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  1. In 2077 this will be the "good old days"
  2. Yeah, and the latest demo was next level stuff. Me: there's no way I could be liking forward to this game more CD Projekt: hold my beer... I like the third person view they used in Witcher 3, myself. First person doesn't bother me though, I just prefer the other.
  3. Ok, all aboard the hype train. From this original teaser published January 10, 2013. To this year's undisputed "best shocking reveal" at E3: If it was anyone but CD Projekt Red, I'd absolutely be bracing myself for disappointment. But wow. I cannot wait until April of 2020.
  4. I very much enjoyed the Doom Patrol series. Crazy Jane was fantastic. Larry Trainor, and the negative man entity. Flex Mentallo. The Bureau of Normalcy. Mr. Nobody was a great villain. Robot Man and Rita Farr were good, but not on the same level. I just watched it a second time. I hope they do a second season.
  5. I'm trying really hard to get worked up about any of the themes described... Nah, I just don't find it interesting enough as a series. If they make it two or three seasons and I hear good things, maybe. But it's a derivative character, on the CW, and I just can't work up the time to see it.
  6. There is so much material available to option for television and movies, and they went with Batwoman? Okay.
  7. They pretty much fixed that with the "career mode". It's like a non-linear storyline campaign with a time limit. They put drop weight limits on some missions too. Now you kind of need mixed lance weight options sometimes. And now they've given you the Raven with ECM. I expect to use that in urban settings well into late game. Edit: I didn't mention, I agreed with your point. Assault Mechs are critical in the late campaign mode. They've at least taken steps to promote more diverse playable tactics. "Battleturret" is a less viable play option these days.
  8. Found this on the Paradox boards. So likely November 2019 in Heavy Metal. That's confirmed above as an "official statement" from a thread asking "what about the Marauder and Warhammer?" Yay. I want both.
  9. So Flashpoint expansion brought: Crab, Cyclops, and Hatchetman. Also sequential drop "Flashpoint" and non-campaign play. Jungle biome. Urban Warfare expansion brought: Raven and Javelin. ECM and BAP tech (3025 lostech version, heavy and not as effective as later in the timeline). Also basically the Citytech stuff, urban biome and collateral damage from shooting and missing. Looking forward to the last of the planned expansions "Heavy Metal". Lots of buzz about that but no definitive facts yet.
  10. I 'member thinking "oh Jesus Christ, the guy from Knights Tale and Brokeback Mountain is going to play the Joker?!" And wondering if we were going to get "We will rock you" or someone exploring the character's pathos in overly dramatic fashion. I was incorrect in my assumption, he had a strong and interesting performance. Really good stuff, I still liked Nicholson's version better (at the time and given the era) but his was right up there.
  11. Of course. That's the proper way to eat any multicolored fruit chew: skittles, starburst, gummy bears, whatever. I'd hate to think anyone does that differently. Savages.
  12. That was really good, in my opinion That said I understand budget constraints do exist and such potent character presence may have exhausted their resources with the SFX budget. Worth watching, for sure.
  13. Swamp Thing on the streaming service is pretty interesting so far. Just an episode in, but kind of horror/drama feel so far.
  14. I'm honestly not that worried about the number of youth raised in single parent homes. Bunch of other metrics on how we treat children strike me as compelling, aside from an apples to oranges comparison to when women were one step removed from chattel to their husbands due to economic and social pressure. I don't think the idyllic 1950s were all that fantastic for women, actually. 70 years ago was a pretty dark era if one was not a white male, in good health. And the further back you go, objectively the worse it gets. I'm pretty good with not going back to that, it wasn't a great look for society. YMMV
  15. I think they'll build so as to appear like Arya will murder/assassinate Dany, but it will be Jon. Arya kills Greyworm to protect Jon. Drogon gets killed when he comes across Dany and rages. Maybe trapped, tunnel with a scorpion or something of that nature. I think they've got to kill the remaining dragon. That's the one thing that seems certain to me. You can't have that murder machine running around Westeros. Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing what they do. Wish there wasn't so much time pressure but it is what it is. S8e3 was fantastic and now it feels like tying up loose campaign ends. Probably ends with this:
  16. "There is only one God. A girl knows his name. And all men know his gift."
  17. Agreed, and then kill it anyway. Practically it is too dangerous to live after King's Landing.
  18. This. And her dragon too, of course. The fire breathing death machine is too dangerous to leave around, unless Jon can control it.
  19. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and her name that sat on him was Arya, and Hell followed with her. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.
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