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  1. Hello! I have a player that is making a martial artist character and had questions about the flavor of the legsweep maneuver vs. the takedown maneuver. What are the differences between the two from a visual standpoint? Is there a writeup in one of the books? I tried to find it. Thanks!
  2. I've built with multiform before, but I'm a little confused on how you would do this with that power... time to hit the books I suppose.
  3. I think the easiest way would be with a VPP. I could have each book just contain a selection of powers and a side effect of the VPP being that they can only use those powers unless they swap out. This was how the concept was relayed to me: "Each book would have some sort of a theme, and the powers available within would vary. So, for instance, I could have a book inspired by a desert traveller which would grant me some skill bonuses, survival powers and maybe some fire powers. Another one could be about archeology and give me a lot more skill bonuses. Maybe a warrior manual would give me martial arts." To keep it balanced with the other characters, I don't think I'd allow more than a single book's powers to be accessible at once. I'd also probably have it so some in-game time would need to pass to swap them out, making choosing the one you want to use have some weight instead of being able to continually swap around powers in combat. It will also make my life easier as the GM!
  4. I haven't tried it yet, but, how does the app handle characters with custom characteristics added via HERO Designer? We've got sanity being used in an upcoming game. I'll have a character I can try it with next weekend, just figured I'd ask in the meantime!
  5. Hello fellow HERO system fans! I've got some familiarity with the system, but had a player pose an interest character concept that I'm scratching my head over how to build. Effectively, the character will get their powers from various books, with each book containing a set list of powers. I figured that each "book" could be a Multipower. I know it's a no-no to combine frameworks, but how else would we be able to build this kind of character? I can always handwave it and have him swap them out as long as they are the same cost or something, but I figured there would be a more efficient way of doing it. Thanks for the help!
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