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  1. I kind of feel badly for every performer who had to follow Lady Gaga. She was much more talented as a singer, that was beautiful. Nice inauguration. I think we sorely needed a return to decorum.
  2. Yikes, that’s really problematic for our surveillance of various radical factions I suspect.
  3. This was a staggeringly successful season for Cleveland. First road win in the playoffs since 1969. Hell, the first playoff win since 1995. That franchise has been “a factory of sadness”. They were a legit contender this year, that’s incredible.
  4. Cap would beat that ass. Those people in their actions are the antithesis of everything the character stands for. Good for Kirby’s kid to point out the inappropriateness.
  5. Agreed, should not be a feature of our criminal justice system.
  6. While I want him gone, and gone now, I don’t want to spend the majority of political capital post inauguration on Trump. First hundred days stuff, not the guy who isn’t in office any more. Let prosecutors or whatever deal with him, not the Administration.
  7. That’s fantastic, I love the sentiment he closes with and the personal story (and the fact he actually brandishes the sword from Conan). I didn’t care for him as our governor, but that’s good stuff right there.
  8. I can accept that. I also think that the elected body politic can and should respond with all appropriate force to prevent such actions. I was dismayed that was not the case this week. I’m not a pacifist, I am a strong believer in the Rule of Law. If it is acceptable to use violence when sufficiently outraged, or feels that they have a moral imperative to act, people make terrible and misinformed decisions that in retrospect are deeply regrettable. Mob rule does not appeal to me, however noble the intent. Process matters.
  9. That’s an excellent video, thank you for sharing. I disagree with the idea of violence as a mechanism to further political change. He does make compelling arguments, which I largely ate with aside from that moment.
  10. That was satisfying, 55-20 OU. I’ll take it going into next season.
  11. I like the theater experience, and once things open up again fully intend to go back for certain pictures. Basically no change in viewing habits planned there, but we will see what is available once it’s safer to do so.
  12. Individual humans can be brilliant, kind, wise and virtuous. In the years of my life I increasingly consider groups of humans to be dangerous, easily duped, prone to reacting from base emotion, and rejecting of logic. None of this is surprising to me at all, and I develop Public Policy for these things. Sigh. I think it’s more likely a modest thinning of the herd, and long term medical complications for many more. But the point is well taken that US citizenry and their lack of the concept of shared sacrifice for the greater good. It’s unfortunate.
  13. From what I’ve heard, I’ll probably wait for a free opportunity on Amazon down the road. Or maybe Hulu. Doesn’t sound like it’s really aimed at my comic movie interests.
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