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  1. Easy, remember that time they took down some Vampires (or any other horror)? Well they remember that red-haired agent and the creatures friends are looking for him (or her). Now the baddies will recognize the heroes, probably before the heroes recognize who the baddies are... A muck-raking reporter has a beef against the agency and he distinctly remembers a certain tall agent... A particularly nasty creature exclusively eats red-heads... An underworld boss puts a bounty on red-heads and really tall agents... A succubus really likes tall people, now the agent has a love-struck demoness following him around... Just a few ideas.
  2. Perhaps Champions Online will get a bunch of new players... *silver lining* *silver lining* *sob* *silver lining* http://na.cityofheroes.com/en/news/news_archive/thank_you.php
  3. Re: Are we Ready to Rock? I dunno...are we? I posted this picture before, but it seems appropriate for this thread...
  4. Jinkies Maybe not truly a superhero, but she is quite smart. Besides, I finally found a decent turtleneck sweater and I felt like sharing!
  5. Re: Issue 2 of my webcomic Pashwaa, women back then didn't chafe... they built up calluses!
  6. After several months longer than I had hoped I have finally got issue 2 of "Blade of Boudica" my webcomic under way. For this issue I am changing to a more drawn look using new toon shaders for DAZ|Studio. I'm also switching to normal comic book page aspect ratio. Not quite a convenient for monitor display but feels much more "comic booky" If you want to check it out the link is in my signature.
  7. Re: Iron Crown Enterprises: Consumer Catalog Summer '87 The last page shown mentions a Narnia book, did that ever happen?
  8. Re: Non Cliche Supernatural Professions Reality TV Paranormal Investigators (think Sci-Fi's "Ghost Hunters") What would happen if one of their investigations turned up a real supernatural threat? And how accurate and effective are their tools really? Good way to get a team together.
  9. Re: Superhero Images Just trying out some new toon shaders for DAZ|Studio. I'm liking the effect so far. This picture is a work in progress and I'm still tweaking the material settings.
  10. Re: Completely Undetectable One thought. Most senses are not automatic. Do your heroes walk down the street stopping everyone they meet to make sure they aren't villains in disguise? If the heroes have no reason to be looking for disguised skrulls then they won't find them. If the heroes know about the hidden skrulls then they should have a chance to spot one. When the GM wants the heroes to uncover the plot is when he has one of the skrulls slip up or do something so out of the ordinary that the heroes will notice.
  11. Re: Cryptic Q&A (May 16, 2008) Sure, but will it be Bad-Ass?
  12. Re: The Worst character in comics It's not the characters, it's the writers and editors. A good writer can make *any* character interesting and entertaining while a bad writer can take the greatest character around and completely ruin them.
  13. Re: PS238 Roleplaying Game You should put up a PDF version of the application so we can print out copies.
  14. Re: My new on-line comic Just added page 25. I've also started a personal forum for the comic on the ArtZone website. http://artzone.daz3d.com/index.php?azmode=ix&section=forum&op=view&friendly=u_893&query_details=index,
  15. Re: My new on-line comic Page 21 and 22 posted.
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