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  1. "Ha Ha ha...I am Spartan 3.00. All who look upon me do so with awe. With my mighty shield no virus, malware, or Trojan shall pass. With my mighty spear I am invincible taking out corrupted coding with a mighty thrust. Ha...Ha..Ha... I am Spartan 3.00 the latest and mightiest AI in the world."
  2. These are the 3 versions I've done of Nightfire. Nightfire The original version. Nightfire The second version to better fit into Steel City. The third version to fit with the color scheme for the Outkasts.
  3. Magni and Modi What started as a meeting between gangs soon devolved into a riot. Without Hightower things quickly took a serious turn to the worse. The papers dubbed the incident the Freedom Park Massacre. Things could've been worse if Power and Shingon hadn't intervened. The Einherjar were one of the gangs who met that day in Freedom Park. Their leader was Black Phoenix the daughter of the 70's super-heroine Freya Washington. After the dust settled her cousins took over the Einherjar using the names of Magni and Modi. Black Phoenix has since joined the Outkasts.
  4. This one takes a little practice. 1. click Criar! 2. On the right side of the screen click the American flag for English. 3. On the left side you click on the model drop down. This'll let you select Super/Amazon/Athlete/Brute. 4. Before actually picking parts click onto the Physical which allows you to select tall, short, etc... 5. You must select a model before selecting an item. 6. Using the Type of Item drop downs to select the item you want to use. Just Double Click. 7. You can actually advance or retreat on the item selection using the Selected Item left and right arrows on the right side of the screen.
  5. Helsdottir v2 Been meaning to update this image for sometime now and now I can.
  6. So I just visited the Fabrica website and now you can download FH14. For those who remember when it was free it only allowed the Super model to be used. However, with this download you can use all the other models. Whoo-hooo.... Anyways, if anyone wants a link to the download it is here: http://www.fabricadeherois.com/p/downloads.html
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