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  1. Unfortunately I have no insight for you. I just popped it to say you might want to ask the question on the 7th Sea forum (Chaosium) here https://basicroleplaying.org/forum/71-7th-sea/
  2. I don't want to sound too harsh but I don't think Champions factors in anyone's strategy nowadays. Edit: Yes, I agree and empathize with the sad faces
  3. From Chaosium's board we have read that Steve Perrin might be working on an updated SuperWorld and that Chris Spivey has turner a full manuscript for a Modern Super game based on Pulp Cthulhu. At this stage, no further announcement. The Design Mechanism is currently soft advertising their Mythras based super game, Destined (or so was it named as a working title). Apparently it will come out this fall. There is definitely movement on the Super BRP front!
  4. I have bought, read or played many superhero rpgs. If I want to get nostalgic about one in particular, it would be Champions 4e. If I want to play a superhero game nowadays, it's going to be Champions any edition. I really want to prefer something over Champions. In the end, nothing compares. A game like Superworld has a lot of potential but they have to get the scaling right and they have to calibrate how living beings survives damage compare to how inanimate objects resist damage. A few ideas could be stolen from Call of Cthulhu 7e.
  5. I like this format. It's nice and clean. Have you set this up as a HD export? I have posted a while ago DC characters (in the download section) using a Word template that I liked but I have no clue how to make it a HD export. Aldo Regalado has developped a nice format for his Superverse supplement. It may not be the final version but here is a good look at it. Not sure if he has made it available and set it up as a HD export https://tgidragonflystudios.wordpress.com/2019/01/01/champions-character-sheet-thrice-the-charm/
  6. Personally I believe the 5th format reads much better (and looks better) than the 3rd format.
  7. Ok, I rewatched the whole thing (still loved it) with an eye on bringing down the run time. I am now convinced that because it was released on HBO Max, they treated us with the extended version and that a theatrical release at 3 hours would have been quite achievable. The last 30 minutes (the epilogue) could have been reduced by 20 minutes easy and, if no sequel is planned (which I think is the case) you can cut 30 minutes right there. Even without totally extracting the epilogue, it is still 30 minutes cut from the intro, part 1 and the epilogue. You only need to cut 20 minutes from the core of the movie (roughly 160 minutes). The main candidate would be to cut the scene where Barry saves Iris. It's cool but doesn't add to the story.
  8. What can possibly go wrong!
  9. I think you are not wrong. JL is a movie with stakes that are much higher than Avengers 1 or 2 and the sense of "holy crap, we will need to pull all the stops to win this" is a lot more like IW. I think trying to catch up was what they were trying to do.
  10. While I agree, I do not believe that is the most relevant criteria. The stakes are much higher in JL than in Avengers 1 or 2 and I would are on par with IW. Not a bad marketing ploy! For some reason I keep thinking the runtime is 4 hours but I cehcked again today and it 3h52 including credits and all. I was intrigue by my assessment that "cutting 30 minutes would be easy" and kind of feared I was just believing my own BS. I rewatched the Intro and Part I (roughly 40 minutes) and I came to the conclusion that 10 minutes could be cut from it without significantly changing what is going on. To be fair, the start of the film is slow (to build drama I assume) so I do not believe the film could be cut by 25% but it did reinforce that cutting 30 minutes would have being esily acheivable if the aim would have been a theatrical release, bringing it to 3h20. Possibly shorter if you cut secondary scenes like Barry saving Iris or Martian Manhunter. Of course they were not planning for a theatrical release so they did not bother. Probably a fair assessment. I did not find JL particularly grimdark. The sense of impending doom is there but it is counterbalance by lighter interaction (without being jokey) and a good dose of heroism.
  11. I feel they have finally stopped trying replicating the MCU. Which is a good thing, I don't see how they can catch up. Thank God, this part is now gone!
  12. Having watched and loved it, I would agree with this. Now what is a "reasonable run time" and how much of a problem it is, is debatable. Four hours for a theatrical release is too much but what is reasonable? Three hours like End Game? 3h25 like Return of the King? I suspect that constrained by a theatrical release (which the Snyder Cut wasn't), it could have easily been edited down by 30 minutes. By a full hour? Not sure.
