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  1. Re: Megascale Move(damage) question If he hits with OCV -[infinity], then he achieves whatever effect he wants and the GM agrees to. And he's paste, goo, a smear / smudge, pancake, bug on a windshield. No resurrection, no regeneration (every cell has been atomized), game over, make a new character. If you've got to use Megascale movement as an attack, that's how desperate you've got to be.
  2. Re: Firewalling Mental Attacks How about the equivalent of "Cover"? The mentalist hides behind a bystander.
  3. Re: Accumulating points Yup, and if the skill has a base time-to-perform that is long already, you might have to wait a while.
  4. Re: Accumulating points This kind of stuff (huge Advantage multiplier on small base cost) is why a minimum cost is recommended. E.g. if you have to buy 4d6 Telepathy at a minimum, abuses become more difficult.
  5. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  6. Re: Batman's Origin Story But Batman couldn't get close to hurting Superman, because Batman isn't magically strong! Of course, Superman isn't that susceptible to magic, he only faked losing to Captain Marvel. And Thor? as if! Poser!!
  7. Re: "Neat" Pictures The maggots expel "eggs" at escape velocity. The adult forms don't travel. Shoot out enough eggs and viola! Shrunken planet.
  8. Re: Where else do you roll down? I say change it for 6th edition - SOMETHING has to change so it'll be able to advertise NEW AND IMPROVED! And this way, no real change is necessary!
  9. Re: Money is no object... The real stuff would be bases, vehicles, followers and contacts. Your own island, armored "yacht", corp of experts to research whatever you need, spies and informants, etc. Not what you asked for, but IRL you could be Batman without the martial arts. You can always hire people to beat someone up, the trick is to know what's going on.
  10. I sometimes wonder if Einstein would be as famous / popular if he didn't produce a catchy equation. How many people know about Feynman or ... some other famous historical scientist? Can a 'random thought' be a statement? Seems like they are all questions.
  11. I'm surprised no one brought up the scene from Bruce Almighty, where Bruce makes a monkey come out of a thug's butt. Actually calls it a butt monkey.
  12. Don't forget the special effects. Missile Deflection can be lots of things, same for your missile. Why can't it be deflected? How does the Missile Deflection work? You can buy AE-1hex accurate and a load of skill levels, but what is it? If it's a heat seeker and the Missile Deflection is a wall of ice, then the missile should be deflected. It's not just numbers. [edited to make clearer the "it blocks heat" special effect of missile deflection]
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