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  1. Wow you guys are amazing. I see several possibilities I have to think about. Luckily I don’t believe in power caps so the high point powers could work. It’s a super game anyway, radiation fallout has genetically altered humans over the hundreds of years and they are 250pts. Thank you so much guys, very helpful!
  2. I swear the search engine on this site is the worst. I hate to bother with a question that has already been asked. But I need ya’lls mastery of the system. Im trying to build a Harpoon gun in a post apocalyptic setting. (Think mad max meets death race.) The harpoon gun is attached to a cable hooked to a power supply. If the harpoon gun hits, you can flip a switch that channels the power through cable and harpoon and short out a vehicles electrical system so it goes dead. I was thinking a multipower with one recoverable charge? I’m having a problem building the second power, to short out the car. Any ideas?
  3. Good ole GM “because I said so,” I can work with that. Thanks guys
  4. I know you can’t do it with missile deflection. I have a player that wants to have a power where any melee attacker has his attack hit him as well, like a damage shield. But there are many different types of attacks. I was thinking maybe a naked advantage damage shield on so many active points but limited to duplicating the attack that was made against him? Just not entirely sure a naked advantage can be that versatile. Any help is appreciated
  5. Lord that’s similar but there is t a back page and point cost details in the stat block. Duke that’s one of the original sheets I remembered. I think I created the ones I posted. Old school with tape, glue, scissors, and patience to line up the lines correctly haha.
  6. I’ve been searching for over an hour. Can’t find this sheet anywhere on the internet or on this site. Anyone know where I can get this version of hero System sheets?
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