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  1. That's... so profound. And rules give people stability and certainty in a world of chaos and fear. Security. And iof some laws are good, more laws are better. Here, I'll help out by being a God of Laws too! Laws for what people can wear, and when. Laws for where people can build, and how. Laws for how big the holes can be in cheese! Licenses for every form of work, and every regulations for how it should be done. All written down -- since someone already gave the world writing, I know somebody mentioned books -- written down in detail, so no one ever has to wonder what to do or how to do it.
  2. I said it was a familiar story. 😇 I read it when I was very young. When I Googled it, hoping to find the excellent illustration of the man with the sausage on his nose, I found a more recent retelling as a kid's book. I suppose I could have substituted some other food item or body part, but the sausage on the nose is just so perfect, no wonder it's a classic. Dean Shomshak
  3. From Hell It Came isn't as (unintentinally) funny as Robot Monster or Plan 9. More's the pity. I haven't seen those others. Tempting though it is to to make Folly's monster a very slow walking tree stump, I already had a monster in mind: the Wish-Granting Genie. The genie can take many forms. Sometimes it's an actual spirit, perhaps summoned by an object (such as a ring or a lampo). Sometimes it's a talking animal. Sometimes it's just an object, such as an animal's paw. Sometimes it offers wishes to a specific person; sometimes its mere proximity is enough, and it acts whenever som
  4. So, I just watched a movie called From Hell It Came on "Svengoolie." Set on a South Sea island, so naturally of interest in the circumstances. The plot, as such goes thus: An evil witch doctor connives to execute the son of the chief who just died. The son swears revenge and comes back as... a killer walking tree, called a Tobonga. Sort of a low-budget, evil Ent, with a touch of the Brady Tiki. Despite being very slow, it manages to start killing people off. When it's beyond the power of the natives, it's up to a few American doctors and scientists to stop the creature. I am tempte
  5. Though some people will, anyway. Thanks, Folly. Dean Shomshak
  6. Hey, I was going to make an island of wonder! Oh well, it's not unusual for Folly to be late off the mark. Geography: the Island of Heart's Desire. Tales say that somewhere, there is an island where mortals find everything they could ever want. Trees have leaves of gold, and fruit of jewels or candy. Giant flowers that bloom to reveal lovers more beautiful, and compliant, than any in the mortal world. Palaces just waiting for people to live in them, with armies of servants. Even the lost dead can rise to live again. But no one knows where it is. The tales say that those
  7. Wow, Kulan, you've made a lot of beautiful stuff! Those sunsets? Magnificent! Hey, can I be a God of Beauty too? Of course I can! It's not fair that people should have to wait all day to see that lovely color the sun turns when it sets. The world should have sunset you can hold in your hand to look at whenever you want. And make stuff from it. I give the world... GOLD. Bonus pick used for a second Plant/Animal/Ore. Gold. And many are the mortals who become fools for it, and great the misery caused for lust of it. I'm also seeing a theme emerge for Folly: Seco
  8. So with the Rakasta-whom-I-can't spell as Trickster creations too, does this mean magic kung fu cat-people? Nice! Dean Shomshak
  9. I wasn't expecting more than a laugh, but I'll tak it. This calls for some consideration. Dean Shomshak
  10. Those were both D&D settings, where magic was already defined. Our worlds are blank slates. Part of the fun is riffing off each other's contributions, and we can't do that for Magic without some notion of what Magic means in this world. Dean Shomshak
  11. Speaking of Esperanto, one of my former gaming buddies taught himself Esperanto and claimed it had this utility: There are Esperanto clubs all over the world. That means wherever you go (at least in good-sized cities) there are people you can talk to, who might be willing to help someone who shares their peculiar hobby that most people think is insane. Sort of like HERO System gamers, except with greater certainty of communication, and easier to locate in directories. I don't know if this actually works, but it might make an amusing benefit for any character willing to
  12. <Cough It might be time to start compiling what players have created so far. Dean Shomshak What kind of magic? That's kind of vague. Dean Shomshak
