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  1. Re: Cure for Cancer (Healing) This is how I am handling disease and poison cure spells for my new fantasy campaign: First define the powers of the disease/poison, typically with either a continuous attack, or an attack with gradual effects. Healing can heal the characteristic dammage that the attack inflicts, be it body, dex drain, whatever. It does not remove the underlying problem, it just repairs the dammage. The disease continues to run its course. A spell that would purge the poison/disease would be a Major Transformation, transform a sick/poisoned person into a healthy one. This does not repair any of the dammage done by the disease/poison, but it stops it from doing any more. For example: A disease might be defined as a drain agaist several charcteristics with a gradual effect and delayed recovery of the points. Heal purchased for the proper stat can give you the drained points back, but not stop the drain. Transform would stop the drain, but not give you points back right away. Of course, the consumate cleric would have both spells in the MP/VPP.
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