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  1. My feelings about the paper thin depth of Oklahoma's defense and the resultant performance this week can best be summarized as follows:
  2. The memes on Epstein are pretty excellent though.
  3. Given the context, I'm thinking this is "fear, uncertainty, and doubt"
  4. Details out on the Heavy Metal expansion. 10 new mechs, plus lots of new integrated mech gadgets, inferno missiles, LBX and AC autocannon. Yikes there goes my free time. Flea Assassin Vulcan Phoenix Hawk Annihilator Archer Rifleman Marauder Warhammer Bullshark (non-lore, custom mech)
  5. Seriously, Washington Post? Really? They actually deserve the scorn they're getting on this one. The #WaPodeathnotices tag is hilarious. Adolf Hitler, passionate community planner and dynamic public speaker, dies at 56. Scar, political idealist and leader of Pride Rock who made history by integrating the lion and hyena communities, is dead after a coup d’etat. Osama bin Laden, real estate developer and devoted father dies at age 54 Jeffrey Dahmer, lover of exotic cuisine, dies at 34 Edit: (love this one) Bane, city planner who overcame physical pain to level the playing field, dies at 37
  6. Seemed appropriate. At least I'm not a Notre Dame fan this week.
  7. Pretty unsurprising WVU game for my Sooners. 52-14 final. Most noteworthy part was the Sooner Conestoga wagon flipped over, which will now be a meme beaten to death with a rock on the internet for all time. Ugh. https://mobile.twitter.com/Nickerjones/status/1185605483777814528
  8. Likely to do my research and vote according to my philosophical and economic value systems. Zero chance I vote for Trump in the general as he's antithetical to both areas and I think he's done a terrible job as POTUS, but I'm in California so that's irrelevant. In the primary, probably Biden. He's pretty moderate, and I'm not loving the race to the left in the primary. I get it, but pandering to the hard core base turns me off. I want a POTUS who will be president of ALL Americans, and this is just partisan red meat. Talk to me about wealth inequity and the working middle class. Our crumbling infrastructure and your plans to address it. Give some attention to homelessness and food insecurity. I want to hear about healing the rifts with our staunchest foreign allies. Heavy focus on race, LGBTQ rights, healthcare, gender issues, and "trump bad" is nice and all, I like those things, but "meh". I'm interested in some better articulation of policy on issues that impact the majority, not interested minority sections of the general population. Do that stuff, sure. But get elected first.
  9. I second Matsumoto, without whom I would never have experienced my first serial episode animated science fiction show based on his work.
  10. 501c3 nonprofit organizations refers to their being exempt from taxes. It's s category that has been stretched to the point of ridiculousness. Kaiser is in part a nonprofit, for crying out loud. Anything that can make a case as to being a benefit to society can probably get the status. Just have to go through the process. Most folks think 501c3 status = charity, but it's just a legal exemption for a corporation from tax payment.
  11. They were inconsistent on defense. Sometimes were very good, other times you had 5 defenders standing around looking lost. Honestly, the score should have been much more lopsided. OU offensively did not have an amazing day. Got the job done though.
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