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    Iuz the Old, Lord of Pain, stretches his bony hand across the Flanaess. Since the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk, his empire of tyranny and suffering is secure - at least for a time. None of the lands of good and hope are strong enough to harm him
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    Spreading wickedness and evil across the lands of Oerth!

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  1. It's 2020 man, I don't know what else to tell you.
  2. She isn't my first choice either, but love a live action Ahsoka. Dual wielding white lightsabers for the win.
  3. Yeah, if you are going to play the Mandalorian, you don't show your face. Take a lesson from Karl Urban in Dredd.
  4. Always has been the Man of Steel. So many reasons. Sense of morality, great adoption story, iconic. Love his power set, and honestly he's got some great stories. Inspirational hero.
  5. I agree but they are so good. I wish the new movies were more like the series. The cross over stuff from Clone Wars and so on is incredibly cool
  6. App State is legitimate. Michigan's administration were fools to schedule them thinking that was a cupcake given their prior performance. The better team won that game.
  7. Doesn't every legitimate program beat Michigan most of the time? At least since color television?
  8. Oklahoma played the usual opening role vs. Missouri State today. 48-0. Here we go.
  9. Starting limited repopulation. The current fire complex is 341k acres. That's a sea of fire. We are at 27% containment. 900+ homes destroyed, multiple fatalities. Parts of Vacaville burned, lots of community loss around Lake Berryessa. Really strong response from Cal Fire and local emergency folks. While concurrently responding to Covid in the Emergency Operations Center. Phew. 2020 is a brutal year.
  10. So many great episodes. I'm going with "Year of Hell"
  11. I'm good. Response not evacuee. It's my gig and honestly my privilege in public service. I love disaster response. But all at once? C'mon man. Seriously.
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