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  1. Maybe there is a much more powerful supervillain, more powerful than all of them that they owe a debt to and they have to fulfill that debt or things could get really bad. However, they don't know what that job is and when they find it's something that they really don't want to do they would have a moral dilemma.
  2. I see the martial arts on the combat abilities of the attacking character but don't know how to use them.
  3. There is a Champions 5th edition adventure called Sharper than a Serpents Tongue that deals with a virus that turns people into snake monsters.
  4. I GM and have occasionally played in two games that use a hero/fate/whatever option. That is Amazing Adventures and BASH. AA uses fate points that can keep you from getting hit, effect the plot in a minor way as well as other stuff. BASH uses hero points and hero dice. Hero points let you spend dice to help with a success. Let's say you need just 2 more points to keep that atom bomb from going off, you can do that. Hero allows you do things like appear somewhere that would not normally appear at, add to a die roll by rolling an extra die, and my favorite, the power stunt that allows to do something unique with your one time in a creative way. The key to these mechanics contrivances is that they are finite. You don't have an unlimited number of these so they need to be used judiciously. You basically save that mechanic for the time you need it. So far it has worked out fine.
  5. $125.00 online from Amazon. Yikes!
  6. LOL. Why do you think Sue Richards is still married to Reed? Stretching powers indeed.
  7. Here is a link to some write ups http://www.patric.net/morpheus/cast/hero/index.html
  8. Some of my best relationships came out of gaming. I met my wife at a badly run Champions game, she ended being more interesting then the game we were playing in.
  9. Hi, Been living here in Two Rivers Wisconsin for about over a year now and I am looking for getting a Champions/Hero System group together. I have been a Hero fan since I bought my first Champions book in 1981. I have GMed several campaigns over the years and I am itching to get another one started. I am a retired/self employed person so I am flexible as far as time goes. I prefer modern or pulp era games as opposed to fantasy which I feel is saturating the community. I prefer 4th or 5th edition or maybe even earlier. I really want to run a Superhero game in mid 1970s bronze age with a Six Million Dollar Man kind of feel. Probably low powered street level stuff with some espionage. Willing to play online if I have to but I would prefer face to face at my house. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. There was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode with a character like that. She ended up going insane and tried to kill all of the beautiful people. She ended up being recruited by the government as an assassin.
  11. There was a 4th edition Champions character that had one power, Invisibility to all Senses. He concept was that she was a very boring person with no social skills. She had Distinctive Features: No Distinctive Features.
  12. Correction, the good supplements.
  13. The same could be said for Barbara Eden and Sofia Loren.
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