prisoner-on-prisoner rape because, by dividing prisoners into rapists and rape victims, the prisoners' rage is redirected away from the guards and towards one other. The cost of this strategy is borne entirely by the prison population, whose already compromised humanity is systematically ravaged.

    Gilligan believes that the prison system apes the class structure of capitalist society. Just as the guards break the collective strength of the prisoner population by encouraging the stronger prisoners to humiliate and oppress the weaker, so the upper classes preserve their social dominance by encouraging the middle classes to humiliate and oppress the lower classes. The guards and the upper classes both use shame as a weapon in the battle to control their social environment. The victims of prison rape, like the lower classes, are psychologically damaged by the excessive shame they're forced to bear. Relative to other classes, their capacity for positive emotion is greatly impaired, and their risk of developing psychological disorders is dramatically heightened. These problems limit their individual and collective power to fight for social change.

    Members of the middle class are terrified of losing their class status and descending into the underclass not only because of the material hardships they would face, but also because of the extreme humiliation accompanying the plunge. People who have learned how to despise the underclass will despise themselves if they fall into it. By condemning vast numbers of people to the economic underclass, economic catastrophes like the ongoing fallout from 2008/2009 create epidemics of shame.

    Shame fertilizes hatred. We hate in others what we hate in ourselves, and what we hate in ourselves are usually the emotional needs we’ve psychologically repressed. Our sexual, intellectual, and social maturation depends upon our ability to satisfy those needs. We feel ashamed when our needs go unmet for great lengths of time, which is a common experience among the working class. Such unrelenting shame can make our needs seem like threats to our peace of mind, prompting us to drive them from our conscious awareness. The more we repress our needs, the more our emotional development is stifled, the more frustrated and angry we feel, and the more vengeful our desires become. This, in turn, compels us to repress our needs all the more.

    Unacknowledged needs don't disappear. Instead, they re-assert themselves by focusing our attention upon people and practices that remind us of them. These reminders rub salt into our wounds, and so we’re tempted to attack them. Unacknowledged emotional pain doesn't disappear, either; instead, it re-asserts itself at the edge of our awareness, shaping our perceptions. The filth we recoil from in the world around us is often the gore spilling from the wounds we've inflicted upon ourselves. The more mutilated we become, the more loathsomely mangled the world seems to be, and the more we desire its destruction. Psychological repression thereby fuels political violence and oppression.

    By leaving people chronically frightened and ashamed, and by encouraging misogyny and contempt for weakness, the psychological trauma inflicted by unrestrained capitalism makes us more susceptible to right-wing authoritarianism and manipulation by people like Trump.  The man has accessed the stockpiles of self-loathing we've been building up in the American underclass and turned it against his enemies--the "elites" in government, the media, and academia whose security, confidence, wealth, and education represent everything his supporters have been denied. 
    ​Again, reason alone won't dent his supporters' faith in the man.  The pain goes way, way too deep for that.
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    A member of the Tiger Squad, his hero name translates loosly as Iron Prayer Bead Monk Which The Buddha Listens To. While he is an decent martial artist (Shalin Kung Fu), and his prayer beads are indestructible iron weapons, his best power is his incredible luck. As long as he faces evil, his vary actions are blessed by the Buddha himself.
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    He is known as The Sad Monk. He is drawn to conflict and stands up against the oppressors. He has seen evil and stands up to it. He has been shot,stabbed and blown up but remarkably he has returned to fight against bullies, tyrants, despots. Whereeever there is evil you may see the Sad Monk coming to put a stop to it.
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    Available as a T-shirt from TeeFury Tees--Back For That Dance

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    Alex Ross, doing what he does best--

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    Alex Ross again--

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    Alex Ross, doing what he does best--

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    Alex Ross, doing what he does best--

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    With Pence Gone, Fellow Republicans Undo His Work
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    I feel this needs to be shared.

