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    Rifts HERO?

    Re: Rifts HERO? Great work everyone on the forum so far....I am looking at starting a Rifts style game (Riftech actually - Robotech and Rifts) and would LOVE to have more info. So NSG, your work has been so integral in translating the system across I as wondering if you are still working on it?? Thanks again everyone... PS - For those that have played, have you used points for equipment or ingame currency? How did it work out?
  2. Re: Steve's Chat Tonight (Thursday, Feb. 1)
  3. Re: Help with Slick from the Ultimates Thanks for all the advice on Slick and his power effects. Does anyone have any tips for using him in combat? Also the Ultimates as a unit? Thanks Bryan
  4. Hi There, I am going to be using the Ultimates in (Binder, Blackstar, Cyclone, Thunderbolt, Slick, Radium) in my next adventure but am a little confused with the "effect" of Slick's powers as presented in CKC. My problem is with the entangles he uses - given that he has the ability of friction control I assume that he changes friction around his target. Now, couldn't all this be undone by a super with flight? With the AE attack, I am assuming that the environment is effected so wouldn't this again have little to no effect on those who can fly? Maybe it's just that I can't figure
  5. Re: How do I build: Foci enhanced powers That's pretty straightforward but....should there be another lim on the booster powers (Eye of Ra and Solar oven)? I say this because the idea would be that if the MP is unable to be used (say...a mutant suppressor field) the additional powers would not be able to be used either? What do you think? Thanks for the info!
  6. Re: How do I build: Foci enhanced powers Thanks for the quick reply - another question though. The "Gitter Makes it worse" would be built out of the MP...correct? Are there any special restrictions for this? If anyone else knows how to do this in HD it would be a great help! Thanks Daz
  7. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to ask everyone a quick question on how to create a series of powers. Now, the concept is this - the person is a mutant that has certain powers. These powers are enhanced in strength when using different focii (one foci for each). So, originally the powers (say EB, Egoblast and Flash) are built in a multipower. I know want to add the effect of amplifying a powers (adding more dice) when a focus is used, with each power having a different focus. Note that the focus is not required to use the power, it only strengthens it. So how does everyone (any
  8. Re: Gamemastering Tutorial Adventures Hey Sketch - I'll look forward to the next one! This adventure was great - concise and very well presented. You should definitely have it uploaded to the Herogames "Free Stuff" page! Thanks again - let me know when the next one i out. Daz
  9. Re: Champions Clix - Your HC Recipes Thanks Redmenace - your recipes will prove invaluable!!! You're right - the Sunfire fig's head would be perfect for Green Dragon. Unfortunately I was not aware of this at the time and made mine from green stuff - first time I ever "modded" a figure and also the first time I'd ever used green stuff. I also did a repaint of Arashi for Shadowdragon - worked out OK considering it's the first fig I ever painted. Also thinking using the Selene figure and just repainting for Howler... A question/challenge for you - any ideas on recipes for
  10. Re: Champions Clix - Your HC Recipes
  11. Hi Everyone, Not sure if there is a thread out there that already covers this but... I thought it would be quite convenient for those that have created Champions characters from Heroclix mods/repaints to post their recipes - I thought this would help inspire those modclix challenged like myself! Given that I have two recipes myself - very simple I must say. Lady Blue - repaint of Shadowcat Green Dragon - create a mask out of green stuff and repaint Daredevil. Anyone else feel compelled to share? I myself am looking for a recipe for Devastator... Thanks Bry
  12. Re: Looking for FH replacements in D&D Adventure... Thanks everyone for your help! I've got all the creatures I needed covered now. I will give the ratlings a go as a substitute for kobolds. Thanks again for the prompt replies! Bryan:thumbup:
  13. Hi Everyone, I am running a D&D adventure I d/l from http://www.rpgarchive.com website but have a little problem... This is my first time running a FH adventure and, apart from having only a few hours to prepare, I want to make it distinct and very different from the AD&D world as this is the rules that these players are used to playing in. Given my time restraints I realise that the above isn't quite possible - however I would like not to re-invent the monsters in the TA campaign world with the same names etc as their D&D counterparts. Given that, I have the followi
  14. Re: Clix mod challenge Lookin' good Hoiligan...Lookin' good!
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