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  1. Oops Lumiere escaped. The PCs do not have the capability to deal with her when she's awake.
  2. Egyptoid


    Excelavore (Eater of Glory)
  3. Friday night highlights: The PCs trace down the Plutonium gang activities to Surry Nuke Power station, where there boss, King Snake, is stealing the last of what he needed for his earthquake device. Battle at nuke plant. main reactor core ruined, Doc D will have to build device to clean up the area; plot is semi-foiled. PCs will have to track down where rest of gang and items teleported unto. Villains captured: King Snake, Lumiere, Air-Hammer Villains escaped: Sneak Thief, Wild Wind, Glacier PC not present: Mister Foot.
  4. Finally got all the PC sheets online: alien commando - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DStR1UMIUOYgg0JyYwcVkIflmJBtpzphs_6NsOqt1-s/edit?usp=sharing doc dec - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-Emrhz2cUbiM8b0fbgisK2NL0m7JiB1eKAChO5I-KE0/edit?usp=sharing fire blossom - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1PxAXp3_6XyjTT6sm6DwSxjsPzCDp6Ljxas2YfrkZ9ig/edit?usp=sharing mr foot - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YIoxfdYroDsZOz2CYgfB21huTHHbvFSjW7WGi188Ols/edit?usp=sharing redeemer - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QnYv_W9X-x_7XbH2SzIiORZQiVq-hZInyzLOYBqfBoQ/edit?
  5. Golden Age I am not sure what your question means....
  6. Next Adventure tonight. the bank robbery will lead to tech thieves, who will lead to the nuke power station. I'm running the old module "Trouble for Havoc"
  7. Gauis Grandiloquos was born special, and his grandmother never let him forget it. At age 13 he was deemed Scion of Jupiter, and awarded the full armor of a soldier. His great power of Felix and Aquila (4d6 of Luck, Flight and +5 Perception) made him an invaluable vanguard for the Legions, who wanted to proclaim him Emperor, but he declined, famously saying We are not become Rome, We but serve Rome.
  8. Best bits: Alien Commando's character sheet is very short on cultural and campaign items. He knows nobody, knows almost nothing, has no job or other connections, so when we were trying to nail down where he might be during any given weekday, he claimed he was living on Doc Decibel's couch, eating his food and watching his cable to learn Earth culture. And, the player was not specific about which alien race he was, so I picked Korbinite (Beta Ray Bill) which will make for some interesting fodder later on. Also, his attempt to flip the APC over botched, so I ruled that his unluck
  9. also, no quotable quotes of the week, but there was this: https://twitter.com/Egyptoid/status/320496446166159360/photo/1 "I need you to show me here on the action figure here where the supervillain breached your armor"
  10. First adventure had, it was a hoot. Six of seven players showed. log book is here - https://sites.google.com/site/heroicsystems/Home/character-list/atl-avn-asn-log-book I fear for my players. the first psi-blast (or glue gun or laser-dazzler) will destroy them.
  11. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w8mcIcfTLXTde5iMUMWey1KIWgXxEzvmkROQjZ0SsTM/edit?usp=sharing
  12. More info Here on this map https://docs.google.com/document/d/1w8mcIcfTLXTde5iMUMWey1KIWgXxEzvmkROQjZ0SsTM/edit?usp=sharing Nothing you haven't seen before, just I blend it slightly differently. My take on the Champs/Marvel universe together. + recent superhero movies More on the Roster: [TABLE] [TR] [TD] name ALIEN COMMANDO[/TD] [TD] Type: Korbinite Warrior[/TD] [TD] One Liner: Stranded on Earth[/TD] [TD] __[/TD] [TD] PC: RICH [/TD] [/TR]
  13. New campaign starts tomorrow. Friday night Champions returns after a 4 year hiatus. Here's a link to https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-5p_A-dkERdRSVI18i7LJVj_5mQs7Ujhyr3_95UFpn8/edit?usp=sharing On which you will see the founding members. I have seven players! it will be crazy. I hope to generate a lot of "Quotes of the Week" I've had a good time so far just in character generation. We have 2 returning players (Doc Dec & Speedster) a "long lost cousin" back in the game group after 15 years. (Blossom) and 3 players lifted from the Rifts Group I discussed earlier (Comma
  14. good Lucius. also I forgot to say, part of the impetus for this power was the extremely loose definition of the word Death in the marvel universe. so we were postulating a PC who had these powers, and was sought out once a month to bring some good guy back to earth.
  15. 3} Summon the Dead: Now this is the truly weird one of the three. The idea here is to use the dead as helpers. Work with me here as several assumptions about death and afterlife must be made.... IE: the super-villain The Wrecker is dead. Our hero summons up the Wrecker (temporarily) and commands him into some situation. like rescue people form a fire, or knock out these agents robbing a bank, or help me fight crime this evening. Analysis: The wizard brings up the Wrecker, and uses him to do good deeds. This a reasonably real Wrecker, has all his skills, armor, and his
  16. 2} Speak with Dead a three part compound power + 12d6 Mind Scan Spirit class of minds +6 ECV to find a specfic spirit. + 8d6 Telepathy Spirit Class of minds to communcate with them. + 12d6 Mind control Sprirt class of minds to make them answer your questions. This has the same karma responsibilities as the other. You shouldn't call up dead thieves just to ask where the gold is buried. The spell should be used to clear the names of the innocent, or solve murders, or find the lost or hostages, learn why the macguffin, etc. Also, what about weird side effects if this m
  17. Here's the power description: An otherwise low-key wizard in a supers setting has done some research, and put otherwise unrelated factoids together, and has stumbled upon the Key to Death's kingdom. He can call up spirits of the dead, raise the dead, speak with dead, etc. Death is amused by this, and allows him to play with his new toy. Mainly because it amuses her that this fellow has casually found the power so many have sought fervently before. Also , if someone like Thanos was bugging Death constantly, she would allow our wizard to use the power just to tick off T
  18. RIFTS game: We must retrieve a macguffin from town. the Wizard and Technician have created a distraction. On the way some guards ask us our business in town. We tell them purchasing hunting supplies. the Cyborg and my ManHunter have gone to the graveyard to dig the thing up. We are carrying a huge round package wrapped in tarps past the city guards, who have a dog-boy. We are made, and the (other) guards ask us what's in the package. Simultaneously we answer: Manhunter: Supplies. Cyborg: Night Soil.
  19. Man I want to DM that as a campaign
  20. Re: Cassandra's Mainstream Superheroes those are two words I personally would not have used in the same sentence, just sayin.
  21. Re: A starship as a PC for Galactic Champions An interesting idea would be to have the starship (the AI) be subject to the 3 laws of robotics.
  22. Re: The Good and Bad about Marvel and DC All the people that read it the first time we killed Robin are dead. This story will tantalize a new generation. (sarcasm)
  23. Re: The Classic Justice League starting members on 350 points ============ I can't seem to find the link to an export file. If you don't want to share that I understand. YOU MUST SPREAD REP AROUND BEFORE GIVING IT TO HYPER MAN AGAIN
  24. Re: The Classic Justice League starting members on 350 points Please provide link for this excellent HDE file, thanks.
  25. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Observe and Minority Report
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