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  1. RIFTS game: We must retrieve a macguffin from town. the Wizard and Technician have created a distraction. On the way some guards ask us our business in town. We tell them purchasing hunting supplies. the Cyborg and my ManHunter have gone to the graveyard to dig the thing up. We are carrying a huge round package wrapped in tarps past the city guards, who have a dog-boy. We are made, and the (other) guards ask us what's in the package. Simultaneously we answer: Manhunter: Supplies. Cyborg: Night Soil.
  2. Man I want to DM that as a campaign
  3. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Observe and Minority Report
  4. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... RIFTS Our juicer is also a titan, so we had to get a bigger vehicle, that we lovingly nicknamed the deuce-n-three-quarters The super-mage was driving, and casting electrical attacks from the drivers seat: Cyborg: now the whole truck smells like ozone. Juicer: oh, I thought the cyborg had gas. the Tech Wizard is ambushed by a pack of Psi-Stalkers, who creepily describe him as delicious. other player: on the astral plane, your aura looks like a pack of smarties.[/url=http://www.candy.com/assets/images/venimg/cede%20candy/smarties.jpg] Later in the combat, the Tech Wizard has completely run out of action points, and is being dragged off the battlefield. The GM suggested that, if it lives, he should rename his character Flaily McFailson. My character is the roguish type, and has been stealing, looting, and palming items since our first adventure. Our group is traveling to the next town, looking for our contact. Later on we come across a barricade across the road, and our way is blocked by some gentlemen in armor. My character is in the back bed of the truck, resting. The cyborg is negotiating with the men. I heard the GM say "There's a thief using this road" so, feeling paranoid, I draw my matching pistols, and signal the juicer (also in back) that the shyte is about to hit the fan. This being a post-apocalyptic wasteland, that there was a fight was no surprise, really. But later the GM wondered why it had escalated so stinking quickly, he was genuinely curious. It turns out he had actually said "There's a fee for using this road" and a simple bribe would have gotten us by.
  5. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares All The President's Muggles
  6. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... There are two gaming stores in my town. I game at the bigger one, but I am also friendly with the owner of the one close to my house, we used to game together. He asked what I was into lately, cause he watches what I buy. So I told him I was in a RIFTS game, with different people. He just stared at me, knowing my preferences and history. So I told him why. I'm just going along for a few months, then I will do my best to channel them into Champions. Do they know this is why you're there? No. So you're poaching ? Yeah. That's like an issue of Knights of the Dinner Table. Yep, I'm recruiting from the Black Hands. Much laughter.
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine REBOOTED USA FIFTY The Wyoming Pronghorn
  8. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... from the aforementioned RIFTS game: "something's wrong with those juicers, they're like EXTRA twitchy" Times are tough after the Tollkeen War. You see a vagrant holding a sign that says Will NPC for Food My character is a speedy dude, with High Dex and obscene ground movement rate. The enemy Juicer tossed a grenade into our town's general store as an act of anarchy. When it did not immediately explode, I told the GM I was going in there, to see if I could toss the grenade where it would do no harm. I made all the dice rolls, so I was the hero, right? Well the GM made about 3 extra dice rolls. When asked why, he said GM: "As far as you know, no bystanders were hiding from the fight where you threw the grenade" Me: "and for that, we thank you."
  9. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Reader's Note: We assumed it was consensual.
  10. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... "Yes, I agree to play RIFTS." That is the quote of the week in my game group.
  11. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Words Fail.
  12. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine >>Night Demon rule 63 Night-Gaunt. And for this, we thank you.
  13. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares What about a complex movie, RPG campaign, or video game (take your pick) where all of the following movies apply equally. 1 2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 2 Star Wars 1977 3 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982 4 A Clockwork Orange 1971 5 Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 6 Blade Runner 1982 7 Alien 1979 8 Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991 9 Invasion of Body Snatchers 1956 10 Back to the Future 1985 So, to sum up: The monolith lets us know that the force is with us as we have first contact in our ultra-violent dystopia, while across town a more militarized 1st contact has taken place in that dystopia filled with replicants but secretly out in the suburbs xenomorphs are competing with berserkers and plant pods to kill a boy who's going to escape in a Delorean anyways. Its AFI's top ten rolled into one cross-genre nightmare.
  14. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares and they all wear crocs while doing so, and the product placement is the geico gecko.
  15. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Totoro helps steal a Submarine, and uses it to carry illicit cargo...
  16. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares "There is no Danae, only Zoolander"
  17. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... from Avengers, Convention Game: GM: You've been Reeded! Player: What? GM: You've been personally entangled by a stretchy villain Other Player: Richarded? Other Player: Fantasticated. GM: he's wrapped you up, you can't move. Player: Dicked.
  18. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares This.
  19. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Splifford the Big Weed Dog
  20. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Loose Change of Habit
  21. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Richard Attenborough's Life on Uranus
  22. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Sisterhood of the Traveling Panjandrum
  23. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I keep game books in the restroom in case of a "reading" session. So the other day I was carrying in a copy of THE ULTIMATE BRICK and my wife asked me if that was such a great idea.
  24. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares how did you get around the anti-caps-lock robot?
  25. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Horror Pron: Steven Thing's The Bangoliers
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