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  1. That's our health order as well. Plus floor marking social distancing.
  2. I'm like a ninja wizard. So at least one good thing came out of this nightmare.
  3. We are starting to see some effectiveness regionally in California of social distancing and slowing of case progression. That'll make it last longer, of course, but is desirable. We are projecting 4/24 as peak last I heard. They're refining models, but next week seems soon to me.
  4. The current social distancing and shelter at home? We cannot. That's absolutely not going to happen. I would think that's assuming it takes 18 months for a vaccine, plus distribution. Even after the current measures end, the virus will continue to be a factor.
  5. Indeed. It's actually a pretty healthy coping mechanism. If a tad predictable. And it's self fulfilling in a way. Truth is, we will survive this. It'll be bad, but folks are pretty resilient when you get right down to it. My tired, disaster response worker snark aside, we will get through this one. Most of us anyway. And that's always the job.
  6. Unlikely. More likely will be #rise or #strong after this event unfolds with much discussion of the grit and steadfast determination of the American spirit. It's a much more palatable narrative.
  7. Human beings do not comply with direction for the most part. The shelter in place has gone remarkably well, all things considered. I do wonder how long it can be sustained... it's a very unnatural state for most people. The increasingly dire medical reality might actually be helpful for compliance purposes.
  8. Seems about right. We are getting ready for some pretty grim times.
  9. Rewatching Justified. Such a great series. The characters and dialogue are some of my favorite. Really good stuff.
  10. Exactly. Epidemiological modeling shows a lot of variability depending on the population and resource factors at play. We will know more in a couple weeks.
  11. Depends. Probably, if the pace of exponential growth continues unchecked by mitigation efforts. Lots of factors at play from age of population to level of surge impact on health care resources. Too soon to be certain.
  12. Human beings are reliable in a number of ways. They're so relentlessly social that they will bond with complete strangers around the shared experience of having nobody to bond with. I'm not concerned my response will be atypical.
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