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  1. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Just bought 'Babylon 5: The Ultimate Collection' (all 5 series, plus Crusade, plus all the movies and last year's 'Lost Tales' add-on). Watched 2 of my favourite episodes from series 3: Severed Dreams Shadow Dancing [cue the big space battles - trying to get into a Star HERO design mood…]
  2. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? Spot on I hated that film - but lusted after Dina Meyer (heck, she's even in my age range )
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "My Destiny" by Leaves Eyes: (check out those Viking costumes…)
  4. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? 'Stay Forever' - Delain (from the 'April Rain' album) Linky to video of above track here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mND5oKWeHxk
  5. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "Emerald Isle" - Leaves Eyes
  6. Re: What Are You Listening To Right Now? "Chasing the Dragon" - Epica (from The Divine Conspiracy)
  7. Re: DragonQuest Magic Conversion Unfortunately, both copies I had of DQ 2nd edition (1 hardback, 1 softback) have disappeared, otherwise I would have a stab at this (I hope one of my friends has my hardback copy - I will ask around). The good news is that doing this in HERO allows us to eliminate the major problem with DQ magic - the insanely high XP cost of learning spells and the horribly large chance of losing all magical abilities forever because of a nasty fumble roll.
  8. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? A blast from the past (late 1980s): Season 1 of Sledge Hammer "Trust me - I know what I'm doing" One of my work colleagues bought both seasons for me on DVD - Season 2 will be all-new to me because I do not believe that it was ever shown over here in the UK (and Season 1 was aired at the "viewer-friendly" time of 03.20, so I managed to catch some but not all of them)
  9. Re: Real Locations that should be fantasy …and now it is my new desktop wallpaper
  10. Re: What Have You Watched Recently? V for Vendetta Pretty solid flick - John Hurt is suitably unpleasant as 'El Presidente' and the leading Party members are all deeply unpleasant. Nice bits of bloodshed here and there... Just one thing - no-one warned me about the scene with the dodgy Bishop: Natalie Portman with her hair in pigtails, wearing a pink and white 'little girl' ensemble (a mixed reaction there - made me feel all hot and bothered for a bit, followed by feeling like a depraved old man...). The ending where the Houses of Parliament go up in smoke is suitably ironic given the low (even by historical standards) opinion that the public over here have of our MPs in the wake of the expenses scandal. Worth seeing - I will add that I have not read the graphic novel, but I have read several of the comic strips from the days when it appeared in a periodical whose name I cannot recall (may have been called Warlord, but cannot be sure as i no longer have any issues). Earlier today I watched Ilsa, She-devil of the SS - one of my work colleagues gave it to me, so I plead 'not guilty'; the less said about THAT film, the better (I am not that keen on seeing lots of women raped + tortured to death [or near to death], even in a campy 1970s film with masses of bewbage...)
  11. Re: 6E Rules changes confirmed so far Well, as a 'Conceptualist' and unashamed (nay, proud!) 'Min-Maxer', I am perfectly OK with most of the announced 6E changes. The one thing that would have had the hackles rising and the fangs appearing would have been getting rid of the SPD chart (which I have found over the years much less of a pain in the #### than having to worry about Initiative calculations, DEX Rank, Strike Rank or whatever that you get in other games - and I have played LOTS of other games...) - and the chart stays The STUN lottery thingie that made the KA changes almost inevitable has not been an issue for me for over 20 years (since the last time I played CHAMPIONS, basically); I would be interested to see the knock-on effect on the Hit Location Chart (which I use in all my games as they are Fantasy/Sci-Fi with moderate 'grittiness'). As for the probable pricing - I happen to be in the privileged position of being able to write them off against tax under 'Research and Development' (one of the few joys of being in the typesetting/layout industry) The final thing that makes it easier for me to deal with a new edition than some other people is that I currently have no HERO campaign which I am either running or playing in, having 'taken a year out' to recharge batteries and run something else (Mongoose RQ, in fact). I also do not have a huge legacy of characters that would need 'grandfathering' into 6E (unless you count the inch-thick pile of 2E CHAMPIONS characters sitting in a folder on my bookshelf - and they have obviously not been used for a while and are a bit 'sparse' compared to more modern designs, so they would be re-done from scratch if I was 'superheroing' again).
  12. Re: Gunpowder, Reason and Plot. I <> people who don't phrase their demands carefully when negotiating with me - er, sorry - my characters... (I did like playing Sai ) I might add that one of the main reaons that the party had such a rough time against the cossacks was the fact that we developed a bad case of "can't roll decent combat dice for s##t" after the first couple of phases (though hitting one of the guys in his unarmoured neck with an arrow for 10 BODY was a fun way to start the carnage...).
  13. Just saw the people who organize this year's tournament - it appears that my STAR HERO game will not be going ahead because there has been zero interest (and hence zero players) this year in SF games that are not Cyberpunk-type or Star Wars... Oh well, all is not lost - STAR HERO's loss will be FANTASY HERO's gain; I will be running a game in the 'Open Fantasy' category (either Turakian Age or Valdorian Age - not decided yet). A couple of my current fantasy players (including Shadowsoul - here's looking at YOU) have thrown down a gauntlet though. They reckon that part of the SF problem is perception - SF is seen as a very hard genre to run, demanding loads of GM preparation, and they have challenged me to run STAR HERO (rather than FH) as next year's campaign game. I am seriously considering it - I like a challenge...
  14. Re: Cool Guns for your Games The 'gun bunny' in me is almost having a 'gun-gasm'... (of course, living in the UK I could never actually own one - not legally, anyway:thumbdown) Odd that I had already thought of something almost exactly like this thing years ago (complete with specialist ammo) for my SF games...it was called the "Death Cloud" Some questions arise from this video: 1. Do those fins make the round spin? (I know it is possible to use canted fins to make projectiles fired from a smoothbore weapon spin; just wondering whether or not they do in this case) 2. I wonder what the AP round is like (is it kinetic or HEAP? - obviously, if the round does spin, then HEAP is less efficient because the spinning has bad effects on the molten metal/gas jet) 3. If the round could be made to spin at a reasonable rate using canted fins, I wonder whether a workable HESH round could be made for it? Of course, some of you guys with more practical gun experience (I have not touched one since 1987:thumbdown) could probably enlighten me.
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