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  1. tesuji, Listen, this is a very simple concept, and while I believe you may be feigning ignorance of it in order to facilitate your trolling, I don't believe for a second that you don't understand it. This is a HERO SYSTEM board. It's very, very clear that you like Dungeons & Dragons and lot more than you do Hero System. Well, guess what? Yeah, that's right: Nobody cares. Why? Because it's not proper to come here just to repeatedly (and, might I add, unimaginatively and monotonously) put down Hero System in favor of some other game. I don't know of anyone here who has nothing better to do than try to get their jollies by whizzing in other gamers' Wheaties the way you do. We don't go to the D&D boards just to tell them how inferior their silly system is to HERO. You do just that here, and it's childish and unseemly. So take it elsewhere. Putting down system X in favor of system Y on a system X-dedicated forum is textbook trolling plain and simple and it's not making you any friends here. Grow up a little. And welcome to my ignore list.
  2. Wait a minute, they actually named a female supervillian RED TIDE? Jesus. No wonder she got the boot...
  3. Of course. They were armed soldiers with deadly weapons that were attacking the home of his friends and the innocent children he felt obligated to protect. What should he have done? Made them all tea?
  4. But if they don't kill the villian and the villian kills again, the blood is on the so-called "heroes'" hands. Their weak-willed refusal to finish the job and smug rationaliztion for a lack of definitive action routinely spells doom for future innocent victims in the comics. As one not even particularly extreme example, look at the second X-Men movie. Magneto kills a grand total of (I believe) three of the jailors during his prison break scene. That's three innocent human beings that wouldn't have died violent, unjust early deaths if only the X-Men had just had the guts to finish Magneto when they had the chance. Maybe the families of the slain prison staff would have a different view of their supposed "superheroism?" It's not logical or moral to assume that a superpowered murderer can be safely contained indefinitely by the authorities when common sense and years of accumulated comic storylines both dictate otherwise. "Heroes" that passively cling to that assumption anyway are more true murderers than ones that finish off their downed foes could ever be.
  5. BZZT You lose. Don't you know that the first person to bring up Hitler and the Nazis always loses? Especially when the subject is comic books.
  6. Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I changed the color scheme to be a little more readable, added a clickable table of contents for easier browsing and refined the Package Deals and magic system a little more. Any suggestions for what you'd like to see next?
  7. Are the automaton Powers on this guy legit? I don't know if I would allow them on a PC.
  8. Maybe it's just me, but I don't like the guy.
  9. I'll make some corrections soon. The blue on black shows up great on my monitor, but I guess I'll lighten it a little.
  10. I've been working on a HERO campaign set in the Forgotten Realms world for a while now and I finally have the very basics worked out. Right now, I have just the stuff I'd need to get my campaign up and running: Package deals for all the major PC races from the FR sourcebook and a simple magic system. More will almost certainly added later. The magic system is NOT intended as a straightforward translation of the one from Dungeons & Dragons. I have no interest in that. I only wanted something that was simple, balanced and preserved the distinction between arcane and divine magic in the Realms. Anyway, I'd love any feedback you might have. I know the deep gnome package deal is ridiculously expensive, but believe it or not, I've already had to cut or tone down a lot of stuff from the source material to bring it in under 100 points! Deep gnomes are the most stupidly powerful PC race in FR for some reason. Click here to see it! If it's busy, try back later.
  11. Heroic and Superheroic tend to be applied to entire campaign settings in a binary fashion, where everybody follows one set of rules. Even the non-super VIPER agents in the Champions setting are statted-up as though they had to pay points for all their equipment. So let's say that Superheroic character Defender falls into a dimensional portal and finds himself on the same world with Heroic rogue Chiron. Does Defender now have to use Heroic rules for pushing, adding damage, etc, or is he the only one in his new world that uses the Superheroic ones? Is there an "official" answer to this sort of question, and if not, how would you adjucate it?
  12. Power Defense protects against "Drains, Transfers, Transforms, and related attacks." What "related attacks?" What is the complete list of specific Powers that Power Defense offers protection from?
  13. It now comes equipped with real shambling and brain-eating action!
  14. I know I already mentioned this on the other boards, but now that they're defunct, I thought I'd resurrect the topic here. Twilight of the Dead is my own recently-created guide for roleplaying the gritty survival horror of George Romero's Living Dead films in HERO System. There are also notes for adapting the concept to other settings and power levels as well as converting things to other game systems. You can read (and download) it all for free here. Enjoy!
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