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  1. Thanks, makes sense. With the limited capacity HERO/DOJ has these days, I was wondering what a new HERO 4E could be. I don't know how involved it is to prepare an old file for POD (I am sure it's not trivial) but GURPS now has a truck load of 3rd edition supplements as POD so it's definitely doable.
  2. A 4e rule book coming out? Someone knows what this is all about?
  3. Chances are most probably extremely low unless it is undertaken by a third party. In the meantime, you jay have seen in the HERO store two PDF converting the Dark Champions templates and super skills in 6E format.
  4. I have been casually reading in the background and I think this is the crux of it. Brian stated previously that he didn't want to trigger an edition war but without going down that path, it is important to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the past and present editions. Skimming over a lot of detail, I (as in, in my opinion only) would summarise it like this. 6th Edition (HERO 6E volume 1 and 2) is the best toolkit published by HERO Games so far. Not only does it provide all you need to build your own game but it also provide tons of toolkitting advices; 3rd Edition (and before) is when the best games were published. Champions, Justice Inc, Danger International, Fantasy HERO were all using the same system but only the part of the system that related to their own agenda and alos expressed and presented in a way that made sense to their own paradigm (eg. equipments and vehicles not expressed and powers or characters) 4th Edition was the successful attempt to streamline the system but it also set a subtle trend that I would not recognise for many years after its inception. See 5th below. 5th and 5Er is really when the trend set in by 4th steamrolled full steam; Hero Games stopped producing games (there was a few exceptions) and fully focused on the toolkit or instruction manuals on how to use the toolkit to create our own games. I believe what Brian is aiming at is to use the 6E toolkit to create/publish games like it was in the good old days. A Danfer International game? No need to express equipment as powers or vehicles as characters. They have games stats and a $ value (or even a Resource Point value) and that is it. Want the game to include a broad range of talents? No need to express them with base effect, advanatage (+¾) and limitations (-½). You only need a game effect description and a cost in cp. But that is just the way I see it.
  5. Would normal people be also vaporised by metas or would they keep the relative resilience they currently have under the rules? One way to make normals, well normal is to use the normal range of characteristics (6 to 10) instead of the heroic average the characters start at (10). A normal human with 7-8 Body, 14-16 Stun and 1-2 PD/ED will be a lot more fragile. Add rules like more lethat falling damage (6E2 p.141) and they will fall like flies. This is essentially the "Making objects more Fragile" rule found on 6E2 p.170 and the "Weapon Damage Genre by Genre" on 6E2 p.201. One thing a like about this is that it creates a clear boundary between normal gear and vehicles and super-tech. Want to acquire an off-the-shelf weapon, armor or piece of gear? Sure, don't pay points for them and rather get them through ressources points, money or in game reasoning. But be warned, they will be a lot less efficient against metas. You want the real deal super-tech? Buy 'em with character points.
  6. Apologies, I haven't read the whole thread and I might just be restating what has been said before. HERO 6E2 is full of good toolkitting advices on adjusting healing rate, knockback effect, falling damage, damage inflicted by normal equipment to supers, etc. What you describe here is covered on page 171 and it suggests exactly what you propose as a meta-rule option and also suggest others you can use or combine. Grond with 18d6 damage will have a hard time to pierce the front armor of a tank but use the automatic AP vs normal object as a meta rule and he then delivers 8 Body damage on an average blow. Even Defender with his 9d6 STR damage is then able to damage it, although it would take a whilento destroy it. Combine it with one of the other options and you end up with maximum destruction...
  7. One thing that bugs me with the evolution of HERO is the tendency to write everything in long form. The propension to write technology as powers and vehicles as characters (including all the advantages and limitations) seems to have increased and it kind of kills my ability to immerse into a setting.
  8. I wonder, is there anything in HERO 5R that is not is either of the Character Creation Handbook or the Combat Handbook?
  9. Fair enough but, to put it another way, if I had to choose between the publication rate of the 5E/5R era and the current publication rate, the choice wouldn't be too hard.
  10. I had not looked at the Resource Kit in years. I have to admit I had forgotten how useful the booklet was as a reference. Aaahhh the years of HERO 5E/5R when books were published at a rapid pace... Good times.
  11. Extinction Event is also pretty cool.
  12. Have yet to read The Expanse RPG and how AGE is applied to it but aside from it, my choice would be GURPS. With Space, the Spaceships series, Ultra-Tech and Bio-Tech, GURPS has fantastic support for sci-fi game. Heck, to establish the technological baseline, you could start from Interstellar Wars, Vorkosigan or Transhuman Space and exclude FTL and/or transhumanism and/or aliens and you are probably 80-90% there, complete with write-ups for ships, space combat, travel time within the solar system, character templates and, in the case of Vor and TH, the GURPS rules.
  13. It's right there on my bookshelf! Yes, a complete game (can't believe I forgot to mention it).
  14. I see. I was intrigued because you also mentionned people badmouthing Larry C. as a preamble of the disappearance of the books. I wondered what was the link and what was the fuss about him all about.
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