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  1. That's the stuff I proposed in the Acid Arrow.
  2. Thanks for well wishes, all. I'm home now, but still gonna have to stay out of this one. I hope to be in shape for the next draft.
  3. Back from the hospital after another relapse. Gastrointestinal distress to the point where I was severely dehydrated and vomiting continuously. Still can't eat yet. Solid food makes me gag. I'm getting pretty sick of this whole routine. On the plus side, I lost a lot of weight.
  4. I've been in the hospital for the past few days, so I may have to drop out of this one. Just feeling very sick. Sorry about that.
  5. DETECTIVE, The world's best, Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze!
  6. Gustav Klimt is a painter whose most famous work is called The Kiss.
  7. My SPEEDSTER is the original Quicksilver (1940) aka Max Mercury!
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