  13. Why is that a problem? Justice League 1 does not have to be the equivalent of Avengers 1 and the end result (only talking about the Snyder Cut here) is nowhere near on par. I am comparing it to IW because it is much closer in theme but to be fair, JL is not IW. It's not the same movie andf it shouldn't be. There is a lot of built up in the first part of JL. Establishing the backstory of the Mother Boxes, Lois and Martha grieving Clark, the origin story of Cyborg and his relationship with his father. All of this makes the event of the stories more powerful as they unfold. Superman ressurection becomes a gambit because the team feels they will need him to prevail but turning the mother box on to do so will make it trackable to Steppenwolf, let alone connecting with the MB gives a glimpse of the Knightmare which make the whole thing look like a bad idea. Silas rescue and sacrifice is meaningful because of the conection with Victor and because it leads the group to track Steppenwolf, and so on. Could it have been shorter? Of course. Could it have been edited down to 2 hours without loosing a lot of the essence. I doubt it. Thankfully, the movie is broken up in parts so it's easy to stop. I might have it a bit mixed up and I would need to rewatch it to see if it is as clean cut but in short: - Introduction: Reliving the Death of Superman - Part 1: Introducing Aquaman - Part 2: The Mother Boxes backstory - Part 3: Cyborg Origin and introducing the Flash, first showdown against Steppenwolf - Part 4 and 5 (it's getting blurry in my memory): The team understands what the Mother Boxes do, Superman is ressurected, they lose the last Mother Box - Part 6: Final showdown in Russia (no Russian family involved) and the stare down with Darseid - Epilogue: Knightmare, Luthor, Deathstroke, Martian Manhunter and wrap up This is where the analogies fall apart. Steppenwolf is not Loki nor is he Ultron. He actually feels more like Thanos but is clearly not Thanos. Darkseid is also not Thanos. We see him in the movie but he is the evil looming, waiting in the background. He is actually not that interested in what's happening on Earth until it is reveal that the secret to the Anti-Life Equation is on Earth. JL feels a lot more like Infinity War but is also very different. It does not reast on the background developped over dozens of movies. It needs to do a lot of it in the first half. It does not have a cast of thousands like IW so the story is a lot more focused on a single story. It ends with a victory but with the sense that the worst is to come. Baring a miracle there won't be a sequel. It is now clear that what limited Whedon, was not what Snyder had done. I unfortunately have no insight on what plans there were at the studio level and how it would have been managed. I don't see why. Justice League is Justice League, not Avengers 1, 2, 3 or 4. We can draw parallels and compare because it's often how we analyse but in the end, JL did not have to be any of those movies. It just had to be Justice League. Josstice League really did not succeed at it. I was trying to limit myself to the movie made but if we want to go down a bit further into Elsewolrds territory, a Wonder Woman and an Aquaman movie in between BvS and JL would have made a lot of sense. Both establishing the characters (and others as you suggest) and the Mother Boxes in their respective areas.
  14. Absolutely agree. As you move into Infinity War most of the background is done so they had the luxury to focus on movie from one action scene to another without much character building. In Infinity War only, there is almost none of it except for Gamora and even then it is fairly basic. There are some good interactions and plotlines (Stange/Stark relationship, the Hulk performance issue, Thor witnessing his brother and best friend's death) but everything is very superficially brushed over for most of the movie. But IW is not really aiming at character building or emotional build up. It's a good, moving from one action scene to another, superhero crossover movie. The high number of characters involved is both a bane and a boon. A larger number of them don't really have any spotlight time but the sheer number of them makes the movie feel epic. I don't think the Marvel way of establish their cinematic universe is the only way. It's not like we needed the Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie solo movies to appreaciate Star Wars. In retrospect (hindsight 20/20) and having seen the Snyder Cut, I could have seen a build up based on Man of Steel introducing Superman (and Martian Manhunter even if only as a background/secret character), BvS (but a better one) introducing Batman and Wonder Woman, Justice League Part I gathering the team and introducing Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg and leading to their defeat against Steppenworl and the loss of all three boxes. And Justice League part 2 bringing back Superman and leading to the defeat of Steppenwolf.
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