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  1. Version 1.0


    Evelyn Patterson has been an ER Medical Doctor for around 5 years. One day when she was on the job a super-fight broke in the hospital. She tried to evacuate everyone she could during the fight. As she was trying to save a child in who was trapped by a steel beam. She was able to get the child loose but not before a huge explosion sent her flying. She ended up landing in the research wing of the medical college next door into the Entomology lab. Where they were experimenting with insect DNA. She knocked into a container of altered cricket DNA and a gene splicing agent. After it splashed all over her infusing with her DNA with insect DNA making her more powerful. In seconds she was transformed and her whole body burned she could think of nothing but wanting to sleep to get away from the burning. She walked out of the lab somehow made it all the way home where she fell on her bed and slept. When she awoke she felt different her senses were sharper she was faster and stronger than she ever was. She didn't know how strong she was and ended up breaking her bathroom to pieces. After a few days of experimenting she found she could leap 3 storey buildings with great ease and pushing it she could jump around 100 meters but when she hits the ground he has a habit of damaging property. Her strength has become incredibly enhanced and can easily lift 800 pounds with ease and when trying she can lift 25 tons she also found she could manipulate sound waves and see in the dark. She spent weeks testing her powers. Evelyn was forced into using them when her best friend came to visit her and they went out to dinner. On their way home, a man pulled a gun on them and threatened them even after giving everything over to the man. The assailant fearing that the two women would describe him to the police and shot at them. Evelyn new heightened reflexes allowed her to instinctively feel the path of the shot and get in the way in time to deflect the shots. Before she knew it she had broken the gun and knocked the man out by punching him through a wall in plain view of her best friend who freaked out and saw that her friend has power. So Evelyn told her everything that happened her best friends eye lit up and said to her "You know what you have to do now right you have to fight crime and be a superhero." They argued for a few days till Evelyn gave up and told her she would do it and her best friend said: "See I knew you would come around and being I knew you would I made you something." Her best friend being a tailor for superhumans made her a costume. Even though the costume is a little to form fitting for Evelyn's taste it does help provide her some more protection then her body already does.
  2. Version 1.0


    Wind Hammer AKA Melody A. Temple was a normal meteorologist till she was on an expedition to a strange weather anomaly that was happening in Alaska. As she and her weather team were researching this anomaly the weather pattern started to become violent as she began noticing what looked like two forms battling within the storm system. Before She could get a clear view she knocked unconscious. She awoke some time later to a silent expanse fresh with the wounds of a battle. Hovering before was the Wind Hammer. Its Glowing Symbols called to her and before she knew it she touched the hammer and was given powers of air and wind.
  3. Name: Ingrid Johanson Alias: Mute Age:20 Powers: Super Strength, Super Sonic Flight, Nigh-Invulnerability, Regeneration, Super Hearing, Skilled Martial Artist, Super Human Beauty, Super Endurance, Half-Empyrean Human Physiology, Limited Bio Energy projection. Description: Mute Got her powers at 19. Her mother was a Empyrean warrior and her father a world explorer. She had a very good life she was going to become a famous singer but on her 17 birthday an assassin wanted to kill her mother so they took her hostage to draw her mother to them. They tortured her over 9 hours they cut her vocal cords and she has not been able to speak since. Even with her powers of regeneration she still can't talk. After what happened to her she never wanted to feel powerless again to she learned to user her powers and use them well. Now she works as a super with no name but got the name mute because she never speaks because no one knows she can't.
  4. I will add some more later
  5. Just a few more. I have lots of images for characters and locations. Mostly posted alot of shadowrun images in the shadowrun forums but as of late I got a hold of alot of super images so let me post a few more Name: Julie Andrews Alias: Workers Spirit Age:32 Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability, No Need for Sleep, Earth Control, Able to Summon any tools needed for a job, Powers over construction and demolitions, Sledge Hammer can send a strong shock wave, Able to deflect bullets, Immune environmental effects such as extreme heat and cold. Description: Julie Andrews is a descendent of a Norse god. It's unknown to her which one and none of the Norse gods will say but she was left gifts on her 18th birthday and since then has been fighting back the forces of ice giants. When not fighting she works as a construction worker helping quickly fix damage done during super fights. She is strong willed like any demigod working their way up to becoming a goddess even as strong willed and arrogant she is kind at heart and will always put herself in danger to protect anyone who needs it. Name: Olga Xenia YezhovAlias: Soviet Super Woman Age:32 Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Invulnerability,Super Sonic Flight,Laser Vision, Enhanced Stamina, Brick Tricks Description:To this day it's unknown how Olga got her super powers some believe mutation other believe some kind of Russian experiment trying to make super soldiers or she is some kind Alien baby. No matter the truth it does not matter because now she uses them to protect mother Russia from any an all dangers. She got famous a super villain by Tundra try to destroy Moscow with a neutron bomb she was able to not only contain the blast but also stop tundra's Nazi undead army from invading from space. In her normal she is an ex-military solider who now works as a personal coach. She has a child unknown to her created by Tundra now training to take down soviet superwoman and replace her. A super with a great singing voice hmmmm Siren sounds like a good super name for her
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