  13. Next: Flora, Fauna or Ore: Struggle? You mean, my Humans will have to work hard just to eat, and maybe starve anyway? No way! But I'll show you, Lhash'ka. Because I'm a God of Life, too! Maybe an even better God of Life than the God of Life! I'll prove it by making something for people to eat that'll be easy to raise. [Begin playing Thus Spake Zarathustra: Dum...] It'll be able to eat just about anything. At least anything that sits still to be eaten. It's small, and slow, and doesn't have any nasty sharp pointy teeth, so it's no danger. Nothing to fear. (Ha, Timra'Keth
  14. You're right, Timra'Kath, it's a beautiful world! But it needs people to appreciate it. All the fashionable worlds have people. And I know just the people to live here -- they're trending on several other worlds. Called "Humans." LET IT BE DONE! I give the world Humans! Brilliant, am I right? Trending? You idiot, what's trending now is old hat next eon! So they've been done before. A lot. Real artistry there, Folly. And on a world of ocean, they can't breathe underwater. Oh, right. Bloody brilliant. You realize all the gifts we're going to have to give these
  15. Good luck is beneficent chaos. But we have established that for all things there is balance... And I was almost about to break my word and give a Shape of the World as a secondary domain, because no one else was doing it. Thanks, Cancer, for taking it off my hands. Does anyone really want a world shaped by Folly? Dean Shomshak
  16. Ah! Of course this is what Folly looks like, when he just had a brilliant idea. --Dean Shomshak
  17. Some jaded folk who think they are clever assert that the First Word was "Oops!" and that Folly created the World. This is not true. I wish to nail down that Folly is not the Creator, and has no role in defining the overall shape of the World. Unless of course someone uses their Interference to force such a role upon him. Dean Shomshak It will be the only thing about Folly of which she will approve. I think I can make this work, though it means going kind of meta. All will be made clear once Folly has more fellow gods, and I can show specifically how Folly
  18. Well, drat. I may have been sniped, since the god I planned was the god of what is most worth fearing: He is the god to whom no one prays. Illworker, mortals call him, and Eternal Bane. Why We Cannot Have Nice Things. The God Against Whom Gods Strive in Vain. He that Destroyeth All and Is Unconquered. The Wise fear him, but say most folk do not fear him enough. Old priests whisper to novices, with gestures to ward off evil, that his fellow gods address him thus: Idiot! Moron!
  19. As a reference/inspiration source, I bumped forward my Guide to the Gods thread in the FH forum. Dean Shomshak
  20. As far as "What would Eurostar be doing now" goes, I wonder what Fiacho thinks about Europe's resident Muslim population. Would he find the hatred of Muslims -- whether new arrivals or descended from immigrant labor -- offensive because it's so often tied to nationalism, or would he feel the same hatred because he too is at heart a nationalist -- only his 'nation' is a united Europe? The latter might be easier. Fiacho's "Europe" is white, Christian, has a certain body of culture and tradition, and anyone who doesn't fit the pattern must be driven out or exterminated. Europe for Eur
  21. Bumped again for this year's World Creation Superdraft. Dean Shomshak Is there a God of Pedantry?
  22. I don't think Giuliani's actually that stupid and ignorant of law. After all, he *did* once pass the bar exam. He's just following the Trumpian path of saying whatever would put him in the right as the aggrieved victim of people in the wrong -- no matter how stupid it is to people who know anything about the subject. So maybe, Mental Transform imposing a Psych Complication, Total Commitment, "Liar with No common Sense Filter." (I would not be surprised if his antics get him disbarred, but I also syuspect he wouldn't care. Just more persecution as a bloody shirt to wave
  23. I admit, I'd never heard of the stereotypes Terminax listed. Like, I'd never heard anyone suggest that someone was, "Oh, just another paranoid French person." But I'm not that up on popular attitudes in any form, so I guess I have to take his friends' word for it. They're in Europe, I'm not. I assume 'Pantera' as sexual slang is loosely cognate to our 'cougar.' Just going from my own knowledge base, most Eurostar characters seem like they could come from the US, or anywhere. Feuermacher? Mercenary. Apart from a Germanic name and German being his native langage, nothing
  24. DT doesn't mention it, but since I filled in for Pariah last time I too shall consider Cold off limits. Dean Shomshak
  25. There's a god I've wanted to present since the first WCSD. This may be my chance. Dean Shomshak
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