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  1. I was trying to work on a new 5th edition character but the Add Modifier button is not doing anything. I tried with a 6th Edition character and the same happened.
    I have attempted to download a fresh version of HD and install the latest version of Java and there was no change.


    Build used: 20200102

  2. What do you guys think of the following?

    Force of Gravity: 
      Telekinesis (10 STR),
        Attack Versus Alternate Defense (STR vs STR not including STR derived from Growth, Density Increase, or Size; +1/2),
        Damage Over Time (3 damage increments, damage occurs every Segment, +3 1/2)
    <<<<The following Advantage is Partially Limited>>>>
        Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +1/4) for up to 15 Active Points of Force of Gravity,
          Instant (-1/2 or -0)

    The idea the Area of Effect only lasts for the 1st phase as the AoE is made not Constant by it.
    Since the rest of the power is still constant, those that were hit are still affected. The only thing that might need adjudication is how much END the owner needs to pay for continuing the power. Do you pay once or for each target currently affected?

  3. 14 hours ago, Gnome BODY (important!) said:

    What is the attack trying to do that requires it to continue to function against all targets in the initial area? 


    I want the TK to continue to apply pressure against the target. A target could be thrown from the AoE and it is my understanding that a power bought with Area of Effect will only work within that designated area, even if the attack of Continuous in nature. So, if a victim of the attack leaves the designated AoE, they are free of its influence. I want to keep the target affected by the 'gravity'.


    2 hours ago, Doc Democracy said:

    I am struggling just slightly to understand the power, as the characters see it.  Is it simply creating a heavy gravity bubble around everyone in a set area where the bubble follows them regardless of distance and as long as the END is paid? 




    It doesn't have to be just heavy gravity but the target does remain affected by the gravity field even after leaving the initial area.


    11 hours ago, Surrealone said:


    Take a gander at Damage Over Time...


    Actually, I forgot the Damage Over Time limitation since gravity acts every segment. Thanks.


    4 minutes ago, Hugh Neilson said:

    While TK is Constant, I have never seen anyone allow a "telekinetic punch" or "throw" to repeat that effect each subsequent phase with no new roll to hit.


    Hmmm...what if we made it "instant" in that it does not simply remain up in the entire area over time, then "constant" to avoid the need need to continue making attack rolls.  It could also be either Selective or Non-Selective (such that the initial attack needs to hit each target in the area independently.


    It might be easier to assess relevant builds if we knew the nature of the desired power (rather than the mechanics that it should target an area and then follow the targets afterwards).


    Sure, I can try to do that. I'll give a little backstory. I'm rebuilding a gravity controller character that was originally created in V&V 2.1. Gravity Control in that system is a single target attack. While she could only attack with the power within 60 feet in that game, the power would continue to function as long as the Power Points cost was paid. During my RP with her, she gained the ability to affect multiple targets with a single hit in a 25 foot diameter.

    How I plan to writeup the gravity is with a TK with an AVAD that compels the STR vs STR roll that people resisting a TK normally does to not include STR from Growth, Density Increase, or simulates being from a larger or heavier person since the STR you gain would be offset by the extra weight you'd be forced to move with the extra STR (I know technically it requires GM permission, but it's not that hard on the characters being targeted and it reflects the way it's handled in Star Hero.)

    What I'm trying to do is recreate the feel for the Gravity Control by allowing the character to attack a number of people and have each of them subjected to the TK attack.

    10 minutes ago, tombrown803 said:

    I believe usable as attack would work.


    I was looking into this

    Gravity:  Telekinesis (10 STR), Attack Versus Alternate Defense (STR vs STR Roll w/o STR from Growth or Density Increase; +1/2) (22 Active Points); Unified Power (Gravity; -1/4)
    Gravity Power Delivery(using Differing Modifiers): Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +1/4*), Usable As Attack (+1 1/4) (45 Active Points) for up to 18 Points of Gravity


  5. 1 minute ago, Hugh Neilson said:

    hmmmm...what about making the attack either Constant (slightly modified in that it does not remain up in the area,  but continues to affect every character that was in the area when the original AoE went off), or Uncontrolled (again, continuing to affect each character who was in the AoE when the initial attack went off)?


