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  1. https://www.secsports.com/article/31913897/sec-extends-membership-university-oklahoma-university-texas Only surprise here is Texas A&M.
  2. 😂😂😂 Starts out calling the Commissioner “Dear Bob”, goes to “we trust this will put the matter to rest”… and the name! Burke Magnus. Oh that’s just awesome as a response. Need some popcorn for this.
  3. https://apnews.com/article/sports-texas-college-football-oklahoma-texas-longhorns-football-e22f714413a2bacf4936f3053f35be75 $67M per school, and you still get some limited non conference negotiating. It’s a pile more than they were getting before. ”The Big 12 was approaching distributions of $40 million per school before the pandemic led to distributions dropping to $34.5 million per school this year.” And more lawyer speak about “not proactively seeking new members” (nobody sue us). Like anyone believes that the relevant parties haven’t been talking about this through back channels… please.
  4. That money doesn’t count the $3 billion ($300 million per year) over 10 years starting in 2025 that ESPN paid for the CBS rights on top of the contracted amount. Or the new school game rights that get added on. It’s a lot according to Forbes. And the application is official now.
  5. Yeah that’s totally legal posturing. And that penalty is substantial… compared to current television revenue agreements especially. It’s half as significant compared to the projected revenue agreements, and they’ll pay it if they have to. It’s about money, as it always is, but in this case I’m pleased with the future matchups. Was bored with the Big XII options anyways, let’s do this. Should be an interesting couple years. https://oklahoma.rivals.com/news/how-big-12-bylaws-are-shaping-ou-s-departure
  6. To the Texas A&M athletic director… Aside from that comment at all the crying from the Aggies that kicked off this media frenzy… I have zero idea if this actually happens. But it’s interesting, I like some of the regular matchups. And the OU Athletic Department thinks it’s essentially a done deal, they were celebrating this evening at 9:18pm CST. It’ll be interesting. I would like playing Alabama, Florida, LSU, and Auburn in semi regular rotation. I just cannot ever do that super lame conference pride chant.
  7. Love the ending of Loki. Really the last 2 episodes were maybe my favorite in a marvel television series, including WandaVision. I’m just 😞 I have to wait for more. Was thinking “okay, let’s get weird!”
  8. Yes, and I celebrate the 4th of July. It’s a special day in my household, and I feel the patriotism deeply. Just finished watching fireworks in Old Sacramento, because the majority of them were canceled over in Napa and the nearby areas.
  9. Oh good lord. Can you imagine if they were “faithful to the source material”? 😂 I’ll be stunned if it’s recognizable.
  10. Reagan was personally likable as well. I find the majority of his policies antithetical to my belief system, but he was I believe genuine in his love of patriotism and belief in his country. He thought he was going the right thing, and conveyed that. Obviously he engaged in very dark political shenanigans, including but not limited to Iran-Contra and some pretty offensive race baiting. I don’t excuse him by saying “show me a POTUS who didn’t”. Cynicism aside, he did oversee a period with some significant outcomes during his term. I’d put him in the middle range of presidents, with a lot of luck based on timing (fall of the Soviet Union for example) and really really effective public relations. I don’t despise him, and compared to the modern iteration of the Trumpian GOP he’s practically a Democrat. There’s always opportunities to criticize past administrations, just goes with the job. Definitely a mixed bag.
  11. Well, OSHA delayed their vote today until June 3 on revised workplace safety for vaccinated individuals. Seems cautious, but that’s OSHA. June 15, California will be pretty much back to normal.
  12. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/05/12/us/politics/liz-cheney-ousted-voted-out.amp.html So, Liz Cheney is out for her refusal to bend the knee to Trump. And her statements of fact about the election and January 6 insurrection. I do not like her family or politics, but that’s not a good sign for future election cycles if you enjoy things like Democratic process and smooth transitions of power...
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