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  1. Being a Joe McCarthy fan didn't help with his popularity.
  2. Since we were talking about Gar Logan....
  3. What I loved about Perez is how he is able to make women faces look different. Take Scarlet Witch and Firestar, they are both beautiful women but they have different looks, Wanda has an angler face whereas Angelica has a more rounder look. True, you can do the same thing with a Multipower with variable slots.
  4. Multiform IIRC was supposed to simulate characters like DC's Beast Boy and Chameleon Lad.
  5. Multiform assumes that you are playing two totally different characters with a different personalities. Typically a werewolf has a different personality than the human it transforms from.
  6. IIRC Zephyr was more of a thief whereas Bora was a cold hearted killer. The only problem with having a bunch of highly intelligent supervillains working together is that eventually you start having massive egos getting in the way too.
  7. That first example reminded me of the movie Disturbing Behavior.
  8. Is this game still going on? I have the Champions Now rules.
  9. It was revealed that Gladiators powers were telekinetic in nature.
  10. I would love to check that out.
  11. Is your game online? Where do you live?
  12. Maybe there is a much more powerful supervillain, more powerful than all of them that they owe a debt to and they have to fulfill that debt or things could get really bad. However, they don't know what that job is and when they find it's something that they really don't want to do they would have a moral dilemma.
  13. I see the martial arts on the combat abilities of the attacking character but don't know how to use them.
  14. There is a Champions 5th edition adventure called Sharper than a Serpents Tongue that deals with a virus that turns people into snake monsters.
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