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  1. G'nort is the idiot Guy is the ass hole
  2. Was not trying to be funny. Int 25 is a high int. Hal is not an idiot, bit that is top scientist area IMO. My Batman would have 28....
  3. I give a couple limitations to save points on them for things to reduce my headache. Like a list of predetermined powers is worth a -1/4...
  4. Greywind, thanks for these (though I think you are WAY overestimating Hal's INT). Real good guidelines, anouther 25-50 points in skills and that would be a good basic character sheet for them
  5. Been thinking about Green Lanterns recently If someone wanted to do a GL campaign where the rings were not paid for, how many points do you feel the characters should be? In otherwords if John, Hal, etc... were to be pointed up how many points NOT including the rings?
  6. JmOz

    Automan thoughts

    I own them on DVD...Dr Strange also....
  7. He was maybe 5' 8" and stoned half the time...
  8. It is important that it can imprison during a non combat situation
  9. Yup, lots of thinking and pointing up to do...
  10. Seems excessive for what it is intended for. Really picture them just kind of floating in space till someone moves them from outside, or maybe a little autopilot to the closest planet, top of ocean, etc... Really intended as a tool for holding people already defeated OR saving innocents
  11. Feels "Clunky", Active Points vs effect seem off....
  12. Interesting idea, maybe the Barrier build is the issue...what about summon vehicle...
  13. When said student's guardian comes in to complaine how you are failing the student, even though you have offered extra time after school, tried to get the parent involved (who has ignored your e-mail, voice mail and snail mail), etc...but it is YOUR fault that Little Johnny is failing and don't you know Basket ball is how he is going to succeed in life because he is the LeBron James)
  14. Wouldn't life support need some UOO & AE?
  15. Right now 12/12 body 1 (Pop goes the weasle)
  16. It has a protective element. The generator can dispel it, but otherwise if it is up the inhabitant is protected... Basically trying to make GL Power bubbles...
  17. Real hard time building a power I know it is a linked barrier and life-support. Basically the Barrier is a 4" Length (free floating) globe. The globe has life support inside it. The power is intended as a prison/rescue device
  18. I always liked the name Gazelle ...
  19. JmOz

    Automan thoughts

    Yes to the above. Cursor is the one who could change into any vehicle (so the car in question)
  20. So back in the 80's there was a TV show called Automan. I was recently reminded about it while watching a Youtube video and realized that the main character is one of the most abusive builds EVER See the main character can summon a superhero through an unmovable OIF This summoned hero has a follower (or maybe it is a x2 hero summon) The follower can multiform into different vehicles....
  21. JmOz


    I don't think they are as linked as people want. If anything what we call racism is more often a subclass of Economic Classism. There is another part to racism, which comparatively is minor. The problem is that class also effects behavior. We want to think that are behavior should not affect how things happen. Middle class individuals are taught to handle things in a more submissive attitude. Individuals from poverty get confrontational. When statistics are looked at that compare wealth levels we see similar numbers across wealth (except for Hispanics for some reason, not sure why) regarding violence. I can't find statistics on police brutality by race & Economic class. Now one issue I do agree is that people get suspicious. However I keep feeling (and I have 0 proof) that a lot of that comes from us focusing on race instead of class. This is one time where as we try to cure racisim we may be making the problem worse. Note, not saying it does not exist, just that our tactic of combating it is not working and we should look at changing the tactics we use (Concentrate on similarities instead of differences)
  22. JmOz


    In Prestidigitation (Stage magic) the first thing you do is draw attention to what you are NOT doing. That is what I feel that racism is being used for, note not saying it does not exist, saying if we focus on it then we are not focusing on fixint the real problem of a lower ecconomic class getting more and more shod upon ...
  23. I ask forgiveness if this triggers anyone The problem in this country is not racism (It still struggles with it, but it is a minor issue) It is Economic classism However, when you look at the economic situation you find that...It really should be #poorlivesmatter I am just so sick of it. Until we deal with THOSE issues, and frame them AS SUCH we ain't gaining an inch
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