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  1. Re: Ultimate Scrapper? I just re-read Spidey vs. Firelord this morning - go Spidey!!! It is probably about as cheesy as they come but it is an amusing story none the less. The fact is that Spidey can beat anyone in the Marvel Universe - he is the flagship character after all!
  2. Re: Works Well in the Source Material, not so Well in the Game Time loops and time travel are two things that work well in the source material but usually go kablooey when PCs get involved. The Time Loop is immensly boring if you have to go through it more than a couple of times generally. One way of getting it to work is to have the PCs come in at the start of the 'last loop' and then to discover that they have been trapped in the loop for x number of repititions. Of course, this only works with loops that you don't remember so it doesn't work for the Korvac/Captain America style ti
  3. Re: Top Five vs The Unknown Menace! My picks: 1) Superman - Raw power, inspiration, doesn't give up. 2) Martian Manhunter - Just a mote behind the man above; plus telepathy and shapechanging! 3) The Spectre - To deal with any magical/cosmic stuff that's going on. 4) Thor - Incredible raw power plus can lend a hand on the cosmic front. Now I'm torn here... I need a genius of sorts to round out this team and also someone to keep everyone on their toes. Tempted by Iron Man, Reed Richards or John Henry Irons... but in the end I'm going to plump for... 5) Batman - Lacks th
  4. Re: Free Will Anyone who is anyone would oppose such a move with every fiber of their being. The one fundamental thing that virtually everyone dislikes is being told what to do. Imagine that multiplied up to the whole world? Sure some people will convert to a cause, but the vast majority don't like other people interfering with our free will. Take a real world pseudo-example - ID Cards. Why do a great number of citizens in countries (such as the UK) without ID cards oppose their introduction? They would not hinder law abiding people and could be useful for combating terrorism, f
  5. Re: Point Efficiency vs. Concept The problem the friend had is (I'm supposing from the thread title) that the powers could 'efficiently' all be lumped in with the suit for a cheeky OIF limitation on them all. This sort of thing has come up a lot when we play the hero system... the character who takes the mega-limiter on all of his powers (Only Works In City, OIF, Only At Night, etc.) outshines all the other PCs the majority of the time and then every so often becomes pretty rubbish for a bit. Hard one to workaround without disallowing half the limitations in the game. I wouldn't
  6. Re: Countering the Speed Zone How about if you bought the Transdimensional advantage for your DCV. Maybe a guy like Slade who can't move in the Speed Zone himself but can react fast enough to still have some defence against someone in the zone. Of course you still couldn't see him coming - however I'd be inclined to allow a simple transdimensional on sight allow someone outwith the zone see in. Transdimensional damage shield also works. Being extremely tough works as well. My main thoughts about the Speed Zone involve aborting to it. If you abort to the Speed Zone when
  7. Re: Power Defense Sure there is a comic 'bit' for Power Defence. What about every group of heroes who are weakened by an enemies mysterious power sapping rays - all save one who has someone resisted the effect or been too powerful for it to overcome? What about every time the Scarlet Witch/Dr. Fate/insert hero here has muttered the immortal lines "My Hex/Power of Nabu/Widget must have protected me from that effect which took out the rest of the heroes!"? What about Plastic Man and his ilk who just refuse to be affected by transforms, drains, etc? Turn me into a pig will you
  8. Re: Kryptonians, Asgardians and Spectres! Oh My! Some great ideas there with the mythical beasts. He could have petrification attacks, breath weapons, spiky bits , and a whole plethora of unusual abilities!!! The only problem would be knowing where to stop. I think I'll work with this and maybe a few ultra-large forms like dinosaurs, maybe a Kong like giant ape form would be nice as well. The Hel info is useful... there is actually an underlying thematic device about duality that it would be great to bring her into. To fulfill it I would have to make her half human and half machine b
  9. Re: Martian Manhunter Question and other oddities Back just after the crisis Superman couldn't breathe in space and took a few minutes to reach the moon. Before long all that changed and by the time he came back from the dead he could super-oxygenate his lungs for extended space action and could whizz between here and the moon in no time. Fast forward to Our Worlds At War and breathing didn't even seem to be a consideration (saying that, even the Flash was hand-waved to freely breathe (and RUN!!!!!!) in space at that point it seemed) and he could cover pretty much any distance w
  10. Re: Martian Manhunter Question and other oddities I always liked Adam Strange... I think the first story he featured in that I ever read was one involving Kanjar Ro and his Gamma Gong. His plan was to visit Rann with its triple sun system that would make him 3 times more powerful than Superman, 3 times more willfull than GL, 3 times bustier than Wonder Woman, etc. That's when you knew it was the Silver Age... when crazy sh*t like that worked and then Adam Strange thwarted him with a bit of metal from his home planet. Superb. As I recall he got a lift from GL in that one. Some t
  11. Re: Martian Manhunter Question and other oddities I always thought Rann was supposed to be too far away for Supes to easily reach. However Green Lantern is a different story seeing as Oa is away at the centre of the Universe. Still, you don't want to be reliant on your mates all the time, eh? Spaceflight travel times are one of the most bizarre things about comics and in general characters speeds vary tremendously based on the needs of the story. I recall one in particular were Superman and GL were off doing a tour of the solar system on their lunch-break or something similar which i
  12. Howdy all and sundry, I'm about to run a short mini-campaign which is set some years in the future from an old campaign that I ran a few years back. Basically it is going to be a bit of a free for all with the Norse Gods turned nasty pulling a kind of supplant the heroes in the public eye and then eliminate them and rule the world kind of stunt. It'll feature a few battles with various enemies and a variety of investigation and natural disasters. As some background the four PC characters are described in broad strokes below: i) Superman - essentially the turn of the century
  13. Re: All Scots don't have 17 str! Well I have no problem wandering around the streets of Glasgow with a Claymore in each hand. But then I'm a STR 20 Scot and proud of it - even my wee sister is STR 18.
  14. Re: Group experience, tricks, powers, etc. Sounds an awful lot like a the Karma Pool mechanic from Shadowrun. Having just converted a bunch of Shadowrun characters into Hero, along with their team karma pools I bought it exactly like Rapier describes for each characters own pool. However for the group pool I had each character buy the skill levels usable by others and then handwaved the range/LOS requirements in exchange for the disadvantages of your karma being under group control.
  15. Kudos on TUS, a great read from start to finish. I have a few questions about the speed zone section though. 1) We use the optional velocity damage rules presented in the HERO System were damage is based on your velocity/turn. How would you suggest reconciling this with characters performing move by/through, etc. in the Speed Zone? If I'm moving in the zone at the Attospeed level and perform a 20" Move-By then my velocity is several times the speed of light! 2) The effect of attacks made in the Speed Zone don't occur till I drop out of the zone (or occur so slowly it seems this way.)
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