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  1. I will follow this, I am very interested to see it. Starter sets are in vogue and Champions would really benefit from one if done right and if broadly communicated.
  2. From page 202 and onwards: Racial Animal-Folk (Cat, Lion, Cheetah, Deer, Dog) Centaur Dwarf (Dwarf, Gnome) Elf (High, Wood) Faerie Giant (Fire, Frost, Storm, Ogre, Troll) Goblin (Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc, Greater Orc, Lesser Orc) Halfling Reptile-Folk (Dragon, Lizard, Serpent) Winged-Folk Ancestral/Environmental Aquatic Divine/Infernal Elemental (Air, Earth, Fire, Water) Lycanthrope (Wolf, Bear, Boar, Shark, Tiger Size/Weight (Larger, Smaller, Heavier) Vampire Cultural Barbarian
  3. True. Hero Games is not super active though. At least not in a very visible way beyond announcing on the front page what the community program develops. Ah, did not know that! Glad to hear! I believe you are behind both projects (possibly the driving force behind them) so kudos to you. Will HERO republish/reformat the Island of the Destroyer you just made available?
  4. I don't come here often anymore if only because the level of activities seems to have shrunk quite a bit on the board to only a small group of die hards (hats off to you guys). Your comment made me look at Drivethru to see what HERO has made available over there over the years and it is quite frankly supporting your position. While there were hundreds of older edition supplements and magazines made available in the last few years (thanks Jason!) and a smattering of fan/independent produced offerings (thanks for the hard work everyone, and yes I include the Champions Now experiment in that buck
  5. Thanks for the nod! I would love to set my sheet as an export format but alas, I do not have the skills to do so. Which I would include if I knew how to create export formats Fortunately, you have other, better options!
  6. No worries mate. Still, you make a good point. PHB has a higher number of creatures in the book but they are mainly animals (and skeletons and zombies). FHC has a smaller selection but they are more interesting, more fantastical. There are also 6 examples characters that can be used as antagonists. I supposed they could also be used as pregens as well but they are not really balanced against one another. Because "pick a pregen" makes jumping into the game much quicker. I went back through character creation of FHC again and tried to have the mindset of someone who buys a game and wants to
  7. At this stage, I believe we have an orthogonal conversion as we do not seem to be debating the same things. I even had to go back and reread what prompted this exchange . You seem to have understood that my position was that the PHB was playable out of the box and FHC was not. This is not quite what I said (or at least meant) and my statement was that "...it makes FHC less play-ready than say, The Dark Eye, RuneQuest or Dungeons & Dragons even considering only their core/players books". My statement is not about which game is playable out of the box nor is it about which game is complete,
  8. Am I? Maybe I am since I am comparing the "Complete" FH game with only a "Players Handbook". If you buy one of these two books to create characters right away, drop the party in a generic dungeons or locale populated by a few critters, you can do it more easily and rapidly with the PHB than with FHC. Chances are with FHC your evening will be spent creating characters, even worse if a player wants to create a spell caster. Assuming the same level of familiarity with the systems, I would also say that the jump is easier and quicker with only the core book of RuneQuest or The Dark Eye
  9. To be fair FHC is not the equivalent of the Starter Kit (even if they are in the same price bracket) but of the Players Handbook (which is more than twice the price but with a much better production value). The PH has more monsters than FHC (30ish vs 12ish) and way more spells (over a 100 vs 14ish). I am not in the business of selling or defending D&D but reading both books makes it painfully clear it's a lot easier to jump in D&D.
  10. I actually never though of it that way: how playable is it out of the box and what does it need to be playable out of the box? What you list here seems to be the crux of it but I would add that "playable out of the box" games have a somewhat implied play style. FHC is quite loose in that regard (may be a bug, may be a feature). Coupled with a very small selection of spells, it makes FHC less play-ready than say, The Dark Eye, RuneQuest or Dungeons & Dragons even considering only their core/players books.
  11. Ah, I see. Fantasy specific elements then. Thanks, seems obvious in retrospect
  12. It does? Never realised if. What does it have CC doesn't?
  13. Other. A super-villain team that develops a rivalry with the group.
  14. The current product is Champions Complete and if you loved Champions 4E and 5E, this is your best option when it comes to current edition. Of course, you could still play 4E or 5E and I suspect you could find players for them. Champions Complete is more or less the repackaging of HERO 6E (the 2 big blue books) in a format that is not unlike Champions 4E. It's more easily digestible than the 2 tomes (even if I personally like them). Champions Now is an oddity. It's the vanity project of Ron Edwards who started from Champions 3E and modified it with his own design preferences
  15. Yes, Champions 4E was great! I never used the software mentioned in that thread but apparently, there were 2!
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