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  1. I would love to check that out.
  2. Back in the day this was the must have book for Champions
  3. Re: CU - The Monster: Story Ideas I used the Monster in my Golden Age game. The Elites had to save a busload of catholic school girls who had been captured by the Monster. He had taken them to a partially constructed building and was placing them at various different parts of the building in middle of the night during a storm. He would then throw the kids from the building and have the heroes try and catch the students while trying to avoid his attacks. The heroes unfortunately (for me that is), had a telekinetic with them that kept catching them and carrying them to safety (grumble,
  4. Re: Der Psychology of der Super Human This actually reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode. In this one a common hood type guy gets killed and goes to the afterlife. When he gets there he finds he has full run of his own city. He do anything he wants and even has a manservant who arranges everything for him. At first it's alot of fun, he gambles and always wins. He has beautiful women at his beck and call. Then it all goes bad when he realizes that everything is planned ahead of time. It gets boring and pointless. He finally tells his manservant that he doesn't want to live
  5. Re: Der Psychology of der Super Human This reminds me of a character from San Angelo Enemies. He is called Mastermind. He was originally a superhero who one day decided that society needed help and he started to use his mental powers to eliminate criminal impulses in their minds. He eventually had his own followers who were all reformed criminals who felt they were in his debt for making them productive citizens. Then there was a social reformer type in underworld enemies called the Hanged Man. He really didn't have any superpowers except for a really high intelligence.
  6. Re: Enforcers IncorporatedHere is a basic draft. I haven't come up with how she becomes affiliated with Enforcers Inc. so I would appreciate any help with that.GrimhildPlayer: Val Char Cost 50 STR 40 24 DEX 42 30 CON 40 25 BODY 30 12 INT 2 10 EGO 0 25 PRE 15 18 COM 4 20/35 PD 10 16/31 ED 10 6 SPD 26 16 REC 0 60 END 0 65 STUN 0 6" RUN02" SWIM010" LEAP0Characteristics Cost: 219Cost Power END 30 Axe of Thyrm: Multipower, 60-point reserve, (60 Active Points); all slots OAF (-1) 2u 1) Ice Storm: EB 6d6, 16 Charges (+0), Area Of Effect (7" Cone;
  7. Re: Quark The Betties weren't androids, they were clones. One always claimed to be the original and the other the clones. Oh and don't forget the cowardly robot.
  8. Re: Teen Heroes & Static Shock Hey! I happened to like Kingdom Come!
  9. Re: An Alternate Superman There was one SuperMan story that was set in Fritz Lang's Metropolis. In this one Clark is Federson and Luthor takes the place of Rotwang. Pretty decent read. There was another Elseworlds story using the Golden Agen JSA characters as members of a secret government agent team. In this story SuperMan appears as an agent but turns out not to be Kal-el but Zod!
  10. Re: The EVILLLL That is... Gentleman Jim? Yeah, you are probably right but he could have been the exception to the rule. Also I had another honorable brick character called The Privateer. He was more like a gentleman thief character. He would use dirty tricks and all but he wouldn't kill and as such my characters never tried to kill him.
  11. Re: The Case for Doctor Destroyer Check out some issues of Digital Heroes. They have write-ups of the Sentinals who are very similiar to the Avengers in flavor. At least I think so.
  12. Re: Does Sapphire bug anyone else?
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