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  1. The Arc

    Rah Rah Fu!


    Cheerleader Marital Arts, originally posted on the GGU
  2. Senior Citizen Squad Attack!!!
  3. Eventually...Need to look into it again...Not sure how often I'll post a new character.
  4. Yes, I haven't bought HDv3 yet and our site is all 5th ed. So it's the system I'm most familiar with.
  5. Okay I haven't done one of these in quite awhile. I've decided to just work on stuff I think is interesting. I did this drawing back near the end of November and someone said they liked it a lot. So I finally got around actually done a write up. So without further ado I present.... Yum Yum Unknown Character Sheet (http://www.uber-world.com/characterpage.php?cid=1035) Background The last thing she remembered before landing face first on the concrete was the thwack of the bat as it struck her head from behind. Pain blossomed like fireworks in her face as her nose shatter
  6. Re: Query's Art & Stuff Thread Does her mom know she's dressing like that??
  7. Re: Alternate terms for "superhumans"? In the Uberworld Universe, super-powered beings are known as Ubers, because super-powered beings started appearing in numbers during WWII.
  8. Re: Query's Art & Stuff Thread Kawaii! I wish I could doodle like that when I'm bored with my homework. But alas poor Yorick, I must struggle on with understanding acid base realationships, factoring polynomials, and which country killed off the most native populations during the Columbian Exchange. I'd rep ya, but you know the Chinese Fire Drill.
  9. Re: Around the World With A New Character Each Week #158 STAR FIST (Slovakia) STAR FIST Alena Štefánik Character Sheet (Click Here) Background The finals at University of Bratislava had been brutal, and Alena needed a serious break from all the studying she had been doing for months. When her friend Anna suggested that they go skiing in the High Tatras Mountains, Alena jumped at it. She quickly packed her Yugo and away she went. Her Yugo might have been a relic from a bygone day, but at least it worked, and Alena had stopped paying attention to that 'Check Engine So
  10. Re: Around the World With A New Character Each Week Black-Ops, I hope you don't mind that I edited Evolina. Any ways, this brings us up to Slovakia.
  11. Re: Around the World With A New Character Each Week #157 EVOLINA KHAN (Singapore) EVOLINA KHAN Doctor Eve Adams-Khan Character Sheet (Click Here) Background It was all Evol Khans' fault. Well, in so far that he is really Dr. Eve Addams-Khans' father, despite the nasty rumor Eve is Evol Khan's clone. Eve is actually the daughter of one of Evol Khans' concubines. Later, when Eve showed some promise, Evol Khan actually adopted her, a rare treat for one of his bastard children. There is not much doubt who her father was and so when Eve was only twelve year
  12. #155 FLAIR (Seychelles) Flair Felicite Laroche / Lang Far Character Sheet (Click Here) Background Felicite's mother along with three of her sisters fled Hong Kong for Seychelles fearing that the Chinese were going to take over the city from the British earlier than was planned. Her mother was a famous actress from the seventies in Hong Kong along with her sisters who were known as the Seven Sisters of Shaolin. Felicite's mother married a fisherman in Victoria. Her mother and her sisters set up a home, while her father kept out of the way on his boat. Growin
  13. Re: Around the World With A New Character Each Week Vaterschmerz Mastermind Doctor Crab Professor
  14. Re: Around the World With A New Character Each Week I'm going ahead and do a character for Seychelles. Haven't got any response from Gmurie. I hope to have Flair done by this weekend.
  15. Re: Around the World With A New Character Each Week That would be fine. Are you still interested?
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