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  1. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? Fine with me. In fact, I am somewhat disappointed that I read the thread first as I believe I could be much more original if I haven't. For what I understand, there is evidence that Alexander, but not Gengis, was a great fighter. If you read my description, it was in this condition that I added him. I also have objections to the Kahn, as I have a hard time justifying the numerous massacres he ordered. Still, this man rise from a small chief to the greatest conqueror of all time. Certainly, he have was an exceptional ch
  2. Re: 7 heroes summoned through time: who are they? My own list, partially based in great suggestions above: Nicolas Tesla or Leonardo da Vinci -- if any man was a gadgeteer in Champions sense, would be one of them Sir Richard Burton -- explorer, linguist, spy, the generalist skill type Alexander the Great -- we should have cavalry in great style Miyamoto Musashi -- probably the best swordsman ever Gengis Kahn -- we need a conqueror, why not the greatest of all? Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac -- duelist, writer and a strange figure to add, especially if you include some of the lege
  3. Re: College Professor Skill Level Have being a professor for near 10 years, I think this is a fair assessment of the profession. Funny how people believe that as I have a Ph.D. in biology I would be an expert in all biological fields. However, in terms of gaming, I would rather simplify to a single skill. Regarding salaries, academia pay less money, but give a freedom not found in most jobs, which more than compensates the salary. At least to me and most of my coleagues. As such, individual choices are more important than salaries to determine if a person with Ph.D. would go
  4. Re: Your favorite Archetype examples in super hero comics Well, as much as I dislike Hal Jordan murdering several Green Lanterns, this, as far as I know, is part of the DCU's continuity. I can give you that the story is lame, however, even worse is ressurecting the man -- I just hated it. I used to be a DC boy, but the recent ressurection trend in the DC Universe is making it more and more like Marvel, especially with the Infinite Crisis (I read only up to #2, no spoilers please) hinting a back to the Silver Age DCU. I am now considering reading only author controled books to
  5. Re: Your favorite Archetype examples in super hero comics Brick: The Thing Energy Projector: Green Lantern (any but Hal Mass Murderer Jordan will do) Gadgeteer: Brainiac 5 Martial Artist: The Question (although he's much more the detective -- a missing archetype) Mentalist: Martian Manhunter Metamorph: Martian Manhunter Mystic: John Constantine Patriot: I don't like patriots, would Black Adam qualify? Powered Armor: Rocket Red Speedster: Flash (Jay or Wally but not Barry) Weapons Master: Green Arrow
  6. Re: Which supers movies were better than you expected, which were worse? Fantastic Four -- I went expecting a really lame movie, and it was somewhat decent. Daredevil -- I thought it would be at least fair, but is rather poor indeed. The director's cut DVD version is significantly better. Darkman -- I've little expectations and this movie turned to be rather good. In most others I just got what I expected for.
  7. Re: Kong: the movie I watched it last friday and it rocks. The best version so far, not hard as Jackson followed closely the original movie while incorporating Ann's sympathy for Kong from the 1979 version.
  8. Re: Character Post: Gil Grissom I would also increase his Entomology skill (there is a typo in the write up), as I understand that this is the area he got his Ph.D. and he is an authority in the forensic community. I agree with Bob Greenwade that Terri Miller would be a suitable contact.
  9. Re: Champs Worldwide: Whaddya want? I would like to see some less heroic super characters, such as a group of supers that took an island in the pacific and are trying to create their own kind of society without the interference of the rest of the world, or some sort of Foundation that concentrates in human aid efforts through superagents. Again, be careful about the stereotypes. Brazilians, as well as other South Americans nationals, are usually poorly portrayed in games. You may ask me directly if you want some assistance.
  10. Re: If Champions didn't exist... DC Heroes is one of my favorite games and I am pretty much interested in what the new owners of Pulsar will do with MEGS in the near future.
  11. Ron

    Character Sheet

    Re: Character Sheet Very nice, thanks.
  12. Re: TSR Alternity Actually, the rules were anything but AD&D. The game was skill based with several levels of success and a wounds system not much different from WEG's Star Wars. Although namely a class/level game, the four classes were nothing more than a set of advantages while levels were useless (you received experience points and after you have enough to achieve a new level you used the same points to buy new skills or improve the ones you already have). As a matter of fact, the six abilities were the only thing taken from AD&D. The game is pretty good to play an
  13. Re: Star Blazers/Capt. Harlock setting. I didn't knew that, but it makes perfect sense. I always thought that self sacrifice was the true spirit of the series, whereas was really strange to use the original Yamato hull.
  14. Re: Playing 3.5 after Fantasy Hero I know quite a few people that were not much in D&D and were excited with the release of D&D d20. Problem is, after a while all of them realised that the game itself wasn't that good, that they could do better with other systems, and if they want nostalgia, they would do better sticking with AD&D.
  15. Re: Another Bat-ty Campaign Idea I'm not sure, but this looks like Batman just previously to the Crisis. I haven't followed much stories from the late 70s and early 80s, but I think Bruce Wayne was living in a penthouse in Gotham downtown and he was actually training a group of superheroes called Outsiders. Finally, after the crisis, John Byrne, in The Man of Steel mini series established that an early version of the Batmobile was a common car with a mini crime lab in the trunk and other possible advancements. In fact, if Batman really want to maintain his secret identity, this is the onl
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