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  1. Hey guys, for various reason, starting my blog again...here is the first post Blog | kountry-gaming (wixsite.com)
  2. JmOz

    Human Torch

    Honestly never liked that costume on her (or Justice), but loved Firestorm's and Quicksilvers....
  3. JmOz

    Human Torch

    We have buried Liefield....YAH 2020 ends on a good note...
  4. JmOz

    Human Torch

    Perez on Cap, trying to get the ugly gone , ohh the Avengers as well
  5. JmOz

    Human Torch

    True, I actually really enjoyed the early Hawk & Dove stuff he did (but more for the story than the art). However, the art was not bad at the time...
  6. JmOz

    Human Torch

    Liefield...worse the longer he went
  7. Not teaching Getting divorced not on depression meds 2020 politics discussed me (Both sides in US) especially the people on the ground floor COVID 19 All the rest of 2020 sucking
  8. Serious question: DId anyone who used an EC not also have a MP. Seriously Every character I can remember with an EC had both Normaly 15 EC 15/15 FF 15" Flight 60 MP 6 12d6 Blast 6 8d6 AP Blast 6 8d6 0End Blast 6 8d6 Exploding blast 6 4d6 RKA
  9. JmOz

    Space Cops

    Was out way before Reign of Kings. I don't even know who the Dark Nova Corps are. I was surprised to see the Sinestro Corps considered space cops, but I know the various ring slingers have been allying a lot, figured DC might be using them for a "Bad cops" type of thing or something....
  10. Was more curious about the hawks, GL, Flash, and Wonder Woman honestly. But Skeets is not really an imp IMO
  11. Been wondering, What JLA members had imps Superman -Mr M Bat Man - Bat Mite Aquaman -Quisp Martian Manhunter -Zook Any others?
  12. It's a power However, a simpler build might be based on the characteristic (maybe HA as well) power with extra time & Concentrate, both only to activate
  13. 1 point of rPD with impermeable (-2 lim only to prevent sperm) should do it but seriously in 99% of games I would allow it under the Magic Skill (I allow the magic skill to be used for cantrip type magic)
  14. JmOz

    Space Cops

    Weren't the darkhawks pirates (Except for the kid from earth)?
  15. Could someone list the package deals (ESPECIALY racial) included.
  16. Little update, I got way more into the ancient history of the group than I planned. Currently about 1000 words on them from 30,000 years ago...This might take longer than I originally planned....
  17. Probably the best choice...
  18. However all non instant powers using an END reserve basically get an uncontrolled advantage for free, so that is something...
  19. My character from Champions of San Corona actually has a similar power set built into his staff (except he grows coral instead of hard light) here is his character sheet if it helps. Coral Also I keep thinking there was a free example for the "Green Pharaoh" ring somewhere...
  20. JmOz


    Out of curiosity, did Champions ever do anything with Merlin or Arthur (etc...)
  21. You do you, but I would like to suggest renaming them SPIDs
  22. JmOz

    Space Cops

    Coincidently, I am working on a Hall of Champion project right now about my universe's Space Cops (called the Star Knights) but the Champions Universe it is the Star*Guard as Lord Liaden
  23. Me and you must be reading from different books...
  24. My copy of Champions Complete has all three versions in them.
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