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  1. I wanted to know can you turn an advantage on or off if you paid for it ? Just like the say you can't take a dis-advantage that not really a dis-advantage. So if I have selective on a power can I choose not to use selective if I don't want too ?
  2. I wanted to know is there a good area of effect defense ?
  3. Thanks guys I found the page for the rules on mega scale. Also I don't need 1m - 10m after reading it.
  4. If you have teleport 1m and you put mega scale 1m = 10km can you teleport to any number between 1m to 10km ? so with that could I teleport lets day 9m with in that mega scale ? I'm not really good with math so I got a little confused when another player tried to explain it to me.
  5. Ok so what is the point of a DCV thing for velocity if you could just get out of most peoples range before they can shoot at you ?
  6. If mega scale is full phase does that not mean it takes them a full phase to get to the max range and if the phase is not done yet before someone attacks then could they not hit ?
  7. So I have a PC and a NPC both going on the same phase. One PC wants to use Mega Scale Flight to move out of range of the NPC's bow. Now because he using Mega Scale I believe that His action to move at 48,000km is happening at the same time. SO as he is flying out he would still be with in range but his DCV would go up. I rolled she got three one's so I said she hit. He is not trying to tell me no everything does not happen at the same time. Can some one tell me if all the action during a single phase happen at the same time which explains why he would still be in range for a shot happening the same phase.
  8. I'm building an archer and I wanted to build a power that would save people falling from a building by creating a cushion on the ground for them by the archer shooting the ground and the arrow explodes releasing a foam for a soft landing for a one who lands on it.
  9. I'm will to GM a superhero game if you want to play. I've been looking for a superhero game to play in but if no one is willing to run I will do it. SO let me know if you want to play.
  10. Version 1.0


    Evelyn Patterson has been an ER Medical Doctor for around 5 years. One day when she was on the job a super-fight broke in the hospital. She tried to evacuate everyone she could during the fight. As she was trying to save a child in who was trapped by a steel beam. She was able to get the child loose but not before a huge explosion sent her flying. She ended up landing in the research wing of the medical college next door into the Entomology lab. Where they were experimenting with insect DNA. She knocked into a container of altered cricket DNA and a gene splicing agent. After it splashed all over her infusing with her DNA with insect DNA making her more powerful. In seconds she was transformed and her whole body burned she could think of nothing but wanting to sleep to get away from the burning. She walked out of the lab somehow made it all the way home where she fell on her bed and slept. When she awoke she felt different her senses were sharper she was faster and stronger than she ever was. She didn't know how strong she was and ended up breaking her bathroom to pieces. After a few days of experimenting she found she could leap 3 storey buildings with great ease and pushing it she could jump around 100 meters but when she hits the ground he has a habit of damaging property. Her strength has become incredibly enhanced and can easily lift 800 pounds with ease and when trying she can lift 25 tons she also found she could manipulate sound waves and see in the dark. She spent weeks testing her powers. Evelyn was forced into using them when her best friend came to visit her and they went out to dinner. On their way home, a man pulled a gun on them and threatened them even after giving everything over to the man. The assailant fearing that the two women would describe him to the police and shot at them. Evelyn new heightened reflexes allowed her to instinctively feel the path of the shot and get in the way in time to deflect the shots. Before she knew it she had broken the gun and knocked the man out by punching him through a wall in plain view of her best friend who freaked out and saw that her friend has power. So Evelyn told her everything that happened her best friends eye lit up and said to her "You know what you have to do now right you have to fight crime and be a superhero." They argued for a few days till Evelyn gave up and told her she would do it and her best friend said: "See I knew you would come around and being I knew you would I made you something." Her best friend being a tailor for superhumans made her a costume. Even though the costume is a little to form fitting for Evelyn's taste it does help provide her some more protection then her body already does.
  11. Ok so I uploaded a text file of the character sheet. So far when I ask him what he wants to play. He seems to want a character who is so intelligent he can warp reality. He uses tat to change who he is to be like ben 10 and be able to change into at least 5 other forms. This is his first form called Alpha. Then he can copy other heroes Chance Powers.TXT
  12. I have a player who wants to play a reality warping ben 10 who is super intelligent. Can someone help me figure out how to get him what he wants with out being to OP ? Alpha - More Balanced 3- 400.hdc
  13. Version 1.0


    Wind Hammer AKA Melody A. Temple was a normal meteorologist till she was on an expedition to a strange weather anomaly that was happening in Alaska. As she and her weather team were researching this anomaly the weather pattern started to become violent as she began noticing what looked like two forms battling within the storm system. Before She could get a clear view she knocked unconscious. She awoke some time later to a silent expanse fresh with the wounds of a battle. Hovering before was the Wind Hammer. Its Glowing Symbols called to her and before she knew it she touched the hammer and was given powers of air and wind.
  14. Hello Everyone I wanted to know does Penetration on an attack go through Absorption As Defense ? Anyone ???
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