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  1. I'm not so much cranky as sad. I figure writing this might help. Last week, on Halloween night, a black cat tried to adopt me. I thought it belonged to a neighbor because I've seen it around before, but apparently it's just a neighborhood cat. It was the nicest cat I've ever met, not scared at all. I ended up petting it much longer than I should have because Dex (my tabby) is quite territorial and hates other cats. It tried to come in, but I wouldn't let it. It seems it stayed outside of my window for the rest of the night. A couple days later I saw it again, and I petted it. It's a long hair and the fur is matted with bits of sticks in it. Again, so friendly. It has one bad eye and a bit of ear is missing. All it wants is some human attention and care. I can't adopt it though because of Dex. I totally would if I could, it's very sweet. Then it found the back of the house and the cat door. It came inside and started eating Dex's food. Fortunately Dex was lazing elsewhere and didn't see it. I had to put it out and give it a bit of a scare to get it to stay out, which was very tough. That night it came back and tried to get in again, but Dex was there. The resulting cat fight was so loud it woke me up at the other end of the house. I haven't seen the cat since. I think Dex made his point clear. I can't help but feel that I raised a bully. This poor black cat was no danger to anyone, it was just alone and scared. My heart is still breaking over it. Then that poor black cat on MNF made the news and I nearly cried thinking about how scared my little friend was. I hope he's not gone from the neighborhood, even if I can't adopt him myself. I wish so much Dex could tolerate other cats, but there's nothing to be done for that now. I even named the poor black cat, though it doesn't know that. I'm heartbroken.
  2. Japan is Getting an Awesome Life-Sized Godzilla Theme Park Attraction https://geektyrant.com/news/japan-is-getting-a-life-sized-godzilla-theme-park-attraction
  3. Doctor: I have bad news. You only have 10 to live. Me: Ten? Ten what? Ten years? Ten months? TEN DAYS??? Doctor: Nine... eight... seven...
  4. Neither team was really worthy of being hated.
  5. I don't think it's going to happen. However, the NFL wants a permanent home there and it may as well be the semi-homeless Chargers. It'll prolly be the Jags, though. They've been gearing u for it for years.
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