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  1. I found a good compromise was to merge Vehicles, bases, Follower for use with the +5 for x2 Rule. Batman buys one 400 point resourse (80 points) x16, all of a suddenly he has a fleet of vehicles, bases and followers You can also be a bit cheeky and build your base, then include a summon vehicles inside of it...any GM who is not cautious about this deserves what they get....
  2. It was the aquatic telepathy and perks (King of Atlantis) this was during the Peter David years IIRC
  3. Fair to say that it is a different feel. The lower defenses make combat more dangerous (duh!!!), while higher defenses make for a more drawn out combat. Both can be genre appropriate... (I aim for a 2.5*DC personaly)
  4. Strange trivia, when I pointed up the JLA a number of years ago the character who was the most powerful was Aquaman...Just felt like letting you know
  5. Regarding Passing strike. 5 END for strength 2 END for Flight, reduced endurance is a rare modifier that the Active Points do not add to the END Cost. Even if it did it would be a 50 active point power or 2.5 end, which rounds in your favor to 2
  6. Arnie's A fast food chain (specializing in non beef burgers) Ran by a Minotaur who retired from super hero life
  7. I like this idea, maybe tie in a drug addiction element, so the drug gives people temporary super powers...
  8. To answer the acronym In the sixties the United States Government approved the funding for two new agencies due to the rise of costumed criminals. The first agency (Special Target Reconnaissance, Investigation, Policing, Espionage Service; aka STRIPES) was placed under the authority of the Department of Justice. While the second (Special Target Attack Response Squads; aka STARS) was placed under the supervision of the Department of Defense. Both agencies are tasked with protecting the United Stats from the rise of “Super Threats”.
  9. Delete...decided it was not worth the grief I would get
  10. Super soldier is a power type for me. Slightly super humans, more than a profession. Technically they would be "Super US Marshalls"
  11. I thought of that. Problem is there is actually a different agent group (STARS) that would fit more of. STRIPES is about super heroes / villains instead of the pajamma ramma gangs (Hydra, Cobra, Viper, Kobra, etc...)
  12. Basically yes. In addition, as it is a naked modifier on an attack power we need to account for it being a constant modifier on an instant power
  13. Let's not get to caught up into the advantage of it (but I think IndianaJoe3 might be right) but still want to think of how to represent the ability of requiring 2 skill rolls over multiple actions...
  14. So last week I finished my long running Fox is dead campaign. The players were disappointed to see it go so I agreed to start a new campaign. My game world (Centurion Earth) has some consistencies, and one of them is that to be a legally sanctioned team you need to have a member of STRIPES (kind of like SHIELD) on the team. They do have super powered agents (mostly Super patriots with a Super Soldier serum power set) and high tech agents. If the group does not have a player who wants to play that type of character they either get an NPC (often more of a paper pusher) or are considered rogue. This time it looks like the whole group is making super soldiers... I really was not expecting this, so not sure what to do as a campaign guideline. Was really planning on a normal super team... Ideas would be appreciated...
  15. Not QUITE the same, but in my super hero campaign I explain it like this : up to 20 is what you can expect to see people get to who are dedicated (Muscle boys on the beach, professional / Olympic athletes, etc...). Between 21-30 is characters who are still human, but legendary. If Hercules was a real person that myths were created about he would be near str 30, Bruce Lee (he of the so fast you can't film it) would be 23-25 dex, etc...
  16. So, I did this. Not sure how good it is, not sure if anyone will like it, but wanted to take a stab at it... Not sure how this all works, but I did this https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/316426/STARS--STRIPES
  17. The end fight was great (Bill, the former Fox) has been captured. The sword of the Fox whines up being a key to a mystic prison. As the prisoner is about to stab him to set himself free. Midnight uses her grappler to grab the sword and goes "This was your mistake, I'm the Fox"
  18. Thank you for the advice and critique. I appreciate it greatly
  19. VERY ROUGH COVER.pdf On a shoe string budget for this But how does this look? VERY ROUGH COVER.pdf
  20. Yah, was thinking -1/2 base. -1/4 per step down (So first power is -1/2, second is -3/4)
  21. Can anyone give me pointers on making a cover? I'm working on the one for my first book and I am HATING it.... VERY ROUGH COVER.pdf
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