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  1. $125.00 online from Amazon. Yikes!
  2. LOL. Why do you think Sue Richards is still married to Reed? Stretching powers indeed.
  3. Here is a link to some write ups http://www.patric.net/morpheus/cast/hero/index.html
  4. Some of my best relationships came out of gaming. I met my wife at a badly run Champions game, she ended being more interesting then the game we were playing in.
  5. Hi, Been living here in Two Rivers Wisconsin for about over a year now and I am looking for getting a Champions/Hero System group together. I have been a Hero fan since I bought my first Champions book in 1981. I have GMed several campaigns over the years and I am itching to get another one started. I am a retired/self employed person so I am flexible as far as time goes. I prefer modern or pulp era games as opposed to fantasy which I feel is saturating the community. I prefer 4th or 5th edition or maybe even earlier. I really want to run a Superhero game in mid 1970s bronze age with a Six Million Dollar Man kind of feel. Probably low powered street level stuff with some espionage. Willing to play online if I have to but I would prefer face to face at my house. Let me know if you are interested.
  6. There was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode with a character like that. She ended up going insane and tried to kill all of the beautiful people. She ended up being recruited by the government as an assassin.
  7. There was a 4th edition Champions character that had one power, Invisibility to all Senses. He concept was that she was a very boring person with no social skills. She had Distinctive Features: No Distinctive Features.
  8. Correction, the good supplements.
  9. The same could be said for Barbara Eden and Sofia Loren.
  10. VIPER goes back to using more conventional technology. The blasters are eventually replaced with good old slug throwers. They might have lasers but they are becoming more fragile and unreliable. Still they at least in the agent level are still a threat. The more superhuman members start to suffer problems with there powers not working. Since this is VIPER anyone that can't do the job anymore are expendable. They start to reorganize just become another terrorist group with a snake fetish. This is moreso when Nama goes back to sleep as the magic fades.
  11. She could start using Alchemy or just doing evil ritual magic, like human sacrifice and the like. I see her using books and scrolls. Maybe she would start packing a gun.
  12. There was a Star Hero adventure called the Helmet of Doctor Destroyer. In the adventure there is a reference to Dr. D dying from a simple heart attack because of old age. One weakness he had was that he couldn't extend his life span and eventually died of natural causes.
  13. The writers of Lost in Space tried really hard to give more spotlight to the other characters but Irwin Allen wanted to be all about Will Robertson, Dr. Smith and the Robot.
  14. The look of horror when Lois Lane saw all the toupees in the house boat was priceless.
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