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  1. I see.. So I guess what you're saying is that I'm wasting my time, no one is interested.
  2. I've work on my Academy Project for awhile. However, which group should I finish next?
  3. Definitely school uniforms, definitely. Wapner is on in 3 minutes...
  4. Have some time I've completed the Jaeger Institute, which is part of my Academy project. The Jaeger Institute is school for female super-villain in service to the super-villain The Vaterschmerz or the Father of Pain, who's also in truth Josef Mengele. abheben.htm adolpha.htm blindfury.htm coterie.htm donner.htm fenris.htm garm.htm Jaeger Institute.HTML heulen.htm rotenstulpen.htm schulleiterin.htm verblassen.htm
  5. "Ha Ha ha...I am Spartan 3.00. All who look upon me do so with awe. With my mighty shield no virus, malware, or Trojan shall pass. With my mighty spear I am invincible taking out corrupted coding with a mighty thrust. Ha...Ha..Ha... I am Spartan 3.00 the latest and mightiest AI in the world."
  6. I remember that last time that QM did a post on my thread about the Academy. He gave it a Bump Resource. I felt really good about this. He'll be missed on these boards. The Arc...
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