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  1. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign sorry for the late notice, guys but i'm on my wya to the hiospital er. thinki'm having a heart problm. i will let you know whatn ahppens
  2. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Oddly enough, I haven't had any problems for the last two days. With my luck, the repairman will be unable to find anything wrong. Then, it will die completely as soon as he pulls out of my driveway. I've studied the die roller docs that Starwolf provided and I've discovered a lot of things that I never knew it could do. I've integrated these new discoveries into my character sheets as needed, and things are looking a lot better. Unfortunately, during this process, I also discovered that I had been using Hero Designer improperly and, as a result, all of my characters have about a 6 point deficit in their xp. Since I couldn't figure out a way to rewrite them to get rid of that deficit, I've decided that my next 6xp on each will go to that deficit. I hope that's okay, James. Has anyone checked out the Professional Boxer Package Deal that I uploaded to the HD website? It's a lot more complete than the one in the books, and includes some maneuvers that a lot of folks never think of. My dad's a big boxing fan and I got a lot of the information from him. I decided to not include the "illegal" maneuvers... like secondary strikes with the elbow, hitting below the belt, headbutting, and the ever-popular earbiting. I'm also going to work up a Professional Wrestler package, and I'm accepting suggestions as to what maneuvers to include. Acting will, of course, be a required skill. See you all Thursday night (I hope)!
  3. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign It may take a while to enter this message. I keep having to re-establish a connection every few minutes. Just wanted to let you guys know that there is a possibility that I won't be online this Thursday. I'm still having problems with my cable service. This will be the third time this month that I've had to call tech support. Hopefully, the guy will actually fix the line this time instead of just slapping a bandage on it and hoping I'll go away. I'm beginning to suspect that there's something more going on than just squirrels. The first guy showed me a piece of gnawed cable, but the second guy didn't show me anything or say what he thought was the trouble. All he said was that he wouldn't be surprised if more people in this area were having the same trouble. Anyway, techie #3 is supposed to come out this Thursday morning. It remains to be seen whether he will do any good for me. The one bright spot in this whole thing is that the service rep I spoke to said he would issue a credit for the full month's service (or lack thereof). That's 50 bucks we don't have to worry about. Take care, guys (and Terrie!) Have a Merry Christmas!! Dale
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Oooooh... I like her (Objx). Great minds... run in the same gutter!
  5. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Have you checked your email recently? I sent them over a week ago... right after that message where I asked you what I was supposed to send you. I'll .zip 'em up and send them again.
  6. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Just a heads up, James! Now that I have all of the information for Mike Maloney, I'm going to redo his sheet and the ORPG node. As with Milo, this won't be anything major... just tightening things up. By the way, did anyone ever get around to making complete instructions and/or a tutorial for using the HERO Die Roller? I know it can do some things that I haven't used, just because I don't know all the little syntax rules. Gordon, I'll update the link to Sam's info on my site (which I haven't touched in about 2 weeks, dammitall). Later!
  7. Re: Warhammer 40K report on Santa Claus You forgot the offerings of baked pastries and the lactic secretions of the Terran mammal genus Bovidae. * repped *
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... oh my...
  9. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign ~waves~ I'm here! I did not get an equipment writeup, and I don't have Pulp HERO. I probably ought to get it, though, since it has equipment in it that I'd use for other genres. I wish I could afford to buy everything I want... ~pout~ Anyway, I'll keep looking in my email for the equipment page. And, I'll be there tonight as usual!
  10. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign Here's a little luck o' the Irish for 'im! Hope it helps!
  11. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign I just noticed... My rep power has finally gone over 100, and my total rep received is over 10 thousand!! I'm... so proud! I may cry!
  12. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... Since Shirley is a woman's name, that must make you a female troll. And, we all know that female trolls are called trollops. That would make you an English trollop... or tart. What flavor is another question altogether!
  13. Re: Gemini Ascendant Campaign ACK!! Yeah, I completely forgot that... I'll bundle them up and get them right out. BTW, speaking of chat logs and forgetting things... did we skip a week between October 19th and November 2nd? I seem to be missing a log file for that period... did we not play on 10/26?
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