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  1. This is gonna be interesting to work a play by play on. The limited space of the elevator and the number of agents means the DCVs of the entire group may be compromised. With DCVs being artificially lowered, Cap could take advantage with performing a Sweep to attack multiple agents. I kinda always pictured Cap with high levels of Defense Maneuver so the agents don't get the multiple attacker bonus and have to act on Cap's 1/2 DCV but as trained HTH combatants, they are still good enough to manage to grab him even with the OCV penalty.
  2. I was gonna use the same name when I saw the digest for this post. My take on her exposed legs is because her body radiates heat but she's too modest to expose herself more than that. We can say the costume acts as a heat sink, drawing the heat towards her hands where it can be discharged safely. Heaven forbid they remove this safety leotard as her body will be forced to discharge using her entire body causing a large body shaped area of effect attack.
  3. I was hoping to attempt to simulate a critical hit for a particular attack with the idea that if you hit the attack with either: an 8- or a roll that was 1/2 of what you needed to hit an attack with Whichever is lower You would get some extra dice to add to the damage Meaning if an attacker had an OCV of 5 vs a target with a DCV of 3, you could hit with a 13- so 1/2 of that is 7. Would you allow it? If not, would you allow it if it could do no more damage than the base attack the dice were attached to? What sort of limitation would you give it?
  4. Looking for players for a campaign. We will be running using Discord( https://discord.gg/mwArsy5 ) for the calls and Roll20 for the VTT with alternating GMs with one running Masks: A New generation and the other planning to run either Hero System 6th Edition or Mighty Protectors. Please inquire at my Discord server in the lobby. Thank you.
  5. Then let the player buy it Inobvious. Either way, the player gets to use the invisibility power, the only difference is now the player can hide the Inobvious foci under any conditions. At least buying multiple naked buyoffs is in the spirit of what they were trying to accomplish.
  6. How about buying off the Focus limitation as a power, linking it to the Invisibility power?
  7. It's rare that I get into rules discussions like this @ https://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/97285-can-i-take-a-recovery/

  8. That's a pretty sweet ability, Deadman. (re: the VPP}
  9. Working on character stuff

  10. Been trying to get a Discord Server set up with RP in mind @ https://discord.gg/KXr7NZZ

  11. How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? First Champions character I was satisfied with, based on Captain America What was the first tabletop RPG you played? Back in 1978 What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? See above image What are you currently playing/GMing? Tend to play only Champions with a slight smattering of Pathfinder
  12. Jason, I look forward to Kickstarting this project. Revisiting Strike Force would be a great way to continue his legacy and introduce this supplement to a new generation of roleplayers..
  13. Re: Cool Guns for your Games I'm just waiting for people to make their own Metalstorm system.
  14. Re: Force Field Power Question Yeah, the main issue is how to apply the knockback to the HTH attacker. You need an attack power that does knockback, but I think the attack power itself does not need to to do damage.
  15. Re: Deciding on Supers MMO After the headache that DCUO has caused because of the Sony incident, I can't even cancel my service. In general, I like the game's graphics, but good looks isn't enough to keep me in the game. I forsee DCUO dying a horrible death.
  16. Re: Deciding on Supers MMO DC Universe Online (DCUO) is visually nice to look at and the story lines are in keeping with the DC Universe flavor, but like any MMO, you have a lot of repetitive tasks. The interface is obviously designed with the console in mind and it is easy to pick up but it has nuances when you start dealing with combos for the hand to hand and ranged attacks. If you are a button masher, you will only go so far if you get involved with any of the PvP players/servers. The costume creator is limited, especially in comparison to Champions Online(CO). The thing about DCUO is that you can unlock other costume pieces as you get items. [ATTACH=CONFIG]38405[/ATTACH] As seen in the attached screenshot, the inventory system is similar to WoW in that you have different areas you equip and each item brings with it a style that can be used to change your costume. You can change the costume whenever you feel like it, but it doesn't allow for multiple costume slots like CO. The only problem I see for DCUO is the power choices. DCUO limits you to 6 power groups (and the subgroups listed below): Fire Immolation Ignition [*]Gadgets Traps Tricks [*]Ice Cryogenics Storms [*]Mental Telekinesis Illusion [*]Nature Shapeshifting Plants [*]Sorcery Summoning Destiny In general, DCUO is a cool game, if you want something you can pick up quickly and has an easy learning curve.
  17. Re: New in Millenium City! There is a Hero Board based group called the Legion of Heroes. You can contact us via the "Hero Boards Chat" channel.
  18. Re: Modeling The "Killing The Assasins" Technique From ST:VI Assuming you are using Attack Versus Alternate Defense (“AVAD”) with the “All or Nothing modifier” from the 6th Edition for your stunning attack, use the “Does Body” advantage (+1). In reality, unless you are gonna allow it to be used often that way, you could get away with allowing it as a one time thing. There is no modifier for varying the effect based on the range of the weapon on the short end. On the longer end, they have the “Reduced By Range” disadvantage (6E1 388). Hope that helps
  19. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game The graphics updates don't just effect "Going Rogue" but CoH and CoV areas also. I also read that they would have level 50 content.
  20. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Nothing is impossible, just impossible within time constraints given.
  21. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game Most likely before Champions Online does. I think CO has them nervous since it will hit their primary demographic.
  22. Re: City of Heroes - Online Hero Game What I'm looking forward to is Issue 14-The Architech. The promise of creating our own missions opens the opportunity for some Roleplay with my friend's Supergroup. I could make missions specifically designed for them will bring renewed life to many players.
  23. Re: Superhero Images Just for the record, the game was leaning to some dark goings on, so I decided that a more militant costume seemed more appropriate for Psi-kick.
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