    TK is Constant, Hugh, and making the attack Uncontrolled prevents the TK from being dismissed and requires me to feed the Power when the attack is made. 

  6. I want to design a Telekinesis(TK) attack that affects all the targets within a specified area. Now, I am not looking strictly for an Area of Effect(AoE) attack. What I want is to keep those that were in the Area of Effect at the time of the attack to stay affected by the TK even after they leave the AoE until the player dismisses it.


    Chris Goodwin at the Hero-Champions-RPG(unofficial) Discord Server was suggesting using Differing Modifiers to add AoE to the attack so I can hit all the targets in the AoE with the TK.

    Thanks ahead of time for your help and suggestions.


  7. Hello, Steve. Hope things are going OK with you.

    My questions for today is regarding powers bought with the Uncontrolled advantage.


    When a person has been attacked with such a power, RAW says you create a pool of END to feed it and you feed it as much as desired, but my questions is: 

    1. Can you decide how much to feed the attack on a phase by phase basis? Let's say the next phase after the attack was launched, the team decides to withdraw from the scene so you add X END to the pool for the Uncontrolled attack before fleeing?
    2. Can you return after doing other actions (assuming the power is still active) and continue to feed the pool of END?

  8. I was reading the rules for Surprised in Champions Complete(CC) 147 and it does mention that a person isn't "Surprised by a foe simply stepping around behind him to attack from behind." I would think that they'd be Surprised by an attacker if they didn't notice him, meaning not perceived.


    One more point, Sight and other Ranged senses only have 120 degrees of coverage if you are going strictly by the rules.

  9. On 8/5/2019 at 10:19 AM, ScottishFox said:


    My Fantasy HERO group is in the tier 4 range by D&D standards and they are finally feeling the bite of the 1/2 DCV penalty for Multiple Attacking.  Now that OCV/DCVs are getting into the 11-12 range and damage output is in the DC 10-14 range they are reluctant to set themselves up for a head-shot by going 1/2 DCV.


    However, on the other side of the balancing see-saw I had to cap Multiple Attacks at 2 swings otherwise anyone who got stunned/flashed/grabbed/entangled would be triple or quadruple attacked and finished instantly.  I find Entangle - especially the variants that don't take damage from attacks - to be very rough on game balance.


    By that point buying Defensive Attack would have been a priority to me. 

  10. I am currently attempting to create a character based on the world setting in the game Aberrant. I'm not trying to solicit advice on how to do this (though I would be thankful for your input) but one of the things about that game is that it is possible for the characters utilizing the power to be Tainted.


    Now, I was thinking to have it that if the character used powers over a certain point(50 APs is my go to number for now) then the character must attempt a check to maintain control or receive Taint which I'm attempting to simulate with a Limitation:Side Effect that uses a Transform that risks Transforming the character to gain further aberrations.

    The powers that have any effect beyond 50APs to partially limited with the side effect in question. Now, I was looking to put the character's powers into a Multipower with an 80 point Reserve but since all the powers would be similarly limited with the Side Effect I was thinking I should partially limit the Multipower itself. Is this allowable?


    An example image has been provided of a potential writeup.


  11. I would say it depends on the creature summoned. I have someone on the Discord I run that's trying to get their familiar/mount written up for a Summon under similar conditions like what you've mentioned. I'd say try comparing the powers they are suggesting for the creature compared to what it would have if just bought as powers directly for the character. 

  12. 19 minutes ago, Hugh Neilson said:


    I can see Spidey at CV 8 in a world where his opponents are not CV 8 minimum and scaling up from there.  I think a pretty credible Spidey could have a high Dodge (Martial Dodge + levels, perhaps), his near-infalllible Danger Sense and a much higher SPD than campaign norm, which he would use a lot to Dodge.  It always seems like Spidey can Dodge that incoming attack, react with a counterattack, then be ready to Dodge again.  That could be SFX of high DCV, or it could be a high SPD with many phases used to avoid, rather than attack.


    I think it would be fair to say that his DCV could be considered as he can "dodge" all the time except under limited circumstances(buying +5 to DCV with an appropriate limitation). That way he can "dodge" and still act.

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