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    Or he could play a university philosophy professor who knows f--k all about philosophy or university.
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    I was thinking he'd be an interesting choice for Darkseid, if they wanted to bring in the whole Apokolips/New Genesis story into the DCTV universe.  A possible obstacle to that is that Sorbo likes to play characters who crack a smile now and again--and Darkseid doesn't smile.  Ever.
    He could also play an evil atheist--but that's just me.
    Teri Hatcher, I think, would be a really good choice for Selena the sorceress.  It's about time that Supergirl had an arch-enemy she could call her own, rather than poaching off of Superman's rogue's gallery.
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    Some Kevin Matchstick Cosplay, 2 more pics in Gallery

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    Ok let's try this again. Both have been accused by women of sexually assaulting them. Neither has been found guilty. Clinton had an Affair with an Intern. Trump has had affairs while married. He has 5 children with three women. 
    So "One actually Did it" isn't accurate, as Clinton's sex scandal wasn't assault. I will be the first to admit Trump might have been bragging while he had nothing to go on...it seems to fit his profile as a prolific liar. But Both have been accused by multiple women neither has been found guilty. 
    So your statement is incorrect. But both men are horrible champions of fidelity. 
    Second, you're correct. And it was my fault for lumping all of women's health issues into "Choice." So let me correct my misstatement and expand on the issue. The Right to Choose isn't the only issue here. It's more broadly an issue of women's health as well as reproductive rights. Planned Parenthood which may or may not be under fire spends 0 federal funds on Abortion. They are not allowed to. [http://www.factcheck.org/2011/04/planned-parenthood/] so removing their funding does nothing to stop the 3% of their operating costs that goes to abortion service; rather the 97% that goes to testing, screening, birth control, and STI/STD testing and treatment, and Vasectomy procedures. The largest portion of their clients are the young and the poor. Who don't have a wealth (get it?) of care options even if they want to have children they rely on Planned Parenthood for prenatal care. 
    The Gag Order Reinstated by Trump prevents American funding for any health organizations that provide abortion information (not even abortions, just information) on an international level. So any health organizations that deal with women's services can't receive funding from the US.. Which means that such services will be less able to provide the afore mentioned screening, prenatal, post natal, pediatrics, testing, screening, contraception, and STD/STI services. 
    This isn't about women "taking responsibility for getting their bits out." (There is some of that, of course. Abortion rates go down when contraception is available, however. Which in your over-simplified drinking analogy is calling a cab after having a few too many.) It's about women dying from treatable cancers and suffering from STD/STI and passing that on to men, it's about starting out families who don't have the money or soon the insurance to ensure healthy children. 
    For some reason; allowing women, particularly young and poor women, to have some sort of agency in their reproductive rights beyond "No Sex for me, thanks." is an anathema to some people. 
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    Qantas Airlines lands at one of it's branches.
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    The Bronze Behemoth is often mistaken for a Power Armor or a Robot, but in truth it is way to bulky on the inside to house a human. But only a human.
    The Behemoth is the Robot suit of a alien called "Brinz Bih'moth". His species is both unusually small and very in love with thier (and earths) steam age. So when they reached thier "sufficiently advanced technology" phase, they opted for a steampunk/clockwork theme on all thier tech.
    Brinz is just a really ardent fan of earths Steam age so he went on a trip to visit a planet he considered "the center of steampunk". Needless to say he was a bit steamed about finding out that steampunk is not nearly as common as some broadcasts would have you believe. Also Brinz's ship got blown up when some supervillain tried to capture it. And now he is stuck here.
    He opted to join the heroes in hopes of finding some way home. And also get even on the Villain that blew up his ship. It looked like a Steam Locomotive and everything! The absolute dream of the spacefaring steampunker.
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    What did the zero say to the eight? Nice belt.
    ( Gillain Anderson's favourite joke, courtesy of a recent magazine interview.)
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    At video store
    Me: I'd like to rent Batman Forever.
    Store Clerk: You have to bring it back. 
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    Happy Birthday to my bestest buddy, adopted six years ago today.
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    "I AM IRON MAN!!!"

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