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  1. I think her personality & appearance is well depicted in her pic. And as for power/tactics, I let anyone who wants to play her to come up with their own. She is a light, flying brick. But she is spread out, jack of all trades, master of none.
  2. Oh, sorry, the pdf is exported from the Hero Designer file.
  3. Hope is her real name. Hope St. Clair. Vector's name is Max St. Clair. I'm not sure what more character info I can provide, I mean, I provided the Hero Designer file.
  4. Here is Hope. She is the daughter of my longest running hero, Vector and her mom is Oracle, from Champions of the North. Her grandfather, Ultraman is a superman clone and her grandmother, Lady White, is a light based character. Her dad disappeared after a massive alien invasion and Hope grew up on Mars which was being terraformed by Vector leading up to the invasion. It was really, really cool to play this optimistic, legacy kid... very different than her intense, weight of worlds on his shoulders, father. Her powers grab a bit from all of her relatives, except for her father's telekinesis ability... just because I played Vector for 25 years and I didn't want to play a teke again. Hope is part of the New Pioneers, a group that has come together in the efforts to rebuild the home planet. The blue sleeve represents her birth planet, her red, Mars and the white is an ode to her grandmother, Lady White. Hope.pdf
  5. Wow, seeing the 3d version of her is really cool.
  6. I don't know, didn't play in that game. I just got a description. Brick, mini-brick? That would be my best guess, especially with the code name Achilles.
  7. No. It was really something that just came off the character sheet. He was a speedster with mystic armor. I was trying to make that work somehow.
  8. Thanks Trencher! We are on holiday hiatus, but hopefully, I will get to draw a couple more when we start up in January.
  9. Here are a few of mine, the first one is my actual Player Character.
  10. Here is the full team of the Victors.
  11. RDUNeil's RDU is now so far removed from Champions Universe, as the Earth has been impacted by 30 years of gameplay. We are now in the realm of social science fiction after an apocalyptic war with an alien invasion as irrevocably changed the planet. Talking about 80% casualties. Mars is terraformed. LA is gone. England is Fey realm. Atlantis has re-emerged. Nation states are in total disarray. I could go on.
  12. Holy Thread resurrection! Yah... I'm back. Last night, RDU Neil and other sundry gamers such as I, started our Session Zero for Champions Now playtest. Despite being hundreds of miles from Neil, the miracle of the intrawebs, discord, web camera and a head phone with a mike, allowed me to join my former gaming group. Of course, I was doodling as we hashed out stuff, as is my wont. Really, it is a compulsion. I can't help myself. Luckily I am pretty good at paying attention while doodling so Neil doesn't want to drown me in a tub of jello while holding 2 Hero 6 system books. Today, I colorized "Flanker", my new PC in the Champs Zero game. We had a really great session and I'm looking forward to the game. Flanker is a *slow* speedster (his top is around 175 mph, which is pretty slow for comics speedsters... but still ungodly fast) and a mini brick. We are the U of M's very first super team, sponsored by the University to keep us from being kidnapped in the middle of the night by Federal shadow agencies that want supers. My character was on the MIchigan football team as a wide receiver, (set up in the flank hint, hint), but can't play football anymore. His running sometimes goes out of control and he would be in Ohio by accident. I hint at maize and blue in the uniform, without aping the look completely. Maybe RDU Neil will post the 6 sentences that was contributed by all of us that is the foundation of the campaign. So looking forward to this. Have I mentioned that I'm looking forward to this game?
  13. Spotify: Bring it on home to me. Otis Redding.
  14. Thanks for looking out for us artists.
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