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  1. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine awesome shyte !
  2. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Every time you bring physics into a comic book discussion, mother nature kills a catgirl.
  3. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine please report to room 503 for a full evaluation, please.
  4. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine ooh ooh ooh Carolina!
  5. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine can I borrow this please for the Dallas Cowboys ?
  6. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine
  7. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine Pinnacle # 3
  8. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares seriously, help me identify everything that's going on here: [ATTACH=CONFIG]45325[/ATTACH] I see Batman, Troi, Riker, T-Rex, the 3 wise Vaders, troll-baby. but what the heck is everything else ? Source here: http://cheezburger.com/6848174336
  9. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares the Dairy Detectives of the Concealed Cattle-herd found a real Cache-Cow. a story of the Holsteins Templar.
  10. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I think the egypt link is fixed could someone else help me round out the roster ? https://sites.google.com/site/heroicsystems/stories/nfl_super_heroes?pli=1
  11. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine That would be me. She is the Egyptian goddess of the Sky. See the original here ; any more Egyptian questions, just ask ! How can you capture the Sky, mortal ?
  12. Re: A DC Animated-style HeroMachine I forgot I did this monstrosity. and I don't even remember why. from this k
  13. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... meanwhile, back on topic...
  14. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares the soldier who's a huge pain in the ass : Gomer Piles
  15. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares ReAnimadinejad In a Gungan Da Vidda
  16. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group...
  17. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... I was at a LAN party this weekend, all mil.veterans or retired; in the room were 14 marines, one army guy, and me the 1 air force dude. The game we were playing was Battlefield 2; with all Marine Corps Mods added thereon. It was a ton of fun, but after a while to stir it up I yelled "Don't ya have any Delta Force missions loaded ?!?" then Team Leader, a retired USMC officer, tells me "no, this group tends to pee while standing, so no Delta Force"
  18. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares HOUSTON: Aquarius, our telemetry indicates Haise is dead. LOVELL: Roger Houston, Swigert did it. SWIGERT: Shit. roll credits
  19. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares Nightmare is Unrelated: http://cheezburger.com/6738834432 Ya Lost Me Coach.
  20. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... DEATH WATCH 40K The Ogryn, not having the needed Power Weapon Proficiency, still had to cut through an obstacle, and so picks up the antagonist with a power sword by his feet, and uses that whole set-up to solve the problem. Neither the sword nor the wielder survived the experience. === Our PC group ended up rescuing a bunch of VIPs cut off by the local civil war. Most are competent, but we are babysitting a young navigator guild girl 13 years of age. (npc) She does not have her powers yet. Earlier she had been quite hysterical about losing her ship and her parents. The Rogue Trader had proffered her a variety of pills to calm her down. She did not appreciate this, assuming they were like rohypnol or ketamine. Later when we got to a place of relative safety, I gave our group the lecture about "Everyone pulls their weight, Everyone earns their keep, Everyone fights, no one quits, no one loafs, everyone takes turns cleaning up camp or sitting watch, etc. etc." About every fifth word I looked pointedly at the girl; to give her the notion to be more like Princess Leia than Princess Aurora. Finally we noticed she had no weapon. So when we did some looting of a Wal-Mart equivalent later, I got her some pants, a cyan colored auto-gun and an autograph model Hannah Montana Mono-Filament sword. This she immediately stabbed into the Rogue Trader, who was only saved at the last second by his guards. === Previously the player named his Ogryn Hanover.
  21. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... >>>the ability to investigate, follow leads, and deduce probable scenarios. Just the kind of thing a D&D 4 player never has to do. Sweet. Totally repped.
  22. Re: Quote of the Week from my gaming group... DEATH WATCH 40K RPG: On Delta Gamma, our DW heroes are trying to save an Imperial Capital from the combined ravages of Chaos and Tyranids. Due to the dire circumstances, we must cooperate with a Rogue Trader cadre, and also a crew of Eldar envoys. (a Rogue Trader Blusters on how he is saving the planet...) (then silently on the deathwatch comm link) "Men, Let the Rogue Trader think he's in charge, it benefits us all" "Sir, What is the plural of Apocalypse?" "Since the squad upgraded their chain-swords, I also had to upgrade my helmet with new face plate wipers" "No, no. Honor and Deeds are the true currency of the Eldar. Arrogant comments are merely how they make change"
  23. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares A Republican Werewolf in London
  24. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares How I Grokked Your Mother A Womp-Rat of Flanders The Light-Saber in Betty-Lou's Handbag Real Woman Have Cybernetics Felgerkarb Four: Rise of the Silver Starbucks
  25. Re: Genre-crossover nightmares http://cheezburger.com/6730221568
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