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  1. I like this, especially because while the point total(s) are a bit higher than I recall, this generally reminds me of some builds for such characters that floated around my particular gaming group back in the days of Espionage! ....Oh, such nostalgic memories. -Carl-
  2. clsage

    More space news!

    Potential for life on Venus? These articles are not (based on my reading) specifically convincing but I thought I'd share: http://www.sci-news.com/space/article00161.html and http://www.fromquarkstoquasars.com/could-there-be-life-on-venus-one-scientist-thinks-so/ EDIT: And this may be of interest as well: http://www.maik.ru/cgi-perl/search.pl?type=abstract&name=solsys&number=1&year=12&page=41
  3. clsage

    More space news!

    Gravity measurements made by Cassini have confirmed that Enceladus, a tiny moon orbiting Saturn, hosts a subsurface ocean in its southern latitudes. http://io9.com/weve-found-a-hidden-ocean-on-enceladus-that-may-harbor-1557622077?utm_campaign=socialflow_io9_facebook&utm_source=io9_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow
  4. My $.02US? I might vote to make the Entangle a Multi rather than an Ultra within the Web Shooters Multipower, and perhaps add an End Battery to simulate the fluid, as we have seen occasions where he has run out of it during an adventure/combat. Also, I personally am a big fan of the idea that Peter Parker could hold his own in conversations with Reed Richards and Tony Stark (based on some of what I have seen in the comics) so I might, even at his intro/high school level, give him Scientist and perhaps Scholar as well to signify his innate academic potential. And perhaps trade some of his PRE for a slightly higher INT. -Carl-
  5. I admittedly don't have a great deal of familiarity with the issue #1 version, but I might consider making the N-Ray vision telescopic. I base that thought primarily on my familiarity with the Fleischer cartoon series, which could be seen as contemporaneous to the issue #1 version.
  6. clsage

    More space news!

  7. clsage

    More space news!

    Re: More space news! http://www.popsci.com/science/article/2012-11/what-earth-shaking-evidence-did-mars-rover-curiosity-just-find Intriguing! -Carl-
  8. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Inspired by recent box office: "Captain America Versus The Planet Of The Apes" Wait....that doesn't sound that bad after all.....Cap leading a ragtag contingent of humans....Brings new meaning to the name "Howling Commandos"..... -Carl-
  9. Re: Superhero Images A little something from The Dark Knight Rises: [ATTACH=CONFIG]39582[/ATTACH] Enjoy! EDIT: Okay...I admit, it is not a drawing...but I felt it was applicable to the thread.... -Carl-
  10. Re: Setting, really: Corporate Champions? Also worth a look: http://surbrook.devermore.net/bigbrawl/bigbrawl.html Two lists, one of Company Mascots, one of Food Mascots......Enjoy! -Carl-
  11. Re: Force Field Power Question There is an article in Issue #10 of Digital Hero that was entitled Forced Fields Enhanced which had an option for a field that had "rebound effect".It was designed by applying the "Does Knockback" advantage to it (the field) and deciding that for each 5 pts worth of defense in the field (rounding down), you get 1d6 worth of potential knockback. The example used in the article is a 10/10 field gives 4d6 worth of potential knockback, etc. That method could also be applied to Force Walls, should you choose to use that power rather than Force Field. It is, IMNSHO, a worthwhile article and with the article in the same issue about the "future warrior concepts" for US military, was worth the purchase price. -Carl-
  12. clsage

    Rifts HERO?

    Re: Rifts HERO? While I have no idea about the nature of the Rifts creature in question (never played the system....) based on a brief reading of Doctor Agenda's response you might find this a worthwhile base to build off: Pts. Power/Skill/Perk/Talent END 24 Junior: (Total: 50 Active Cost, 24 Real Cost) LS (Immunity: All terrestrial diseases and biowarfare agents; Longevity: 200 Years) (11 Active Points); IIF (Goa'uld Symbiote; -1/4) (Real Cost: 9) plus Healing 1 BODY, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Persistent (+1/2) (20 Active Points); Extra Time (Regeneration-Only) 1 Hour (-2 1/4), Self Only (-1/2), IIF (Goa'uld Symbiote; -1/4) (Real Cost: 5) plus +5 STR, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (7 Active Points); IIF (Goa'uld Symbiote; -1/4) (Real Cost: 6) plus +6 CON (12 Active Points); IIF (Goa'uld Symbiote; -1/4) (Modifiers affect Base Characteristic) (Real Cost: 4) and: Dependence: Goa'uld Larva - Takes 1d6 Damage (Uncommon, 1 Hour) 15 It's from this page: http://classic-web.archive.org/web/20070315174847/www.starherofandom.com/h_sg2/characters.php and is a build for the symbiote used by the character Teal'c in the TV series Stargate: SG-1 BTW, be careful to only go to the archived version of Starherofandom.Com since the actual site appears to have been compromised by some form of virus. As always, the original authors of the character builds should receive all credit...I just link to 'em. -Carl-
  13. Re: Modeling The "Killing The Assasins" Technique From ST:VI Sorry. I should have specified in my original post (and will edit it in shortly): This build is using 5th Ed. I don't have 6th and probably won't any time soon. -Carl-
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