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  1. RIP man. Genuine rock legend, married one of the most beautiful women in the world and it lasted 28 years (they separated in 2018) and together they had 2 sons. He had an amazing life, and I loved his music. Sad he's gone.
  2. 48-14 final. Jalen Hurts is a bad man. Defense continues to improve, still have not faced an elite offense though. At game 3, 25% through the regular season, OU is a legit contender for the conference champ. Maybe the playoffs. It reminds me of what is best in life... Adding the highlight link. In reflecting on it that was definitely Jalen Hurts most complete performance this season. And the Defensive performance while not ideal demonstrates massive improvement over last year. I'll take it.
  3. Feeling cautiously optimistic at the half vs. UCLA. 34-7 Oklahoma. They appear to be showing some growth on defense, and the offense has not lost a beat.
  4. Damn, Temple beat Maryland. Good for them.
  5. Especially reason in my experience. The vast majority of humans make choices based on emotional response, largely in the absence of rational consideration.
  6. Except as a County/municipality they don't have the authority to apply the federal government's definition. Which makes it a statement with no basis in law. They could attempt to seize assets, arrest members, and so forth I suppose. Let's see how that works out.
  7. "I've alerted Trevor. With any luck, military satellites are tracking him now." "And what will we do? Wait for him to... pull the moon from the sky?" "No. We'll ge- ...He hasn't said anything about doing something like that, has he?"
  8. Completely agree. To be fair though, "our local municipality is taking a strong stand with this scathing resolution on something we have absolutely no power to enforce/ change/influence - yay, look at us!" Kind of cuts the other way on my political preferences.
  9. That sounds fantastic. Oklahoma beat South Dakota State University at Owen Field in Norman 70-14, proving absolutely nothing. UCLA, the Sooners next opponent, lost to San Diego State University (after losing to Cincinnati last week). I'm planning to go to the OU-UCLA game next week. Crossing my fingers.
  10. I don't like the NRA, but it hurts my head to see local government elected officials creating a County-level domestic terrorism list. "This is why we can't have nice things"
  11. Probably too soon, Oregon lost on a last second play against a P5 nonconference team in their season opener. There are some early warning signs, but hard to say how the season will play out in the Pac 12. Wouldn't say they are the front runners but nothing over yet. If you lose, lose early in a close game.
  12. I apologize, clearly I'm not at mid season form having missed an opportunity to express my disdain for the whorns. ... better?
  13. Jalen Hurts is on pace to be 15-0 with 7,620 yards and 90 touchdowns. 😉 Sorry, earlier post wasn't homer enough. People might wonder if I really posted it.
  14. Final was 49-31 OU. No surprises really, Jalen Hurts is a beast of a QB. Defense is much improved but not world beaters. OU will contend for a playoff spot and the Conference Championship again this year.
  15. Going to call my score on this first game. OU wins but does not cover, takes a couple games for the offense to find it's stride, defense better than last year but not good yet. 42-28 OU
  16. My game isn't until tomorrow, but the best game of the weekend might have to be UNC vs. Sakerlina. Those two coaches have seen one another before, heh. That was pretty cool, really.
  17. 100% this. I'm not particularly an Andrew Luck fan, nor am I a hater. Their personnel and rehab management around him are criminal.
  18. Feeling pretty good about the OU-UCLA game after the mighty Bearcats beat the Bruins. I am going to go this year with my father in law, the first OU game I've attended in person since 2005. We will see how I feel after OU plays Houston on Sunday.
  19. Young Justice: Season 3. Really entertaining, cannot wait for season 4.
  20. Damn. Young Justice season 3 was really quite good. Just finished it.
  21. Better than what we've got, no question. I'll go with essentially whomever is run this year in opposition to the current incumbent, barring some dramatic change in who that candidate is. But no chance at all that I would lower myself to voting for Donald Trump after his performance this past several years. It has been an unmitigated disaster.
  22. This is inaccurate as written. Restricting individual access to firearms is an established and effective deterrent to suicide, it's one of the reasons for the legal standards around firearm access in 5150 code. If you are indicating that suicide rates are not affected by availability of firearms in society, which I gather by the context of the rest of this, that's entirely possible. I don't have expertise in that area. I found your list of reasoning around your position thoughtful and articulate, and while I do not reach the same conclusions ("rational minds may differ") I appreciate your explanation.
  23. The team apparently loves that he did this. There's a really great back and forth between the Indians and NFL Twitter accounts. Best part is that Cowherd actually basically said exactly what they were joking he'd say. And then took a shot at the Indians. And a bunch of shots at Mayfield and Cleveland. What a clown. http://amp.awfulannouncing.com/fox/indians-prediction-baker-mayfield-colin-cowherd.html If the Browns ever achieve a modicum of success with Mayfield, the city might explode from joy.
  24. I knew this. And that nationally white men over 40 are disproportionately the highest category of suicide completion. Colorado did a really interesting prevention project related to this "man therapy" (developed by a female psychologist and a PR firm). Rates are at the highest point in my lifetime. It's a serious problem. CDC recognizes it as a crisis.
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