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  1. Big Buffy fan, I remember that it was basically Dawn dealing with Joyce, her mother dying and not handling it well.
  2. Really good. I couldn't help but wonder if we could find out his reaction to his buddy Crusader getting killed by Crusade.
  3. Ah. I didn't know that.
  4. Her whole reason for being a thief is because she was born poor and thus wants to live life in the best highest lifestyle possible and she has a little brother that she was taking care of. I believe that she was escaping an abusive father who hated her because she was a mutant.
  5. No Mechanon? You gotta have Mechanon!
  6. Hey, just got back from NTRPG and I ran Champions 4e and would like to run a Champions/Hero System game at my house now that restrictions are being lifted. Anyone interested please PM me.
  7. So wanted to run a very large combat session on HCM but don't know how many I can load on it.
  8. Just wondering, I will be running Microfilm Madness and they mention UNTIL agents but I don't see any sourcebooks that have UNTIL writeups. Is there something I am missing?
  9. Thank you. I was thinking of doing that.
  10. Actually what I was asking for was how did you deal with the fact that the adventure has a four way combat with VIPER,UNTIL, the Crusher Gang and the heroes. Do you run separate combat or break up the combat turns? Thank you for you suggestions though.
  11. Check out the movie The Highway Men for a much less glamorous portrayal of B&C.
  12. There were several times that Captain America killed, even after WW2. One time he used a gun to kill a terrorist because he was going to fire into a crowd and possibly kill more people. Cap is a soldier after all and if he must he will kill.
  13. And don't forget that Captain America once lead a team of two former terrorists and an ex-criminal who once had a relationship with a Russian spy.
  14. Like mentioned before, Starburst and Crusader. They are in the first four editions of the game the example how to make a character for Champions. They will always be what I think of when I think of Champions. Ankylosaur has the best origin ever, powers by way of mail order!
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