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  1. Just thought of this, never seen it anywhere, may use it for my actual headstone if my family will cooperate. Wish you were here. Sorry, just a little pandemic gallows humor, KA.
  2. Actually a date-witch could be a great idea, either as a spell-caster specializing in love spells of a temporary nature, or as a cookie, that would offer an alternative to Fig Newtons.
  3. My second copy is still shrink-wrapped. 😁 Many years ago, a small game store (in Texas maybe) listed one on Ebay. Just for the heck of it, I sent an email and asked if they had any more. The said that they had several copies that were brand new and still wrapped up in plastic. I think I may have even posted something here to let the other Hero fans know. ka.
  4. Because you should be. For those who do not know . . . Holey Moley is a combination of really extreme mini-golf and Wipeout. The hosts are funny, the holes are insane, it is just plain fun to watch.
  5. I agree with the previous posters, it sounds like it will be exactly as simple, or complicated, as the player/character wants to make it. It is a lot like having a player that wants to play "The Loner", you know the rugged individualist that doesn't get along with anyone or work well with groups. The player has to come up with reasons why this person is going to be a member of the group and not constantly running off on their own and arguing with the rest of the team over every decision that is made. The player just needs to come up with a character that has, as th
  6. It sounds like you are going for a Joker/Arcade type villain, outwardly "fun" but inwardly cold and unfeeling, with little regard for human life. Knowing that The Joker never had a problem sacrificing a henchman for a good joke, I though of a more "classic" type of Whack-a-mole. The heroes are presented with a certain number of Henchmen (the moles) who pop up out of a hole, and the heroes are required to "whack" them, by knocking them out. The difficulties are: The attacks used to "whack" have to do at least some Body (no NND's , no Ego Attacks,
  7. I have to agree with the previous posters. Using "luck" as a special effect would be fine, and with some Luck as a power thrown in, it would be a perfectly good build for a villain. However, to me, a villain that was based on a massive amount of the Luck power may as well be called Professor GM Fiat. If you have too many players and would like to reduce or eliminate your group, this may be a way to go, otherwise, not so much. Imagine being a player who had to face a villain whose build was basically "You are going to do stupid things which are beyond yo
  8. KA.

    Automan thoughts

    "The Spade is the Sword of Justice, its rapier marks the end." I think that was the quote, I am going from memory, not Google. Some of the narration I remember is funny, and/or chilling looking back on it with a more jaded eye. The main character would explain, in voiceover, how he had learned whatever skill he was performing on screen while he was in prison. Something along the lines of: "When you're in prison, learning acrobatics is a good idea." Soooo, when you are in prison, you would need the acrobatics to . . . 1) Avoid your cellmate after ligh
  9. Without giving it too much thought . . . I think the key to Mimicry would not necessarily be how well you "project" (which would be PRE), but how well you "perceive" the sounds other people make, in order to imitate them. Which would lead me more to INT. Personally, I don't think of myself as having any real musical talent, I can pick out a tune on a piano, but that is about it. However, when dating a girl who owned a violin, I was able to produce a recognizable tune from that after a few minutes, never having played one before, because I knew exactly what the
  10. Based on evidence that someone on the internet that shares my world view presented, I am extremely sure that whatever side I am opposed to is acting in a corrupt and irresponsible manner and will ultimately be held accountable for this entire event. However, as a Libertarian, the only person I support and believe in is myself, and therefore everyone else is on the side I am opposed to. Just letting everyone else in the world know that I am not fooled and I will be holding all of you accountable. Just kidding, ka.
  11. I have only seen 10 or 12 episodes of Combat, but I liked what I saw, and have thought of buying some on DVD. One thing I pointed out to my wife that was probably unique when the show originally aired, was the fact that there were basically two main stars that alternated back and forth seemingly at random. This helped solve one of the main problems with any dramatic series about war, which is, you always knew that the main character was never going to die in an episode, no matter what danger they seemed to be in, because they had to be back for the next episode. However, with two mai
  12. This is slightly off topic, and not addressed at anyone involved in this thread, but reading some of the comments has brought something to mind that I have been thinking about for some time. Also, if the tone seems a bit heated, I apologize in advance, but this is a topic that has been bothering me for a while, again, none of this is addressed to those posting in this thread. Over the many years of my sporadic RPG career, I have done a roughly equal amount of time as a GM and as a Player. I enjoyed both. I enjoyed playing because all I had to do was show up wi
  13. I just watched my first, and probably last, three minutes of Batwoman. I have not been following the "Arrowverse" for a couple of years, and I haven't seen or heard anything to really make me want to watch Batwoman, but I also didn't have anything against it. So, I was flipping channels and I saw what I think was the first few minutes of tonight's episode. A train was gaining speed and flying through the stations instead of stopping. It appeared that the computer controls had failed. A man in a control room (Luke Fox? at least accordi
  14. Spence, Thanks for the comments. Back when we used to play it that way, it definitely worked both ways, it a hero made a full move at a mook, the mook got his shot. If a villain made a full move at a hero, the hero got his shot. It worked the same for everyone. Again, I accept the rules as written, I just didn't get it back then. I think part of the problem was thinking about it in terms of time. The way we played it, again this was based on a limited understanding of the rules, was that if you had a SPD of 4 and there were 12 seconds in a Round, the
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