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  1. The look of horror when Lois Lane saw all the toupees in the house boat was priceless.
  2. Legends of Tomorrow went with the whole magic creature thing and became very silly.
  3. Bicycles would be back in favor. Also horses and people would be walking again. Also, concerning air travel, what about Zeppelins? The advantages of old tech is less moving parts. As Scotty once said, "The more complicated the plumbing the easier it is to stuff up the pipes".
  4. So were supers around before all this happened or were they a result of the current event? If they were here before then powered armored characters like Iron Man would be have serious problems. The PA guy might try to go the steampunk method or just use buttons and switches. Your obligatory Dark Knight type character would have to pull out the old stuff from early in his career.
  5. Cuba replaces Detroit as the number one car manufacturer.
  6. Reminds me of World War Z where people had to retrained for more practical job because being a systems analyst or have a degree in marketing wouldn't be any help in the new world.
  7. One thing I do love about Champions is how unchanged it has been over the years since 1st edition.
  8. She originally appeared in the Justice Not Law book for 4th edition. I think.
  9. Brick appears in the 4th edition VIPER book.
  10. So I had some speed issues with my computer so I reset it to clean it up. It did work on the performance issues I was having but now when I try to use HD I get an internet explorer logo next to it cannot figure out how to open it again. I have installed Java but that doesn't seem to work either. Will hopefully be getting into 6e Champions game soon and want to be able to make characters. I can make them from scratch but program just makes it easier.
  11. How do you create a character sheet out of this file?
  12. How do you use the spreadsheet program to create Iron Man type characters? It looks beyond my understanding.
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