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  1. For my support pick, the one character from ST:Voyager I liked, The Doctor.
  2. For my first option, I select the location/vehicle the Rocinante, starship from The Expanse.
  3. I loved the first half of the 80s. Then we moved and everything in my life fell apart. But I still have a lot of fond memories of the good times, so I'll give it a solid B.
  4. 6 was scared of 7 because 7,8,9 but why did 7 eat 9? Because you’re supposed to eat three squared meals a day. I'm so sorry.
  5. That's more of a psychological illness than a physical one.
  6. I'm not much into Con exclusives or even Funko Pops in general, but I want this!
  7. My team's Smart Guy is Naomi Nagata, via The Expanse.
  8. They thought it was the science teacher's car, obviously.
  9. Me: I'm terrified of random letters. Therapist: You are? Me: (Screams) Therapist: I see. Me: (Scream intensifies)
  10. Pariah's clearly thinking along similar lines having already sniped me for Sam. My team's Big Guy, Ka D'Argo (Via Farscape)
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