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  1. Forgive my conquest of your nation and subjugation of your people, I have a condition.
  2. They are exempt under the original State order as well, in California. You do not need to wear a mask if you have a medical condition which impairs your ability to breathe... what are you doing out in public though?!
  3. Meh. I have plenty of material from 2.5, 3.0, and Pathfinder 1.0 to last the rest of my life. They can do whatever makes them happy.
  4. This past week California initiated a Statewide masks as a requirement (not a recommendation). Numbers continue to rise, and still within margins for ER/ICU/respirator quantity for now.
  5. Not the County Sheriff jurisdiction, it's a municipality. It will be interesting to see what the County does given the decisions made at the city level. I haven't heard much about that, or the State level response. The City can absolutely disband their police, I don't know enough about Minnesota law enforcement regulation to know whether they in fact have jurisdictional authority to do the other things cited in the article. In California they would not. Behavioral Health services are County operated, not municipal, for example. 911 is regional jurisdiction and they'd effectively just be opting out for whatever was left. State police like CHP, County Sheriff, etc if they had the ability to respond. It's an interesting concept, hopefully they are executing it thoughtfully. Public safety is actually a thing in major metropolitan areas, simply turning off emergency response strikes me as extremely problematic. I'll be interested to see how this goes, and whether it's supported at the other levels of local government.
  6. The Best Buy at the mall 15 miles from me was broken into using construction equipment. There was gunfire and the looting expanded into surrounding neighborhoods. Police response predictably escalated. Then a helicopter went down and took out the power to 23k people for a day. Sigh. I'm glad I took this week off. This is looking like yet another set of bad choices. I am not sure what we're even supposed to do that's a winning strategy locally. Law Enforcement will enforce the laws, that's inevitable and actually appropriate. And the training is "overwhelming force" if needed and go home to your family at the end of the day. I understand that perspective as well. This isn't going to go well. I retreated to nature and am camping with my kiddo. I'll be back next week, but this isn't my issue for another 4 days. I can't even.
  7. Yeah, I really didn't like Man of Steel aside from a couple scenes... but thought Cavill was great. I'd welcome him back in the role.
  8. Shazam was pretty fantastic in my opinion. Otherwise pretty much totally agreed.
  9. I love this so much. If anyone has a problem with that, come at me bro.
  10. I would literally rather die than live in that world. We absolutely must recover what we have lost, or as much as we can. Edit: as soon as vaccination or resistance allows us.
  11. That isn't helping me anymore. I started to write how I felt but it was so despondent. Here is a message of hope instead.
  12. I walked down to the local hot dog eatery today, decent foot traffic in the place. Hot dog with kraut & mustard, and a Racer 5. Everything was very weird, plastic barriers and a laminated hot dog placard that said "clean me" to leave on my table after. Masks and gloves all around, and you can only take off your mask when eating. Everyone standing on floor markings, and they'd pulled half the tables out so social distancing was in full effect. Hand sanitizer required before completing your order. The workers were just happy to be at work again. Was a good hot dog. It reminded me of better times than this. I want this to be finished, I miss fear not being a constant element in every human interaction I see around me. This may be the most depressing thing I've ever witnessed, and I want to be able to hug my friends again. And go to parties, and hang out with folks listening to good music. To be able to travel, and not have to constantly track where my mask is before I go out. To be able to see my mom without worrying about her maybe getting sick accidentally. And none of that is going to happen any time soon. This disease is taking so much from us, and this is time we will never get back. The world is on pause, full of terror and danger, and it's appalling, for going on months now... with probably more than a year to go. God, this is awful. Tastes like despair.
  13. I've started raking my hair back with my hands. I'll be up for a pony tail or stylish man bun by end of summer
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