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  1. This remains my belief on violence as a tool for social change. That’s no different in the case of events three months later.
  2. I generally agree with this. The rule of law must be honored by all concerned. Individuals are responsible for their actions, and my hope is that the result of this trial is one that is broadly accepted. If it is not, peaceful demonstrations are of course protected in our democracy.
  3. https://www.wsj.com/articles/no-criminal-charges-for-officer-who-shot-capitol-rioter-ashli-babbitt-11618423059?st=s3v1a22uwwolj8z&reflink=article_copyURL_share This also seems a reasonable outcome of the legal process to me, given the circumstances. She was part of crowd breaking down a barricade where members of the senate and possibly the Vp were being protected. She was warned to stop. She jumped through and was met with appropriate force. Pretty much what I’d expect.
  4. That’s possible, more likely to play out in the funding for legal defense than the charges though. The District Attorney isn’t likely to care how the Union feels, only in how winnable the case is and their re-election. edit: apparently she was the Union president in 2019. Union support is not her problem right now.
  5. I would expect those differences in weight and feel to be a key in the prosecution’s case establishing criminal negligence. Along with training previously provided aimed at preventing exactly this sort of situation. And her confession that she “shot him” immediately after the incident. Her career is over and she will be prosecuted. The Chief of Police is done professionally. Mayor seems to maybe be up next. It’s definitely not an accountability free situation, response seems swift and the charge seems to match the facts as they’ve been reported.
  6. Given the political implications concurrent with this charge, I would guess at a minimum...
  7. Sounds like the correct charge. Criminal negligence resulting in death.
  8. https://www.gov.ca.gov/2021/04/06/governor-newsom-outlines-the-states-next-step-in-the-covid-19-pandemic-recovery-moving-beyond-the-blueprint/ Ends the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy effective June 15. "All sectors listed in the current Blueprint for a Safer Economy grid may return to usual operations in compliance with Cal/OSHA requirements and with common-sense public health policies in place, such as required masking, testing and with vaccinations encouraged.” Further it will allow for large scale public gatherings: “Large-scale indoor events, suc
  9. Cute. I accept that you provide no credit to the man for his accomplishments in this area, the changing of moral compass for the nation on this issue in establishing the legal position taken by the federal government abolishing slavery, or any other matter aside from being an accomplished politician. You clearly have strong feelings about Lincoln, which in my opinion impair your judgment. Have a nice day, I have better ways to spend my time. It’s apparent that no human in this framework can be moral, just or accomplished. Evaluating Lincoln as a man of his era, I disagree with your
  10. It’s best at this point to merely agree to disagree, as I find so many problems with the lack of moral insight present in this argument as to lose interest in the discussion. Clearly you see the scope and impact of this action differently than I. Fortunately, we live in a nation which endorsed such disagreement.
  11. And he signed the Emancipation Proclamation. Anyone want to propose a greater single impact on civil rights then ending the legal practice of slavery? Love to hear it. You can say “yeah but” or “if only he’d” but he arguably did more for that cause than any American before or since with that action.
  12. Are you referencing the Frederick Douglass who was pro gun rights, anti women’s rights, and anti labor? By modern standards of course?
  13. I had a lengthy response but will just say, I cannot accept the use of modern standards for behavior applied retroactively to Abraham Lincoln. That strikes me as a revisionist standard that no human being of any era would withstand the scrutiny of. Particularly any human being in a leadership role. But really anyone. Anyway, carry on. I will continue to consider him one of the few truly great Presidents and a champion of his time for human liberty. Errors and all.
  14. I agree entirely. The problem is unchanged by that though. I so do not look to a party for my moral compass. They’re nice when they advance my beliefs, and asshats when they do not. It is insanity that one cannot state those differences without an implied social penalty.
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