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  1. Watched Race, not bad. Not fantastic, but worth a watch. Also watched Creed - which was fantastic.
  2. I had been working at a movie rental place, but we didn't get free rentals. It went out of business - and now we have a new one who kept the staff. They have free rentals - so I've been catching up on movies I was interested it, but didn't want to spend money on. Limitless was really good, I enjoyed the different take on drug addiction. Both Gravity and Interstellar were amazing. Monument Men - didn't especially like.
  3. Finally saw Deadpool. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I liked more of it then I didn't like.
  4. Recently watched Star Trek Beyond, ID4: Resurgence, and Central intelligence. Beyond was much better than Into Darkness (the worst of new Trek) - I watched it on DVD, as the second movie left such a bad taste in my mouth I couldn't bring myself to see it in theaters. Wish I had. Decent movie. Resurgence... I loved the first one, and like this one even more. Central Intelligence - had to scan over some stupid stuff, but a lot less than I thought I would. The comedy was decent, and I love the Rock doing comedy, and Kevin Hart was restrained enough that I enjoyed it.
  5. I left RPG net after the election due the insanity there.
  6. And while they have not announced that this will be why - it has become known that Mxyzptlk will be on Supergirl. He seems a good way to make the musical episode happen.
  7. Thanks for clarifying, that makes things much more clear.
  8. I can see that point of view. I've found (at least personally) that everyone that is worried about "the cause" or what is best for all ends up caring more about their cause that what it will do to actual people. Not saying that is you, by any means - just those I have met personally. When I vote, I don't necessarily vote who would be best for me, but one who I think would do the best to help the country... if they can't actually win doesn't enter into my consideration. I choose the best I can among the choices available.
  9. This is how I view my duty to vote: I'm not worried about "realpolitik" - I'm not worried about who can win, or who can't. Who has national support or who does not. My vote is my conscience, choosing the single candidate that I feel that most exemplifies my goals for the country, and that is a person I can, in good faith, trust. I don't vote to win, I vote for the single best candidate. It's not a wasted vote, it's how I can live with myself with a field of despicable choices. I've voted for third party presidential candidates twice in my life, and am proud of that fact.
  10. Good advice is good advice even if some are already doing it. I will vote for Rob Bishop until he stops running. Why? I posted a concern about something on his webpage form. He called me back personally a few days later. Not a secretary, not an automated call, but him personally. Utah is lower population, so that is more reasonable then say New York but that touch of humanity won my loyalty.
  11. Yeah. - Post election has been much worse than pre election., I've ended up blocking some posters, not because I don't like them anymore, but I am trying to block all politics on facebook. I have politically passionate friends. I had a nice private conversation with them about it. Pariah - our Mutual Gothic friend was one.
  12. Lol. That is the exact reason I figured it was safe to talk about politics here. The other major RPG message board I visit is seemingly militant left, and facebook is a disaster. Thanks for have a civil, if unresolved, discussion.
  13. I was talking from that point of view. He talked a different game. Both are frauds and liars (in my opinion). I've expressed myself as best as I am able. If you don't understand, I won't be able to do any more. We have been arch-nemesis for years, so I'll just leave it at that. My first opinion of my own about the election. I was relieved when Trump was elected. I didn't vote for either of them (I had a candidate that I could, in good conscience vote for)- but between the two, the idea of Clinton being elected scared me more than Trump.
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