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  1. That was a closer loss than I expected. My team is looking decidedly mediocre so far. I mean, we could still beat the Dolphins...
  2. The Jags lost in a gut-wrenching manner yesterday. For those that did not see it (most of you, I'd wager; I mean, it's the Jags), we scored a desperation TD in the final minute to pull within one point. Then we decided to go for two. We could have tied it with thirty seconds left, but we trusted our minimally-effective offense to win the game instead, and to absolutely nobody's surprise, they failed. It was a bad play call. A horrible play call. A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad call. Was overtime a guaranteed win? Of course not, but it was a better chance than what we got. The whole game was a forgettable affair for both sides... except for that last call. And we're still without Foles, too, of course. Gonna be a long season.
  3. When a clever quip blossoms into a full fledged pun, is it .... Completely groan?
  4. The Jets QB has mono. When's the last time you heard that on the injury report?
  5. Water found for first time on 'potentially habitable' planet https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-49648746
  6. Florida Resort Allows Guests To Swim With Miami Dolphins
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