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    Iuz the Old, Lord of Pain, stretches his bony hand across the Flanaess. Since the signing of the Pact of Greyhawk, his empire of tyranny and suffering is secure - at least for a time. None of the lands of good and hope are strong enough to harm him
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  1. Totally. I mean, it’s not like Spencer Rattler got 2 cars from a local dealership because he was the starting quarterback for Oklahoma. It’s because he’s so recognizable. 😏 The narrowness of the position is hilariously out of touch with reality. I strongly suspect that “name, image, likeness” will somehow result in higher payment if you go to Alabama than if you go to UAB.
  2. NIL is going to be a thing, but it’s still a learning curve for sponsors. You think that car dealership wants their vehicles back from Spencer Rattler? Does he have to give them to Caleb Williams now? I know Caleb likes mustard on his (insert local brand of hotdog)… that was the first commercial I heard about from the new QB. It’s a very weird time.
  3. Lane Kiffen is an absolutely terrible human being… but he is so entertaining!! That was honestly a total boss move. The visor toss at the end was icing on the cake (edit: the catch is at 0:17 and is beautiful) https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/32419481/behind-scenes-lane-kiffin-wild-return-tennessee Lots of taking the high road all around in that game. Hahahahaha! Edit: wow, that was an expensive tantrum! https://www.secsports.com/article/32424523/tennessee-penalized-football-game-interruption $250k fine, threaten to revoke alcohol sales if identified steps aren’t executed on. “It just means… more” 🤣
  4. Oh my. Oklahoma found a quarterback. This could be interesting, he’s still very young. Going to make mental mistakes. But they look a lot better with Williams. TCU have a decent defense. 3 starters out in the OU secondary, so lack of depth there was not good. Made their QB kind of all conference against the second team defense, and injuries are part of the game. No bueno. Still I’m pretty happy with the outcome. 7-0 lounge is pretty nice. Been a minute since I visited.
  5. This is still a period of unprecedented peace and prosperity, from a historic perspective. Some things are inarguably worse, to my sensibilities, but 90% of humanity is not living in extreme poverty which was true only 125 years ago. Murder is also historically low, we have managed to avoid wars between the great powers since Southeast Asia (although the lower intensity conflicts around the globe remain and have gone up and down since then). Heck, some of the things we complain about fervently are not matters of life or death - they’re an expression of emotional reaction or affiliation or “triggering” experience. I had typed a lot more, but suffice it to say that from a human history perspective these are pretty good times by most metrics. And there is a long way to go…
  6. That was a pretty crazy day of football. I didn’t love the way my Sooners looked, but they won. So hanging out in the “undefeated lounge” another week. Clemson though… yikes. They might not be very good this year. Great win for (checks notes) NC State?! Next couple weeks will be interesting. Season is getting underway for sure…
  7. Mustard, dill pickle, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce (possibly swap jalapeño for either the lettuce or pickle as the mood takes me)
  8. While I’m pleased he was not recalled, it is my hope that Governor Newsom doesn’t read into the results as a ringing endorsement of his administration. Larry Elder running against him was a gift. That was a completely unacceptable alternative. It may have gone very very differently had the California GOP been able to run a centrist candidate. The PG&E scandals alone are very concerning. French Laundry-gate is just a symptom of the inherent issues where a single party system feels unaccountable to the electorate. I held my nose and voted for the least objectionable candidate. Most likely I’d throw up my hands and walk away next time if nothing changes with this administration. I have voted Democrat for over 24 years at this point, and I know for a fact I’m not alone in that assessment. I’m pleased at the outcome, but far from celebratory. It was just that the other option was so much worse… we have serious problems with accountable leadership in this country. And that isn’t a partisan comment, in my opinion. Cuts both ways, it’s the rich and powerful - and everyone else.
  9. Vote for Iuz, I will stretch out my skeletal hand from crumbling Dorakaa and raise the dead to serve my will. Their undead labor will drastically reduce necessary costs for infrastructure improvement. I’m pro family, in that all family members shall serve my dark reign or perish… America has shown it’s willingness to be led by dark forces. Isn’t it time we embraced that destiny instead of hiding behind tired slogans?
  10. Some devastating burns today in college football social media https://www.google.com/amp/s/fansided.com/2021/09/11/arkansas-twitter-buried-texas-sec-welcome/amp/
  11. Yeah Chip Kelly. The Dabo loss isn’t bad, he’ll be fine. Aside from the rep you correctly point out, it’s exactly the sort of loss one wants (if one is going to lose): early in the season, to a highly ranked opponent, in a close fight.
  12. Dang UCLA, maybe the Kirby hire pays off this season?
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