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  1. Sixty years ago today, Mr. Ed Wood threw out Plans 1-8 and launched the ninth plan into outer space!
  2. My final secondary domain, which I don't think is taken by anything else, yet. The art of brines and broths, seasonings and spices, soups and stews and sweets. You can eat to survive, or you can eat to thrive. The Art of Cookery, the Culinary Arts of creating delicious food and succulent recipes. (The Amamaun cuisine is not to everyone's tastes, with the lack of fire under the sea, but can still be surprisingly tasty.)
  3. I wondered if anybody was going to give our world magic.
  4. /callback If Kang were to be the villain in an upcoming feature (which would be cool), the probability is high that we would also see Immortus. Which would be cool.
  5. Secondary Domain! Rebastia was playing with the water, observing it's many forms, when he accidentally stumbled upon the cold. Suddenly there was ice, snow, hail, it was beautiful and foreboding. He decided to share this gift with the world, but it was far too dangerous to be a constant. Instead, it would have its season, its special time. Secondary domain: Winter
  6. If you boil a funny bone it becomes a laughing stock. That's humerus.
  7. Interference! Rebastia was not happy about seeing the undead rise from their graves no matter the cause. This was, however, Arepo's decision, and well within her right as the Goddess of Death and Rebirth. But he didn't have to like it. And he didn't have to make it easy on them. And so he cursed them, as only the God of Time could. He stole some of their personal time, which slowed them down beyond normal humanoid time. Compared to the other races, the undead would appear sluggish, slothful. This could have the side effect of extending their lives, too, but who knew what their natural life spans would be as unnatural, unliving creatures? Interference: The slowness of undeath. (So now you know. That's why zombies move so slow.)
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