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  1. Yes, that's pretty much what I've done myself. And the costs seem to work okay for what is needed. Since I've pretty much used SPC in Rifts I haven't seen any real issues yet as far as balancing the powers.
  2. I've been playing/ GMing the Savage Worlds Rifts Version and mostly I end up using the Super Powers Companion to make characters for Rifts, while the people I play with mostly use the Iconic Frameworks. Rifts works really great using Savage Worlds, and we haven't had any real problems with using SPC in SW Rifts. Haven't tried playing/ using it for a straight ahead Supers game, as I prefer the Hero System. SPC does have some issues, such as having no Detect Weird Stuff power, but that can be solved by looking at the basic Powers list and figuring out the costs from there. In
  3. I took a look at the build for the shield and I have to ask as far as the damage being done is: Who are you hitting? That's a schwack load of damage. With the lower end of number 5 you have 67 stun being done. That will knock out a lot of people in one hit, and Con Stunning a lot more who will be taken out in another hit or two, while they are still Con stunned from the second hit. The Area Effect HtHA will certainly take out any thug or agent level character in the way, and could really hurt a fair number of villain teams. If you are creating a solo hero who could take Dr
  4. Sounds like you are talking about a school based setting. Would it be more like X-Men Evolution (You have everyone living in one place and training their powers there, but going to school nearby) or more like the DC Superhero Girls (where the school is powers and regular school stuff)?
  5. For any and all people who loved what Terry Prachett and Neil Gaiman wrote together and were wondering if it would ever get turned into a TV Series... It is. May 31. I may have to get Amazon Prime... if I can. Goddess help me. If this popped up else where here, I forgot to do a search before I posted this.
  6. Interesting character. He is missing KS Law though.
  7. Teleios to me has always been the villain that was truly peak human without being actually superhuman, so his stats should reflect the peak human condition in the campaign. If I was to use Teleios and felt the need to stat him out his physical stats would be at 25, his mental stats at 25-30, his CVs at 8 or less and his Body, Stun and End at 25, 50 and 50. These are the peak human stats for my campaigns. Otherwise I think you are right that he is pretty much a McGuffin as far as a campaign/ adventure goes. Teleios has done something, created some kind of monster, out of cont
  8. There is always play on Discord, or Roll20 (and others like it) or Skype. As for playing in your own Universe, you just have to have other players that can GM. Did that with a friend of mine. We played in 2 different cities, I would GM one city and he would GM the other.
  9. Will be playing a Teen Champions game with 6E in a few days. I prefer 5E with some mods from 6E, which if I ever GM anything Hero/ Champions again I'll be using.
  10. VIPER has always been an weird and interesting case of a super organization that goes from being the comic relief to 'Why haven't they taken over the world'. I'm also going from the 5E version of things here, but as far as I can tell it hasn't changed that much. VIPER exists in it's Entirety to make sure that the beings who Started VIPER survive the coming apocalypse. Whether that's cause DEMON causes almost all magic to shift out of the CU, or An alien invasion or extra dimensional invasion or what have you, VIPER is there to make sure that Nama (ancient serpent/ god/ being) sur
  11. Roth


    @therealvector : What kind of costs did you apply to the SPECIAL Stats and did the characters all get 1 to start in all stats? Looks like an interesting adaptation.
  12. No Problem. Sometimes takes time to get back to people.
  13. What kind of online resource are you using for roleplay? Also I'm more of a 5th edition player/ GM not 6th. What genre?
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